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Thanksgiving Edition: 10 Things of Thankful

This is me linking up as a favorite thing to do with Finish The Sentence Friday. The week's topic is Thanksgiving/10 Things of Thankful 5-minute Freewriting

Hey, is this thing on? (taps mic) I’ve never done a 10 Things of Thankful post before!

Leaping lizards, I have no idea where that came from. How could I have never done this? I’m thankful every day! Every minute. Alas, this is my hybrid Finish the Sentence Friday/10 Things of Thankful post. And we all know how much I love Top Ten/10 Things post. I practically wrote the book on them. So much to say and even more to say. I’m trying to save it for the thankful edition, though. And I only have five minutes to do it because this is a five minute free-writing post and I don’t even want to cheat, as usual, and go way over five minutes! So I’m going to do this as best as I can. I compiled the photos.

I set the timer. Now.. WRITE.

Thanksgiving Edition: 10 Things of Thankful:

1 – I’m thankful that Astro’s surgery went well. For those not in the know, he had a bilateral ulnar ostectomy. You can Google that one! It was in both of his front legs and it was a congenital condition that caused limping that was only getting worse. Operating while he’s still growing is a great idea and he’ll now have a normal, active life. My poor little guy, though! We didn’t even know that he’d be away from us overnight. And we got him back with the “Cone of Shame”, two bandaged legs, and booties over those bandages because it was raining. He was also on a few types of drugs/remnants from sedation.

The good news is that everything went swimmingly. And that with the bandages, he’s even cuter than before. Like too much to stomach. We had him sleep in between us on his first night home because we didn’t really know what else to do. I fell asleep spooning him and he gave one of those deep belly sighs that dogs do when they’re content. Or gassy. Or confused by being spooned by humans. And when I woke up in the middle of the night, he had his bandaged legs sticking straight out at me like a stuffed animal, Dalek, T-Rex. In fact, he looks like a stuffed animal being stuffed into clothing. Cannot. Handle.

Scarlet climbed into our bed on the second night, and she never does that. I thought she was sick. Anyway I pulled him into bed with us too and woke up the next morning to this cuteness. He’s sleeping with his legs straight up in the air!

I totally already used up my five minutes to write about Astro, but oh well. I can’t seem to not do it! It’s still free-writing. And free-finding cute Astro photos for you to see, even if some of them are a bit indecent. His stomach was shaved!

2 – I’m thankful to have steady work – more so than I ever imagined – doing the things I kind of did always imagine I’d do. Photography. Writing. Editing. Although it’s not in the ways I imagined, but who am I to judge myself?

3 – And I’m thankful that this heavy workload paid fully for an expensive surgery. No, we didn’t have pet insurance..

4 – I’m thankful for healthy parents and siblings. It can be a tough world out there. We may not always talk a lot but I can’t fathom not having that chance to talk to them all. My friend just lost her sister and it haunts me.

5 – I’m thankful for Merci Chocolate. I’ve been going through them while editing fall foliage photos all week.

6 – I’m thankful for heavy cream in coffee and heavy butter in mashed potatoes.. along with heavy cream. I’m thankful for dairy. I’d be SO cut if didn’t eat dairy. It won’t happen, though. I’d rather have my mini love handles.

7 – I’m thankful that even though I get so bummed when sick, like during the last week, it’s because I’m not used to feeling sick. Anxiety can make me feel awful but it’s fleeting when it’s happening and I know I don’t HAVE to feel that way.

8 – I’m thankful that telling myself I don’t have to feel that way makes it go away.

9 – I’m thankful that my family and Cassidy’s family feel the same way politically, for the most part. It’s a hard pill to swallow to have in-laws who voted a different way, much less parents or siblings! I couldn’t do it.

My mom ran for her town council! So brave!

10 – I’m thankful for the night owls like me – creating, reading, writing, eating – all tethered together by these strange internet wires.

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “Thanksgiving/10 Things of Thankful 5 minute Free-writing.” Come link up with your spin on the topic HERE.

So, what would you say?

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  1. I can’t imagine not having my family on the same team politically. I’m sure that’s been a big riff in families for a while. I’m thankful that is something I don’t have to endure. I absolutely love Astro in his bandages. If he was in a contest for cutest dog in bandages, the one with his feet in the air would have to win.

  2. Yes, you have a lot to be thankful for, Tamara! So sorry about Astro. He’s a trooper for sure!

    I try not to talk politics at any gathering – family or friends. When ever I run into someone incensed with politics, I just tell them to chill out. Have you ever considered that some of these folks are so into politics because it’s better as an escape than facing their real life?

  3. Today I am thankful for snow that resulted in a meeting being canceled and my having some found time:) I’m thankful for heat and a warm, dry house. I’m thankful for apples in the fridge, which I will make into applesauce today. I’m thankful that my husband wasn’t on a plane last night in the storm, given that he is one one most nights of the year. I’m thankful that next week is Thanksgiving:) (that photo of Astro in his casts is just adorable!)

  4. I am so happy that Astro is recovering well! I saw his cute photos – poor thing! I know what you mean about the politics. For years, it wasn’t so bad if people were on opposite sides. But now – sheesh! Have a wonderful weekend Tamara!

  5. OMG Astro is his bandages! TOO CUTE. Love his little legs sticking straight up in bed with Scarlet. Ugh to politics in families. Mine is pretty much all on the same page but my husband’s? Not so much. It’s hard to talk to them about certain things. Gah. So glad you linked up and so much to be thankful for at Thanksgiving!

  6. “Nearly professional cookie taster”…thanks for that! I’ve been a little down today because I’m missing my Sweet Babboo (read my post…) and that line made me smile. Your dog is too stinkin’ CUTE!

  7. Congratulations to your Mom for running for Town Council! Astro is indeed a trooper and all of us are pulling for him for a speedy recovery. Love all your pics and your list Tamara. I’m very thankful for being so blessed with wonderful family, friends and loved ones. I’m also very thakful that my brother is home from the hospital and recovering after surgery earlier this week for the placement of three more stents.

  8. Astro is beyond cute with his bandages. Glad he will heal well and be able to live his best dog life. Agree fully re: politics. Nothing worse than being at loggerheads politically with close family. And definitely yes to doing work you love and that fits who you are to a t. What a blessing!

  9. These gratitude lists are a helpful to live in the present. It is the easiest way to focus on what is, instead of what isn’t. Heavy cream, night owls, and a healthy family are all worthy contenders. Happy Early Thanksgiving!

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