Ten Things I Love About You.

Our Monday morning of this week had a deep case of the Mondays.

It started with Cassidy, Des and Athena going on a composting adventure, as one does on Monday mornings at 5:30 am, and then getting the car stuck in the mud in the yard. It was laundry day, and unseasonably warm, and I realized the only decent and clean thing I had to wear was a pretty, fancy dress. Tow trucks were called. Vans were unstuck. Fancy sundresses were worn.

The car was caked in mud, only to contrast with my pretty dress.

While talking with the family in the morning, somewhere between the car being pulled out of the mud, and the car being loaded for preschool, I got an email notification reminder that this week’s #TuesdayTen topic was “Ten Things I Love About Mom.”

The Liebers

My answers started revealing themselves right there in the kitchen. As often, I raced upstairs and said, “I have to write this down before I forget!” My version of this week’s #TuesdayTen topic is: Ten Things I Loved On or Around Mother’s Day This Year.

1. It’s what Scarlet said. During the messy, fancy Monday morning, Cassidy asked Scarlet what her favorite thing was about me. I guess a little post Mother’s Day recap. And she replied, “I don’t want to answer one because I want to answer – everything.”

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2. After Scarlet made my heart flutter with her words, Cassidy told her how amazing and important it was that I stay home with them and that I’m there every step of the way. He then looked into my eyes to tell me too. It’s always been a sensitive subject for us – lack of money with our lifestyle, but my realization that my heart would be broken to send them to childcare. This has been sensitive to me for years so to hear it from Cassidy’s mouth was probably in the top three best things he could say. It is hard, but it is a gift, and he recognized it as so. And I do believe our kids are very lucky to have so much love and time with us.

That is our way and it is the best way for this family.

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3. And that photo brings me to the next thing I loved on or around Mother’s Day. Every year around mid-May, I try to get Cassidy to take a photo of ME! Me! And this year we had a new addition. Here were some of the other outtakes from our portrait session:

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4. On the subject of moms, one of my mothers-in-law is currently visiting the village in Romania where her mother grew up – a place described to her in vivid stories since her youth, and she has only ever dreamed about it. What a life adventure right there.

5. My other mother-in-law (I don’t have two husbands. Rather, Cassidy’s parents divorced and remarried and all four are my in-laws) sent me perhaps the most beautiful text of my day. She called me a magnificent mom, as well as a beautiful & talented wife, woman, photographer & blogger. She also said she was blessed to have me for a daughter. I feel like I’m the blessed one.

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6. I spoke to yet a fourth mother figure in my life, who had recently been feeling more ill than anyone should ever feel. Turns out she’s been feeling fantastic lately. What a gift!

7. I really wanted breakfast out with my whole family, and that included Athena. We have a restaurant/orchard/deli/butcher/grocery store/ice cream shack up the street with amazing views, great food, and a leniency with letting dogs sit at the table with us!

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8. I have so many amazing blogging friends who are mothers. (and many amazing blogging friends who are not). I was really feeling the blogging love on and around Mother’s Day.

9. My grandmother celebrated 100 years in November. It is very likely she will be celebrating my sister’s wedding with us this fall. And perhaps she’ll be around to see my sister have a baby too?

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10. Well of course. My mom. She is nearly beyond words and photos, and I have tried forever to capture her in both. I do think the photo above (#9) reveals her in her best light – nurturing the dreams and desires of the three generations who surround her.

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  1. I’m feeling you with laundry and unseasonably warm weather. Half of my clothes are in boxes somewhere, and the other half are in the dirty clothes baskets, so tomorrow I may very well be prancing around Seattle in my wedding dress. Or an old bridesmaid’s dress. Or my graduation gown. Because those are my three choices right now.

    I loved so many things about your words here, but my favorite have to be Scarlet’s–“I want to answer – everything.” Heart. Melting.

    Hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day!!

    1. If you do prance around Seattle in your wedding dress, do you promise to have photos taken? ‘Cause that would be amazing. I like the graduation gown as well. The bridesmaid is good but not as good. Although it’s totally wedding/graduation season so many people would give you a hearty “Congrats”!
      I’m glad Scarlet melted your heart! That was a powerful one.

  2. Your sister looks so much like your mom!!! Sorry I’m noticing resemblances in your photos this week! You are a pretty amazing momma Tamara! Love that you got to have a meal with the whole family including Athena! I had no idea that we both shared the childcare scare until reading this. I try not to express my concerns because I don’t want to make people feel bad who see nothing wrong with sending their kids to childcare, but for our family, like yours, our situation is the best thing. πŸ™‚

    1. They do look alike, don’t they? I notice that a lot. I think I look more like my father looked but I’m not sure what he’d have looked like now.
      The childcare thing is interesting – I see many people using QUALITY childcare around here and it works for their lifestyle, financially and emotionally. I sometimes wonder why I can’t be more like them. I guess it’s not meant to be! I love being with these kids so much.

  3. So lovely! Glad the car getting stuck in the mud didn’t interfere with such lovely things and memories πŸ™‚
    I had such a lovely mother’s day but a week of solo parenting has nearly faded all of the memories by now! Gotta do something today to bring ’em back!

    1. Oh no! Hope it’s beautiful today and you’re all frolicking and remembering the joy. I can’t wait to get to your Disney post today. I’m very behind in Bloglovin. I’ve been dreaming about Disney since..January.

  4. Sounded quite perfect other then the car and I know exactly what you mean about staying home with the kids. I wouldn’t have it any other way and yet a bit of a touchy subject as far as money does go. I put out over $700 for brakes on my car on Monday and thought it was going to be a fight brewing about money. Instead Kevin told me he knew I was working hard, as much the price tag was high it could have been worse and not to worry about it. Helped that I used my money to take him out to dinner for his birthday that night. Felt so good to use my own money for this and definitely made me smile knowing that I am indeed pulling my own, but still home not to miss a moment of the girls at this stage in their lives.

    1. Aww..our brakes needed about the same last month. Brakes are very important, as you know! And we’re a lot alike – working like dogs while also being at-home parents. That’s the hardest of the hard. When I can pull out my own wallet, it feels like Christmas. I guess, literally. The problem is that I went so long without money, that now I have a new standard where I need a lot. And that means working a lot. It’s kind of a mess! It meant so much that he agrees with my sentiments, after all of the hard years we’ve had.

  5. What a wonderful list and so glad you linked up! I agree about the staying home thing – I have just gone bak to world part time (unintentionally) after staying home full time for over 10 years. It is not always easy financially or emotionally, but it was the best decision for me and for my family. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it!

    1. I believe I’ll always feel that way – no regrets. Money can be made later, or slowly now. Cassidy said it’s all background noise anyway when you factor in the good points of being with the kids!

  6. I’m glad that I’m stayed home with my two…we don’t have the money to do a lot of the things other people do, but we do all right. I love working part time now that the kids are in school, but I don’t make much money as a preschool teacher!

    1. Yes, we don’t get a lot of vacations..or shiny new things. However I’ve learned to save a bit better – and to get stuff at tag sales, consignment sales and as hand-me-downs. And trust me, I never saw that happening! However as you know, when you have kids, you don’t want to spend $60 on shoes they will grow out of in a month, or even better – lose at SeaWorld.
      True story.

  7. That is a tremendous gift in itself that what Cassidy said. It is a sensitive subject period unless that what you really planned for. It’s is a blessing that comes with a lot of sacrifices just as with mom’s who are employed.

    1. Absolutely – pros and cons to both. I always worried maybe we were doing one thing but really should be doing another. I was worried we were more split on the subject. We’re really not. It’s just that Cassidy knows I could be making money while watching the kids as well. It’s hard but it just requires creativity!

  8. Tamara what a beautiful post, about a beautiful family by a beautiful lady. You captured the essence of Mothers day in both words and pictures. I too loved every word.

    1. Oh thank you so much. I was so thankful to have this linkup and this way of expressing myself about the day. There really were ten wonderful things to write about, so write about them, I did!

  9. Lovely post and I share the daycare scare too, I am grateful I can do my work from literally anywhere as long as I have the internet! And what Cassidy said is such a great gift to you!

    1. I can do the writing from anywhere – but the photography is usually only done on my computer at home. Well, just the editing part.
      We have to get creative for me to bring in money but not need daycare. It’s HARD!

  10. Oh I love this. Especially #1 – because isn’t that what we hope for, that after everything that transpires in a day (week, month, year…) that they love us even a part of how much we love them? And #2 – because it is so easy to forget the big picture in the minutia of the day to day.

    I think that is such a great idea to have a set time each year for a photo of you. I never get in pics and that would force me to. I think I’ll start in June (not because today would be too soon – although I am the ultimate procrastinator, it’s my birth month and I’ll remember!!)

    1. Yes! I realize I can do this a lot more often than once a year. I should have Cassidy do it weekly! Well that may be stretching it. I’ll take monthly.

  11. What an amazing family you have. Your kids are blessed indeed to be surrounded by so much love. And from one mom who has been there in all it’s minus-the-money glory. it’s worth every missed dime to be there when your kids are because one day they won’t be and you’ll wonder where the time went. Such lovely photos.

    1. Thank you – I really feel that way. I don’t know that I’ll regret not having a lot of savings one day, as opposed to wondering where the time with my kids went!
      I know it’s different for everyone.

  12. Scarlet’s response….swoon. These kids can be so incredibly sweet! I am so happy you had a great mother’s day, and got IN the photos too, nice addition of Athena in there this year. Such a beautiful family you have.

  13. What an uplifting list and amazing tribute to some pretty gosh darn lovely folks. Wow–that text you received from your MIL made me tear up. I have never been told those sentiments by MIL–cards, sure, but not something she drafted herself–and it would be so wonderful to hear, if only once. So lucky that you have such expressive people in your lives. All of these women, like you, are what gives me faith that this world has more good in it than bad. And of course the photos are just divine. That one of your MIL and son? Swoon. Thank you for sharing. Now excuse me while I go ponder the notion of two husbands… πŸ˜‰

    1. They are totally expressive! So very much so. I wonder if they were like this at my age, and I still have hopes to be that way! I know I’m expressive here but it’s sometimes harder in person with my relatives. Easier with friends!
      Thank you for your beautiful words. Speaking of expressive! This comment is wonderful!

  14. So many wonderful things to say about the women in our lives, mothers, in-laws, senior women, friends… its a long list. I wonder what the tow truck guys thought of you in your fancy dress – I bet you made their day:)

    1. Actually, they didn’t see me! (you’re cracking me up) Cassidy dealt with them, but preschool saw me and some of the other moms did compliment my dress!

  15. What a wonderful surrounding of strong women and mother’s you have there Miss Tamara πŸ™‚ Scarlett’s answer is the BEST πŸ™‚ That would definitely make my day too and you are blessed you’re able to stay home it’s a good thing to do. I was fortunate I was able to my son’s first three years – now he’s busy with school so he doesn’t need me around as much in the daytime but I get to pick him up every day and spend the afternoon with him. It’s time that you never get back and makes a world of difference. Your MIL is so fortunate to have that experience in Romania. How wonderful! Happy Hump Day!! Thank God I’m sick and need to GTFO of here. πŸ™‚ <3 -Iva

    1. Those first few years seem critical to me, although I have a friend who worked full time UNTIL her kids started elementary school and then stopped so she’d be home for them every day at 3:00pm. That’s kinda cool too. I guess we all do what we can with the kids we have.
      I’m so sorry you’re sick! No good on hump day!

  16. I hate to complain about the heat but it makes everything a little less tolerable. I had a “sticky” Monday myself but the car getting stuck in the mud is awful! Luckily you were able to focus on your 10 things of amazing moms. You are so blessed and you know it and appreciate it. What more can a girl ask for?

    1. I hate heat! I hate cold! Why do I live here?
      Anyway, enough about that. You’re right – I really do appreciate the good love.

  17. I’m sure my heart would have melted away too at Scarlettt and Cassidy’s words! And I love that picture of your mother-in-law (?) and Des- so beautiful. I’m sure she loves it, too πŸ™‚ After reading this, I’m wishing more than I did the other day that I had been with my mom on Long Island Sunday- but I saw her the weekend before, and I was the only one of the four kids that made the trip to see her in her play, so that was much appreciated ! πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m seeing my mom this weekend, and her birthday is tomorrow. So much to celebrate. A baby shower and a bridal shower in our family too.

  18. #1 and #2! Sheer perfection! I love that Cassidy looked you in the eye when he told you how much he appreciates you being home with the kids. My family is a bit different because both my husband and I work full time. But the other night I asked my husband if he ever wanted me to give up my career to stay home. And he honestly answered me. No. Knowing that I have his support, even when life gets tough and I have to travel for days on end and he’s stuck with two crazy kids, means the world to me. Like you said, each family operates a different way. What really matters is the love and support for each other.

    1. Yup – the love and support and being on the same page. So important. For years I thought we were on a different page. And probably we were because he never asked me to put the kids in daycare and go work full-time somewhere else. He asked me to give my own talents more of a chance because chances were, I’d bring in extra money and the kids would still be home.
      He’s right.

  19. First of all, I have two mothers-in-law as well so I totally get that. And mine both live in town. Gets complicated. But really wanted to say how sweet these answers were. #2 especially.

    1. That’s totally complicated! Do they get along? Mine do. I’m sure they didn’t 30 years ago or so, but they are way past it and are friends now.

  20. I love Scatlet’s answer that she loves everything about you. Being a stay at home mom is a financial scarifice for us too, but it is really worth it for us. I’m lucky that my husband agrees that it’s best for us and he was actually the one who wan’t me to stay at home. I always thought I would be a working mom, but I love being able to be here with them everyday.

    1. I used to see myself as a working mom too. And I do believe I am, but I thought it would be more glamorous and out of the house!
      It’s a big financial sacrifice but not an emotional one for me.

  21. Fantastic list and I am extremely amused by the outtake photos…especially the on of Athena and Des staring off into the wild blue yonder. Glad you were able to see past the muddy mess and create a beautiful list.

    1. ha! Des is often looking at airplanes and Athena is wondering what’s in our woods. I’m hoping moose is the answer but so far it’s just bears, deers and coyotes.

  22. What a wonderful way to recap Mother’s Day! I love your list, you have a such a beautiful family. And I’m happy you have very sweet relationship with all your mothers-in-law because mine (the relationship to mom-in-law) is still awkward until now. And of course, Scarlet’s words are just so genuine no matter how young she may be πŸ™‚ You’re blessed despite the mud incident. πŸ™‚

    1. Even the mud incident wasn’t so bad – quick but expensive. I guess that is kind of bad!
      I hope for a lot less awkwardness in your relationship with your mom-in-law!

  23. I love how you are the only constant in this year’s Mother’s Day pictures – everyone is different in each picture, except you. Awesome!
    Once again, so much goodness in your pictures and your writing, just what I needed today!

    1. There were a few bloopers where the dog was licking my face and I was laughing! Come to think of it, why didn’t I put those in too? I think they were overexposed and too light.
      Thank you for this comment full of goodness!

    1. Thank you – I feel really blessed. She had my mom at 36 so it wasn’t even that she was a young mom for her day. So it’s really good genes that has allowed her to meet her great grandkids, just like her mother did!

  24. I’m so glad Cassidy looked you in the eye and told you that. I know how tough it can be when you know your decision is the right one, and yet it’s still a constant struggle. You really need everyone to be on board, and it sounds like that’s the case for you.

    1. Exactly – I felt like we weren’t on the same page for awhile. Which wasn’t a black and white issue of me wanting to stay home and him wanting me to leave home. I think he’s been right that I could be doing more while still at home to make money. Photography & Writing!

  25. When I was a kid, I would have moved heaven and earth to have my mom stay home with me. I stayed with my grandparents (whom I adored), and they had one window that faced the driveway and one that faced the street. When my mom was backing out of that driveway, she’d stop at the side window and wave at me, and then she’d stop near the front window and wave again as she pulled out. I’d cry forever if she forgot to stop. But to this day, I adore my mother. I understand why she had to work, and I turned out just fine. I’m glad that you’re able to make the choice that’s right for you and your lovely ones! They will appreciate it one day!

    1. Every family has their own way, for sure. I do hope mine appreciate it one day. Sometimes it’s really overwhelming and hard. I think it would be worse if I were rushing around, though. I’m not very good at that!

  26. Ugh! Monday Monday Monday….at least you had a fancy dress to wear and Scarlet can be so sweet.she loves you! She really really loves you! I love the outtakes. I love that Des is always looking to the sky. What does he see that I dont? Probably everything. I love that you have support from Cassidy staying home- childcare is a heartbreaker for me a lot more than I care to admit.

    1. I probably have 4,000 photos of Des looking at the sky bewildered. Maybe it’s a reaction to our horrible winter. Maybe he loves airplanes. And birds.
      Childcare is a heartbreaker. Staying home can be too!

  27. What a lovely post, especially since the ideas came while you were pulling a card out of mud in your fancy dress!! I love that Scarlet said ‘everything’ and that Cassidy is fully supportive of you wanting to be the primary caretaker of your children. Indeed, I know that it’s a big financial decision but also one that will benefit your family in many many seen and unseen ways. What great photos of all the women in your life with your kids. I love that your grandma is 100 and you see her around for your sister’s wedding and maybe baby too. What a blessing!

    1. I do worry about money for our future, but I guess I’m learning to just focus on right now, and right now we have a decent thing going here!
      Thank you for your beautiful comment.

  28. I think that a fancy dress is perfect for a Monday morning adventure and I know you rocked it!!!
    I love all of the love in this post – from Scarlet to you, from you to Scarlet and Des, from Cassidy to you and back, and with the in-laws and moms and grandmas – so much love in one heart!!!

    1. So much love it’s almost overwhelming!
      The fancy dress thing was pretty funny. I guess I need new maxi dresses. It was either a long, fancy one or a short one to preschool dropoff. No thanks to that!

    1. I need to set the camera to take a photo of all of us one of these days. I guess I just love someone being behind the camera. It was nice to be in a photo! I couldn’t stop marveling at it!

  29. You’re not missing anything financially that you can’t have later. I stayed home with my kids, too. It’s the best, most wonderful thing I ever did. You’re so lucky to have so many mothers/fathers in your life. I have always wished for that kind of thing, but am not fortunate enough to have it. It’s actually one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life.

    I just love Cassidy for making sure you know how much he values having you home with your children.

    1. I love that too. Even if he only says it once a year, or once every five years – his tone of voice while he said it stopped me in my tracks. And made me believe him and believe better things about myself.
      I can’t see regretting lack of future money AS MUCH as regretting lack of cuddles and hugs. I know it works differently for people. And our future may involve a trailer home. However. It will be full of love and moose decor.

  30. 5:30 am composting adventures sound very exciting! Love the picture of your 100 year old grandma. So great she can still be a part of all your wonderful family happenings. I lost my grandmother 1 week before her 100th birthday. Still miss her so much.

    1. Doesn’t everyone need a 5:30 am composting adventure? Well. I suppose not.
      I’m so sorry about your grandmother. My grandmother’s mother passed away right before her 100th birthday. I think we were all relieved to see her meet the milestone.

  31. that last picture just makes me catch my breath! All of you – in one shot together, THAT is such a gift. I cherish the pictures of I have with my mom, her mom, and 2 of my children — but it darn near breaks my heart that my late grandma never met #3.
    And I so get you about the money battle when you opt to stay at home. Living on one income is not easy — especially in this tech crazy world, but I am rolling the dice that the time I am spending with my kids will pay off in rich rewards later. And, it is pretty surprising what you can learn to live without. honestly, if the Zombie Apocalypse does hit and we survive, it won’t be that different. LOL

    1. I roll that same dice – rich rewards. And as I said in an earlier reply to a comment, I might one day regret that we don’t have a lot of money for our future, but I think regretting this time now would be worse. For me. For others, not the same!
      I hear you about what we can learn to live without. I have gotten SO thrifty in the last few years. I never thought that was possible but buying shiny new clothes and shoes for kids is not worth it. They outgrow it or pee on it!

  32. It’s been a long day (not bad long, just loooong) and I haven’t been on my laptop at all. I’m brushing my teeth and reading this on the iPad before I conk out. What a lovely way to end the day. Now I shall dream of fancy dresses and family breakfasts.

  33. Great photo with your kids (And furbaby Athena!) I haven’t gotten my Mother’s Day shot yet, as soon as our miserable rain lets up, I’m making my husband get the good camera out! I think your husband’s words are so sweet. Even though I know my husband appreciates all I do for our family, he’s not always good about saying it. And it really does feel good to hear that what you’re doing matters!

    1. We must have gotten your miserable rain because yesterday was glorious! Too glorious. I was counting on clouds for a photo shoot I was doing without a lot of shade. Oh well!
      My husband had never really said it like that so I guess when he really needs to tell me, I feel it all the way to my bones!

  34. What a precious post this is Tamara!!! I love that Cassidy showered you with his support, and that is a TREASURE to make a choice together to invest the time in your precious babes… and look at how you are still THRIVING in the midst of ‘staying home’ with them? Amazing. I seriously wonder all the time, how exactly you do it. The photographer job, the writing, the commenting and blogging and the kids! You amaze me, my friend. Always.

    I love all the other beautiful parts of your Mother’s day tribute too. Just perfect in every way- bits from so many aspects of your life and loved ones. That precious Scarlet. Oh my heart!!

    1. Thank you! I think that coming off of the data entry job made my perspective a little better in that there IS time to do most of what I want to do, but not everything. I’m two days late with blogging commenting and I confess I’m marking some as unread in my feed (mostly people who don’t visit me back) and it feels a bit lighter!
      Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful!

  35. 1. I kept waiting for the mud and the pretty dress to intersect. Part of me is glad it didn’t. Honestly? Part of me was waiting for the story of when it did!

    2. I can’t believe Athena blinked! C’mon, pup. (At first glance, I thought you had your arm around a deer, though. Hey, it’s 6:34 a.m.)

    3. Des the skygazer. I bet Galileo’s family photos looked the same way – “Gal, eyes off the sky! Look at the camera for one minute!”

    1. 1. Nope! No mud on the pretty dress. I’m sure I won’t fare as easily next time. Athena is a walking mudball when it’s raining, which is often up here.

      2. Athena is far more photogenic than the rest of us so I’m a little disappointed in her. I’m glad you catch the baby deer thing too. She reminds me of every creature on earth at times.

      3. I have 4,000 photos of Des looking in bewilderment at the sky. I’m thinking it’s because winter here sucked so badly. He probably is thinking, “Why the **** do we live somewhere that isn’t nice year round?”

      1. 1. Mud on the dress would have made great photography. Try harder next time.

        2. My kids remind me of every creature on earth at times. And all creatures on earth remind me of my kids at times.

        3. I think Des might just become a modern-day philosopher.

    1. I feel very blessed. And Happy Mother’s Day to you! I know I’m a little late but I can’t remember if I posted it on your blog or not.

  36. I love that Athena got to go with you to breakfast! And I love all your Mom’s Day thoughts too. I got stuck in the mud once in a daffodil field where I had gone to take pics with the kids, an hour from my house, and even further from my husband’s office. We still laugh about that one.

    1. Was it in Litchfield? I’ve heard there’s a daffodil field there that I have to see.
      In San Francisco, we had a lot of places we could bring dogs. I remember that well. I’m starting to see it more and more here – just usually not restaurants!

      1. I think it’s Northfield, just past Litchfield. I could get you there, but couldn’t tell you the names of any roads. I’m sure its the same place. It’s amazing. You would love it.

  37. What beautiful photos as usual! I’m loving Scarlets answer, she’s just too sweet! and those words about you being such an amazing mother, wife, blogger etc is just too true! You are such an amazing person and an even more awesome friend! It would be a shame to be here in NYC and not see you. πŸ™

    1. I know! I just never go anywhere near NYC and it’s hard when I’m traveling with the minivan and two kids! Ack. I wish I knew a good solution.
      I adore you too! Always thought I’d meet you and Madison in Colorado. That has to happen too!

    1. As always, thank you!
      Always wonderful to get a comment from you. It’s like birthday cake.
      The gift Cassidy gave me is truly the one that is staying with me.

    1. Thank you! I adored your stories about your mother. Those two should definitely hang out. The Dose Girls sent me, by the way, but I had been meaning to get there all day to read about that lovely woman.

  38. So much love in this post! My absolute favorite part was: β€œI don’t want to answer one because I want to answer – everything.” Made my heart melt. I would write that down and frame it. That is exactly what every mother strives for. You have really outdone yourself with this post my friend!!

  39. It sounds like you have such a wonderful, supportive family Tamara! You are blessed. It is so nice to see all your family photos too! I wish I could share mine of my mom, but she does not like what aging has done to her and would be mortified. I love that your husband expressed his support too, that is so important and your kids are only young once. Happy Belated Mother’s Day too!

  40. So this post has been sitting open all week with my comment typed in but not posted. Ugh. I hate when I do that. Now on to the days old comment! You ARE a magnificent mother and yes yes yes to #2. I completely know what you mean. That recognition and appreciations means so so much. And why is it so difficult to take a picture with everyone looking the same direction!

    1. ha! If I knew the answer to that one, I’d be way better off. People need to all look at me when I took the photo!
      Thank you for your words. Sometimes I feel like a good mother!

  41. You are a magnificent mom and scarlet words melted MY heart imagining that moment. I recently had a potential lucrative high profile position come up. I was torn. In the end we decided that the time was not right. The position would have required alot of my day. I was really into the thought of money again. However, this time, these years with my boys- is priceless.

    1. Oh, wow! Those positions don’t come up often, but same with being with two littles. They will grow and you will always have good opportunities.
      Priceless. You’re right.

  42. Your #2 is a big one for us. When I feel down that I’m not really contributing financially, he reminds me that my most important job is taking care of Eve, something we agreed together I would do. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

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