Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time to Call a Tree Service

Tree Service Worker in Forest Trees have been around for many millions of years and they are quite durable. That said, the day may come when you find yourself in need of a tree service.

Trees can enrich our yards and other spaces. They are also an immensely crucial part of the global ecosystem and among other things they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, provide food for countless creatures, reduce soil erosion, and more. Trees have been around for many millions of years and they are quite durable. That said, the day may come when you find yourself in need of a tree service.

You’ve Found Evidence of Serious Diseases

Unfortunately, like most other organisms, trees can get sick. Many different diseases can spread through trees and they can move extremely quickly. Large swaths of forests may become infected in short order. It’s smart to see what diseases are a threat in your area. From there, you can study the symptoms and keep a watch-out for them. It’s also wise to contact local tree services if you have any questions. If you live in Connecticut, you might contact a Woodbridge tree service.

Diseased trees can exhibit many different symptoms. Dead limbs are one of the most common symptoms. Discolored leaves are also common, and the bark may be damaged as well. It’s smart to do an occasional walk around to check up on your tree’s health. If you notice any problems, you’ll want to bring in experts quickly.

There’s Evidence of Insects and Other Pests

Microbes can certainly do a lot of damage to trees. So too can insects and other pests. What insects do you need to watch out for? This often depends on where you live. In Connecticut, the two lined chestnut borer is one of the most common pests. These beetles love to attack weakened oak trees. Meanwhile, you’re not likely to find the Southern Pine Beetle in most of the Northeast, but from New Jersey on down, they’re relatively common.

With insects and the like, early intervention is often crucial. If the bugs can be killed off quickly, you can reduce the risk of damage, and just as importantly, will have an easier time killing the vermin off for good. Once insects have established a strong foothold, they can be especially difficult to kill off. Once again, it’s good to chat with local experts. If you live in Milfred then, you should contact a Milford tree service.

Branches Are Dying

Pests and diseases can cause branches to die. However, even healthy trees may experience branch death. This isn’t always something to worry about, at least as far as tree health is concerned. However, even if a tree is healthy, if branches are dying, it’s often best to remove them. Doing so can reduce the risk of mishaps, like a branch falling on someone or damaging property. It’s also smart to have tree experts inspect your trees after a major storm. Branches may have been damaged, and they could fall in the near future. It may be a better idea to simply remove them now before someone gets hurt.

A Tree is Simply Getting Old

Eventually, every tree dies. If a tree is suffering from old age and declining health, you may want to remove it before it reaches its natural death. Among other things, older trees are more prone to suffering various threats. Once the insects or other living threats have a foothold in your yard or other green space, they may hop to healthier plants. Further, the risk of falling branches and other issues could greatly increase.

The Tree is Getting Too Big

Tree services do more than remove trees and treat vermin. You may need to have a tree trimmed rather than torn down, for example. Some trees are prone to growing large, and it may be wise to control that growth. For example, it’s best not to have large tree branches hanging over your home, patio, or similar areas. If branches are growing in bad spots, they can be removed before they cause a more serious problem.

The above list isn’t exhaustive, of course. If you have any questions or concerns about other issues, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a tree service. Early intervention is often the best course of action, so get the ball rolling as soon as you can.

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