Tell Me Something Good.

By the time you read this, I may be on a warm, private beach. I may be at the calm bay, or chasing and being chased by ocean waves. There may be seals to my left, and Des and Scarlet to my right. Or vice versa. There will be a faint smell of kid sunscreen. I cannot tell you how badly I need this, and how badly I have needed this. We did one quick overnight to Cape Cod in mid July, but I haven’t taken a real break all summer. I’ve been going full speed ahead with blogging and photography and kid-rearing, and friend-making, and more-much-fun-having. As well as birthdays to celebrate and thoughts to process. I am so very tired, but I’m having a last hurrah right now and even if I’m not sleeping and we’re too busy exploring beach towns to rest..

..well, at least I know my early wake-ups will warrant a quick trip to the beach for an ocean sunrise.

And if my days are filled with tantrums and crap-filled swim diapers, I know my stressful afternoons will lead to a different beach on the other side of town for a bay sunset. There will be ice cream too. Before I leave tomorrow (it’s Monday night as I write this), there is much to prepare in the things I hold so dear – packing the kids’ stuff, packing the camera, prepping the blog.

These days, I keep a loose sort of schedule for blog posts.

That is more than I used to do. I used to fly by the seat of my pants, waiting for inspiration to strike as life went on. It worked pretty well for awhile until I got more serious about blogging, and the thoughts in my head filled up even more, and then I added a regular link party or two, and I gained a little structure. I use my iPhone Notes app to loosely write down when I want to blog and what I might want to blog about. I plan two weeks out and sometimes more along the way as new life happens.

It’s not only that I can’t always plan what I want to say and what a day will bring. It’s that I never know how I will feel as well.

It changes. Sometimes it changes by the time I finish a post I started days earlier. Sometimes it changes after only hours.

And that’s what’s so fascinating. The ebb and flow of my mind and the events of the days and how they affect each other and my writing. I never know what will catch my heart in my throat, and on what days and what weeks will life be almost too much, and I’ll react by feeling mostly numb and tired instead. The only real consistency in this is the need to write and photograph.

Today, there’s a flow. There’s a high tide. I’ll be riding this wave right to the seashore. So tell me..something good.

Something, anything good.

I’ll tell (show) you my something good. I’ll tell you that this is what a semi-normal Sunday looks like at my house:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And why not, right? Why not dream of fantastic things..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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Tamara is a professional photographer, a mama of two, a Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Brand Ambassador, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns, the Stigma Fighters Anthology (volume 1), and The HerStories Project: So Glad They Told Me. She is also a proud Community Lead and a regular contributor to the SoFab Food blog, and the Target Made Me Do It blog. After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and 11 chickens in glorious western Massachusetts.


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  1. Love those photos!! Something good…well it's been one of THOSE days..very rough but 3 kids are now asleep, I ate a Reese's pb cup & I am watching cheesy movies.

  2. These photos are so adorable! Aww makes me think about how I one day want to have a girl and will enjoy seeing daddy and his daughter interact! You are so right about how thoughts and feelings can change if you write a post in advance!

  3. I LOVE those photos! Those are the kind of memories Scarlet will remember forever!! I hope you enjoy your getaway my friend. And I know what you mean about the loose schedule for blog posts. Right now I am flying by the seat of my pants. I was doing better when I sat at soccer practice and wrote for 1.5 hours because I had nothing else to do and it was too far to go home in between. I’m going to have to get my groove back!

  4. Love this post! I am the same when it comes to writing. And lately I've been all chaos and my thoughts have not even made it to my fingers. But it's getting better. And I'm looking to put more structure into it like you have. Have a wonderful vacation – enjoy every minute 🙂

  5. Sunday looks so fun around your way! These photos are heart warming. I have to plan Tamara! I'd be so paranoid once I got busy into the week. I think it's a different style of writing. You are so deep! I don't need all that inspiration. I'm more informational, I just need planned blocked time. It amazes me what you do with words here day after day!

    Enjoy the trip!

  6. Your pictures never disappoint. Enjoy every moment of your beach vacation – crappy diapers and all! I've been thinking lately of posting more (right now it's twice a week) but I honestly don't need to put extra pressure on myself…especially going into a busy Fall schedule. I'm just going to cruise for now…

  7. Something good? Every moment you are investing into sharing yourself with the world is worth it:) Your vacation and my latest post go hand in hand — hope you can glide a little on your vacation!

  8. Love the photos. And I love that you're down the Cape right now. I hope you are soaking in the sun and making sandcastles. We all need time away from it all. My something good is that we'll be enjoying the last few days before school starts. Soaking in sun, boating and spending time with family from away.

  9. Most adorable Snow White ever! Enjoy your beach time- I will be jealous! My something good is making plans to take a week off next year and go to the beach. Mistake this summer not to!

  10. Something good? Well, you already know my something good but I will add this – I am finding the happiness I didn't think possible…and glad to call you friend 😉 Enjoy your time off my dear – enjoy that more much fun!!

  11. Cassidy and Scarlet are too cute for words in those pictures and you just put the biggest smile on my face. Hoping you are having a great time right now. Thinking of you and yes definitely missing you (thanks for the tweet!!). And can’t wait until you return to hear all about it!! 🙂

  12. I love seeing your pictures, and one day I am going to have to show you a picture of my niece. I think my niece and your daughter look almost identical, only my niece has blonde hair and it goes down past her bum! I hope you are having a fantastic time!

  13. I'm still a little sour that I can't pull off a birthday party like the one Scarlet had. Soooo nice! You are and I are on the same page with the loose schedule. I think I'm getting better at scheduling posts, but not really. Oh well. At least I'm consistent!

  14. I get itchy when I don't have a least one or two blog posts ready to go, but life happens. Something good…I got my brand new big girl camera today! I am going to have more much fun learning how to use it. Enjoy your getaway!

  15. I <3 those photos!! I can imagine similar shots of my husband with our soon-to-be little one in a few years time. Enjoy your time on the Cape–relish in that time with your family and being away and (hopefully) relaxing!

  16. I admire your organizational skills with the blog post planning. Despite my best efforts I've never been on a completely regular blogging sked.

    Off topic, that tardis/shed is brilliant!

  17. I hope you're having fun at the beach right now! My something good is that birthday season is finally over…and we get a three day weekend to top it off!

  18. Oh – I'm pretty sure that those pictures of you husband and daughter are my favorite pictures you have ever put on here – I love them!!! The interactions and the expressions – so great!!

    I hope that you have the best most relaxing time on vacation!!! (even if you spend time at night reading blogs!! I'm the same way!). Enjoy every second!!! And relax, nap, enjoy the peace (or lack of peace) on the water.

  19. It's SO true how our heart fluctuates within a minute, an hour, and a day- on what is breathtaking for good, and breathtaking for bad. I get that. I have started posts and never finished them, I have scribbled notes and realized that they aren't worthy of publishing. I have had the urgency to write about something, and then moments later something much more worthy arises that pushes the last thought away…

    I love how you capture those moments in photos. Truly a gift. Precious pictures!!!

  20. Love, love, LOVE these pictures! I know what you mean about blogging. I seem to be going week by week at the moment. Some weeks are good. I know exactly what I want to write about, and I have posts done well in advance. Other weeks, I sit in front of a blank screen and nothing comes to me. Right now, I'm struggling. Which probably means next week will be good. Or least I hope so!

  21. I still fly by the seat of my pants after almost three years of blogging. I guess I should get serious.

    I loved the crap filled swim diapers comment! Oh, one of my least favorite things! Wet poo is gross!

    I hope you have a wonderful, joy filled break!

  22. Find time to relax and enjoy! I love those poses lol. I wanted to say good luck on your wedding job. I hope you love it and dont get burned out if you venture out to do more. And yes, you will have a hard time to fit writing in. lol ; )

  23. Loved this post…as a new blogger, I find that most days I am 'full steam ahead," and others (far fewer), where I say, what did I get myself into, and why am I doing this?" PS – I'm a new follower via LOBS.

  24. Awe, Daddy's little girl. Always like hopping over to your blog to see what is up. I am totally out of my blog groove, I think I wore myself out with my move to self-hosting. I did most of it on my own and had to learn a lot as I went along. Need to get back on a posting schedule now. My something good….I celebrated my birthday earlier this week. It was a wonderful day! I wound up with 2 birthday cakes!

    • Ah, yes! We love it. My husband grew up on the ones from the 1970's. He got me into them some time in the last few years, and now our daughter is into it.

  25. I love when you share what goes through your mind and how it relates to your writing…cause I love your writing style so much and just sort of want to pick your brain sometimes 🙂 My something good…my teething baby finally starting sleeping again at night after a weeklong sleep strike. So that was very good!!!

    • Pick my brain anytime! In fact, we can make a whole post about it.

      I'm so glad about Dac sleeping! We just got a top tooth and I'd love to say it brought relief, but I'm pretty sure another one is brewing up there.

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