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Tell A Story With WeMontage Photo Wallpaper: Giveaway!

Updated! Winner announced below!

Full disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are wholeheartedly my own. I worked with James of Wemontage through Michelle of A Dish of Daily Life. I was given an opportunity to design my own repositionable photo wallpaper and I received no other compensation.

Well, today is my birthday! And my present came a little early.

I have moved several times as an adult, from dorm room to apartment, from apartment to condo, from condo back down to apartment all the way across the country, back up to condo back across the country (still following?) and eventually to a semi-permanent house. I call it my maybe-forever home. In all of these places and spaces, I always had one thing in common.

I would plaster whole walls with decorations, posters, and photos. I like white walls – I just like with eye-catching decorations better.

My vision through all of this, when time and money no longer got the best of me, was to decorate an entire wall with my own photography. I take photos to tell stories – I wanted to tell the stories of my own family. This is a very expensive and time-consuming thing to do since nice canvases and nice frames range in the hundreds of dollars, and when you want to fill up a whole wall, you’re looking at thousands of dollars. It was my far-off dream. I added it to my “When I win the lottery, I will..” list. That list is a mile long.

I’m excited that I got to take something off of that list.

Enter WeMontage. Talking with the owner, James Oliver Jr., has been so enjoyable. We are both in the having-two-kids camp but we’ve always managed to connect and talk business. In fact, this is his beautiful family here:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

He had a vision and he made it happen. He created a very affordable and easy-to-order/easy-to-use product that makes a lasting impression. Do you have wonderful but mostly unused or not shown photos of your family or events in your life? Wedding? Baby? Parties? Tributes? etc. The sky is the limit in ideas, and you can create any size you need. The minimum size custom collage is 6 ft. x 4 ft. Imagine walking into a room in your house and seeing all of your memories coming to life. Bedroom, living room, nursery, office:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

WeMontage speaks to my heart in many ways. I cannot stress enough how committed to the business that James and his family are, and how much they helped us make our vision come true. I put all the files I considered using for my collage into Dropbox, because I have a free account there. It is the fastest way to get your photos into the WeMontage software. I put way more photos than I intended to use and I slowly cut some out that were less important to me, because I was aiming for using 15-18 photos. You can use more, but you risk them being smaller. You can use less too. I created a 6 ft x 4 ft collage, but you can make larger custom sizes at $10 per square foot. Once you are happy with your amount of photos, you can shuffle them around with the click of a mouse until you find an arrangement you love best. For mine, I wanted to showcase at least two or three large portraits of my family:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The shipment arrived fast and it couldn’t have come at a better time! We were just about to begin the process of moving bedrooms around in our house. The kids are now sharing a larger room, at our daughter’s request, and the baby is out of our bedroom.

Everybody wins!

I would recommend you take at least two people to unroll and un-peel your photo wallpaper. And keep the backing in case you ever want to move it. It is meant to be able to be moved if you ever need it in another room or house. I’m not the most diligent person, so I mostly held it in place while my husband hung it up. We are so happy with the result. The kids are too:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

They were very slaphappy that first night. I think they knew they were in the vicinity of greatness so I got a kick out of letting them photo-bomb my photography of the new room:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Later that night, the baby went to bed first. I was singing him a warbled rendition of, “Goodnight Sweetheart” and I made up a song for him to say “goodnight” to all of his loved ones in the photos. His two aunts, his three grandmas, his parents, and his sister. It was a wonderful exercise and he even somewhat sang along! (or as much as a 13-month-old can sing) It was two lessons for a baby his age. 1. He’s learning how to follow my finger to what it’s pointing at. 2. He’s learning names and faces. Of really prevalent people!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And one photo, the next morning, in natural light:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Since we made up the new bedroom, anyone who has visited our house has gasped at the photo wallpaper. They say it makes them feel happy. And it makes us feel happy. And don’t we all want that? People feeling happy in our homes? The reaction I’ve received a lot is, “How can I get one for my own home?” And I can answer that. You can visit WeMontage to learn more.

You can like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

If you’re at BlogHer this week, visit James and WeMontage at Booth 2224! Tell them I sent you!

WeMontage is very generously giving away one custom 6 ft. x 4 ft. removable photo wallpaper panel. You will get the chance to design it yourself so make sure you have a beautiful space in mind. The value of this giveaway is $240! Please enter on the Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is valid for one week and will expire on August 1st. James and WeMontage are also offering a 20% discount to all of you for your own photo wallpaper. Use the code “TAMARA” at checkout. The code is valid will expire on August 15th. Please note you must be 18 to enter. US 48 contiguous states only.

Good luck and fire away those questions and comments to WeMontage!

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    1. I would make a generation wall with the montage if I win. Having lost all of their grandparents except one by the time they were 3, my children have no memories… this would be a loving tribute and a beautiful story to tell. Including the last Pop-Pop, who also passed ๐Ÿ™

  1. I have some favorite photos, but wonder if all of them are high enough resolution to use. Assuming they are, I would use photos of the kids as they were growing up and a couple of us, maybe? I think I would take some new photos, too. Of all of us with my grandparents.

    1. That sounds nice – eternal summer in your dining room! Unless you live somewhere where it's summer all year anywhere – and in that case I'm a bit envious!

  2. I can see why people gasp when they see it – it really is beautiful. Choosing must have been difficult, but the end result is so gorgeous. It looks fabulous in their new room.And happy birthday, Tamara! I hope your day is wonderful!

  3. I love this! We have quite a bit of wall space to decorate in our little cottage…would love to do one with wedding photos, around our Ketubah, and pictures of the kids in my bedroom.

    1. Hi Nancy, wedding photos would be great. The first pic on the home page is an 8'x10' WeMontage of our wedding photos from 7 years ago. We got married in the Dominican Republic. My wife wants to take it down and put up one of the kids b/c she's self conscious of looking at herself like that, but I lobbied against it b/c our wedding was such an amazing day and she looked incredible. Every time I see it in our home it makes me happy, like Tamara said, and I got her to agree to let us keep it up for at least another year. :-)Side note: I put it up myself and I'm not super handy. And it's on a textured wall! Cheers!

    2. Oh, I loved how I looked at my wedding! I never looked better, before or since. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I definitely wouldn't mind having it up as a reminder. LOL. My girls, being girls, love seeing the wedding photos, too.

  4. This really appeals to the artist and photographer in me. What a marvelous idea and way to display your favorite shots! And what eye catching appeal to anyone who sees it. I am thinking this would also make a great gift to give to my children. Great post Tamara and love what you did with your collage!

  5. Oh wow!! I would have the hardest time narrowing down which pictures to put in this collage, but it would be an effort of love well-worth the time! Tamara, I love how you included the whole family!

  6. Looks absolutely gorgeous, Tamara! I plan on visiting James at the WeMontage booth at BlogHer for sure. He's been helping me figure out if I can use the paper on my old walls. They are great there!

  7. My 8 year old daughter saw this and REALLY REALLY wants one for her room. she has GREAT wall space for it too. Michelle- thanks for always connecting me to such great things!

  8. Happy Birthday Tamara! That art looks absolutely amazing! I can see why everyone compliments it when they visit. The quality looks great. We have a few wedding pictures that I think would look very nice done this way. And it's something unique and different that no one has ever seen before.

  9. Happy Birthday!!!If I ever got one of those I would need you to take some awesome pictures for me first – my pictures aren't nearly as high quality.Love the montage!!!

  10. Happy Birthday!! I love the wallpaper montage! Not only will it look great in my house but at my moms house as well. I know she would love it! Pictures of her, my dad, kids and grandkids. What possibilities.

  11. The montage looks fantastic, Tamara!I would love to make a montage of all the beautiful places we have hiked and visited. Nature shots are my camera weakness!Keep up the good work with your pictures and writing – you inspire many!

    1. That would be AMAZING. Such a tribute to her long life. If you don't win, I'm getting her one! 100 years of life. Think how cool that would be, James, if you're reading this!

  12. Happy Birthday!!! You did such a great job on the selection of your pictures!!You have so many awesome ones to choose from so I know it must have been quite a task! It really does look lovely though. I have entered–I hope I win!!

  13. Tamara: AWESOME GIVEAWAY GIRL! I love the idea of this product. How can I answer that question though?! I've got way too many photos I'd include in this collage including one of Alivia in a gorgeous navy blue romper, one of the hubby and I, my sister and her family, Alivia's cousins (Esterina & Jonathan), my mom and Step-dad, Alivia's 3rd birthday coming soon, a gorgeous sunset from Florida, (do I have your head spinning yet) :o) I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I'd absolutely love to win this prize! Thanks for the opportunity :o)Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!http://www.croppedstories.blogspot.com

  14. I want one! That is pretty awesome! Your little ones are beautiful. I'm stopping by from SITS & I'm a new follower through Bloglovin.

  15. It's funny, I stopped at the WeMontage booth before I realized your work would be there, and I was like "Wait a minute, I recognize those kids…" It was great being able to seeing it in person!I would use the WeMontage Collage to make a mural of photos from our wedding and travels to South America. So many beautiful photos that we STILL haven't hung up (even though these events took place over a year ago!) Thanks for sharing!

  16. Tamara, this is the most gorgeous wallpaper I have ever seen. I love that its removable as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! And of course, as always, such gorgeous pics!

  17. I'd include tons of my favorite family photos and put it on the family room wall – we've had to take everything else down because the toddler messes with them too much :)I absolutely love yours – especially because of your amazing pictures!

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