Tasks To Do In Your Garden This Spring

Woman Walking on Bed of Tulip Flowers Preparing your garden for summer is the first task most people will focus on. However here are the tasks to do in your garden this spring.

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and do some gardening. With the weather warming up and the sun staying up past 4pm, we’ve now got more time and more enjoyable conditions to spend some time throughout the week sprucing up the garden. Preparing your garden for summer is the first task most people will focus on when stepping into the garden for the first time since winter began. However there are several jobs you can be doing throughout the months of spring…

Planting summer bulbs 

Spring is the ideal time to plant summer bulbs, giving them plenty of time to grow and thrive in soil that is starting to warm up. If the weather is rather unpredictable and you can not guarantee there will not be any more frost, it is a good idea to start your summer bulbs in a pot on a windowsill indoors or, if you have one, in a greenhouse. This will give your summer bulbs a good start, while you wait for the warmer weather to move them into your borders and planters. 

The following summer bulbs can be planted throughout both April and May:

  • Dahlia
  • Freesia
  • Lilies
  • Gladioli 
  • Acidanthera

Start weeding 

As the winter weather becomes a distant memory and the soil begins to warm up, the weeds will begin to appear. Throughout the spring months it is important to keep up with a consistent weeding schedule of your garden. Not only helping to enhance the appearance of your garden but to ensure that your summer bulbs are able to grow and thrive. Clearing your borders and planters of weeds is simple and a lot easier to do if you keep on top of them. Simply use a trowel or your own hands to pull them from the ground. 

Replenish your garden’s soil 

Your soil may have suffered the wrath of winter and its condition may be a little worse for wear. With a quick replenishment job, using some compost or a mixture of compost and manure, you can return your soil to its original quality. Making it perfect for planting summer bulbs. 

Repair your lawn 

After the cold weather and frosts of winter, your lawn will certainly have taken a hit. Getting it looking its best and in a healthy condition for the warmer weather is a simple job you can do this spring. Simply clear any debris, re-seed any bare patches and keep up the maintenance work. In little to no time your lawn will be back to its healthy, lush, green self. 

Stay aware of changing weather conditions 

While we’re hopeful a spring will bring improvements to the weather, as us Brits know, we can never predict what that sky will look like. While you’re working on your garden throughout spring, be sure to keep an eye on changing weather conditions. Any signs of a late frost could damage your vulnerable flowers and buds. Be sure to offer them the right protection such as horticulture fleece to protect them in these harsher conditions. 

Finally, move your summer garden furniture in and prepare for a warm few months! Summer is just around the corner and with these tips your garden will be ready for its arrival. 

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