Taking Care of Business.

As you can imagine, the data entry project lives on. And on and on.

I can’t wait to trade eight boxes of 5,000 surveys for a check, but for now I’m still in the thick of it. I’m still keeping my head above water and trying to incorporate fun into my days – like breakfast at the diner or seeing Cinderella with Scarlet.

I also got a decent amount of work done with my mom here for three days.

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The gloomy weekend helped a lot because Cassidy was here being awesome, and the weather did not make me want to be outside at all. The only thing I hate about work is when it causes me to miss glorious opportunities to be out in the sunshine.

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It would be so easy to skip a Sunday/Monday post, or to do something quick and easy, but what I missed the most and what I have been missing – is just writing. No html code or linkups or worrying about FDA-approved writing or disclaimers or disclosures, or whatever it is you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do something. I’m supposed to be doing data entry and photo editing and having pure fun and writing. Just writing. That doesn’t mean that prompts aren’t amazing. I am borrowing this “Taking Stock” prompt from Little Apple Tree and it seems a great way to take care of my business.

Or to take stock, as Angela writes. Feel free to borrow or steal if you’re feeling the strain of..taking care of business:

Making: I’m making a blog post! I’m making a non-anxious life that includes movies and breakfasts and musicals and dancing in the aisles. Can I say what Cassidy is making? Well he already made it, but it still counts. Corned beef and cabbage. YES.

Cooking: See above. It includes potatoes and carrots too. And insane flavor. What did I cook? Fried eggs this morning!

Drinking: I enjoy coffee, cranberry juice and occasionally chocolate milk, but what I drink mostly is water. So refreshing.

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Reading: This is sad because I always have another lined up when I’m still in the middle of a book, because I’m obsessed with books. I just can’t right now with the data entry. On breaks I read great blogs. Next up: “Everything I Never Told You.”

Wanting: Next weekend, because this week might be tough. And warmth. I just want warmth and sun and stability and road trips and time to read books and hug more, and I want money and more sundresses and maybe a really great coffee drink.

Looking: At surveys and Excel spreadsheets. And out the window and at weather reports, and at Trivia Crack (find me there!) and downstairs at Scarlet at her table – folding and cutting and putting together pieces of paper to make great things.

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Playing: Right now it’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole on my Pandora. Never mind! That ended while I was still writing this answer. Now “Clouds” by A Firm Handshake has begun. I’m looking at you, Chris.

Deciding: What I want for dinner, and when. How to balance my workload tonight and for the rest of the week. Where to send Des to school next year! Another year of wonderful daycare? His first year of preschool? Decisions..

Wishing: For a money tree. For the dull ache in my temples to subside without me having to take anything. To get through these surveys at a fast and diligent rate, and to get paid and to go play in the sun, should it come out.

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Enjoying: The feeling of cool peppermint oil on my temples. (looks like I won’t need a Motrin, after all). Watching Des jump on the couch, saying, “I just pooped. I want to take a bath.” His diaper is clean but he says it so that I’ll give him a bath.

Waiting: For the kids to go to bed so I can feel less badly about blog writing, photo editing, and data entering. In the grand scheme of things, I’m so obviously waiting for spring. It almost hurts. It’s feverish. It’s Spring Fever and it’s very real.

Liking: The TV shows I watch on my phone as background noise, when the shows I “really” watch are over. Shows like, “What Would You Do?” and “Fresh Off The Boat.” Better than I thought! I’m also liking the corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

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Wondering: Who’s thinking about me..right…now? Am I going to waffle forever, or will I one day find consistent and enjoyable success? Am I just winging it? Am I on the brink of something great, or something completely terrible?

Loving: The hopeful time of year. The philosophical questions Scarlet asked me after Cinderella about if it’s still a happy ending with their parents gone, and if Ella’s forgiveness of Lady Tremaine made her a nicer person? (yes)

Pondering: What making constant fart jokes says about my character. What Des will look and be like as a young adult. What Scarlet will look and be like as a young adult. Will we all move to California eventually because of winter? (yes)

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Considering: What to eat for dessert – cookies, ice cream or cookies? Getting Des out of bed for another hug.

Watching: The clock go by! I need to work. Also watching yet another episode of “What Would You Do?”

Hoping: That Capital Cities comes on Pandora next time I start it up. And that this week is anxiety-free.(ish)

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Marveling: At asking Scarlet for advice and hearing the five-year-old wisdom totally and perfectly fit into my world. Also, Cassidy is gifted at making corned beef and cabbage, I dare say. Also, ice cream from Mt. Tom’s. Meet me there?

Needing: To do my work. To keep riding this wave of inspiration in my work, and realize that my work comes in many forms. That’s the way it has to be. If anyone asks, though, I’m totally a professional photographer, a blogger and a Mama.

Smelling: I’m still smelling the peppermint essential oil I rubbed on my temples! It soothes.

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Wearing: A red and black long-sleeved dress, black leggings, and dolphin socks. (obviously)

Following: New people on Twitter on Instagram. My Facebook feed. Lots of you saw Cinderella too!

Knowing: That even though just one confrontation, argument, rejection, bad email, conflict, failure will set me back way more than it should set me back, somewhere inside I realize that I have to keep on keeping on. It’s what I have to do.

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Feeling: Better, after the dull pain in my head went away. Hopeful, that this week will be more manageable than I think it will be. I’m fearing it a bit. It will not be easy, but maybe it will also be fantastic.

Admiring: I dunno – Cassidy’s hairline? Looks good from up here in my second story office. I’m admiring Dinah’s soft fur and how she woke me up this morning: “I woke up to a silent breath on my face. Opened my eyes and I was face to face with Dinah, who then pitter pattered across my stomach and ran to the bedroom door – checking to make sure I was awake and following. She then led me to the glass door where her sister was waiting to come in – after spending last night outside because she snuck out into the dark when I let Athena in. So Dinah is pretty much Lassie.”

Sorting Out: Is it a cop-out to say that I’m sorting out everything I wrote above? I feel like I said it all.

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  1. Just this week, I heard that winters (and winter-like weather days) are more productive because no one longs to go outside with the gloominess. So, even though more people have S.A.D., they get more work done. Sorry that you’re in the midst of the project, but praying for smooth sailing until completion and you can celebrate with no rules writing. 🙂 Glad you accomplished a lot over the weekend. I just ordered Peppermint Oil. So excited to try it.

    1. That makes a lot of sense about winter and work production, because I get spring fever so badly.
      The peppermint oil is amazing and fast acting!

  2. We totally saw Cinderella this past weekend and Emma asked me afterwards if she could grow up to be Cinderella. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and stayed up until 2 am writing about it for my blog last night. So tired right now, but can’t wait to share what came out of my musings of this. But still hoping we both get a break real soon and maybe next weekend will be more restful (fingers crossed!). 🙂

    1. Aww!! I just read your post about Cinderella and loved it a lot.
      Next weekend – I’m pinning hopes onto it for rest and health! We all need it badly.

  3. I finally made it here! Oh I’m longing to just write and not worry about all the rest! But writing all the stuff that I’m not so excited to write about is leaving a pounding headache and thank goodness for peppermint oil. That has been my savior this week. I’. waiting and longing for spring too!

    1. You made it!! A nice new one too.
      I’m so glad peppermint oil works for you too!! You can’t beat the smell and the cooling sensation. Ahhhh. Mostly I don’t also need Motrin.
      Spring. Sigh.

  4. I love this idea of taking stock/inventory! And I hope you’ll get to the end of 5000 surveys soon, grow a money tree – and more importantly, spring arrives soon!

    1. Maybe money trees grow in the spring!! Wouldn’t that be nice? Just the right amount of gardening.
      I’m getting there with the surveys! It’s the first day I realized that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. You’ll get through all those surveys! You can do it! How was Cinderella? I would like to take Arielle to see it, too. There is actually a thing called a “money tree” its a house plant that’s supposed to bring good fortune. Unfortunately, it does not grow money.

    1. I’m getting there!! Six out of eight boxes done. Whew.
      Cinderella is good! Great messages and visuals. Scarlet loved it too.
      I may buy a real money tree now!

  6. This is a pleasantly busy blog, Tamara! A very thoughtful blog! Considering, wondering, pondering and deciding. After all that thoughtfulness you really did a lot during the week and over the weekend including taking the time to think of me and say “Hello, how are you doing, how are you feeling?” That means so much to me, Tamara! 🙂 That is just the coolest front page picture of your dear Mom and Athena with the high-fives!

    1. Of course I thought of you! Always. Hope you’re doing well. I’m moving through the surveys. It will end soon!
      My mom and Athena are precious.

  7. Iz’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is my very favorite. If you get a money tree, and it drops a seed, can you send it to me :)! I love that you keep on keepin on – my motto most days right now, but it’s working out so far. I hope your week ends up being glorious!

  8. Money tree! Can I say I want that too? I’ve seen this type of post last weekend and was thinking of doing the same. This week is pretty light for me so I hope to do some more productive things or maybe not. I just stayed home the entire weekend to “rest.” It’s great to have a mom who helps out!

    1. Resting sounds great!! I need another weekend like that. When the kids were away last weekend, I had so much work to do.
      Yes about the money tree!

  9. Dinah is pretty amazing! Love that photo of your mom and Athena.
    I’m soooo ready for spring and was so bummed that it snowed yesterday. No more! I did have work to do this weekend, but I also had to be outside moving between places so that rain was a bummer and made me not want to go outside at all, but I got to have a great girls’ night in Saturday with some awesome friends (and my friend’s adorable 11-week-old, and the only boy allowed at our girls’ night).

    1. I can’t believe you got snow yesterday! We didn’t at all and yours broke a record. I suppose that was inevitable at some point before May, though.
      I wonder if that newborn seemed so small to you now that Eve is a toddler?

      1. I know, I couldn’t believe it was snowing either. Thankfully it all melted, and quite a bit of our snow is gone from the winter. I guess yay for breaking the record, at least! 😉
        And yes, holding an 11-week-old feels like holding air compared to holding Eve! It’s hard to believe she was ever so tiny. Yet, at the same time, I look at her and wonder when she got so big. You won’t believe how much she’s changed since you last saw her! (I think she’ll have so much fun with Des & Scarlet.)

        1. I can’t wait until we get them all together again! Spring break!
          I don’t really mind snow this time of year, because it melts a lot faster. They are talking about it over the weekend and I don’t even care!

  10. I’m looking at the picture of the kids running away from you and admiring Scarlet’s hair. You guys have great hair, and me, being an 80s girl, is jealous. I’ve always wanted a massive head of wavy, thick hair. Alas, ’tis not to be, and I am resigned. But I still admire it…

    1. You’re cracking me up. My hair is really thick but Scarlet and Cassidy have more medium hair. And Des’ is stick straight sometimes!! Humidity is good to him.

  11. Will we ever get he chance to stop doing what we do everyday and not worry at all? Will we ever catch up? Maybe not, but we can always take a quick pause and enjoy the sunshine (or rain!) outside once in a while, right? Yep. Keep on keeping on!

  12. Aw!! Oh T- I just love you so much. I love every one of these little updates/statuses on what you are doing, feeling and observing in your corner of the world!!! Spring… renewal… is coming. And I too, have more than a dull ache in my head- been aching all over for days. I need your peppermint oil!!

    Data entry? Sounds miserable. Corned beef and cabbage? Delicious! Mom there to support and be in it with you? INCREDIBLE. Photos that breath new life into this long winter? Perfect.

    1. Peppermint oil is great!! Make sure you get a kind you can safely ingest because a drop on the tongue helps stomach aches too.
      Was happy to get Zach Sobiech during the writing of this. Made me stop and think of you!

  13. Oh I am loving this all the –ing. We had some amazing weather this weekend so we were mostly outdoors. This week is going to be a doozy. I finally retire on Wednesday then I’ll officially be a SAHM and I’m so looking forward to spending some really good quality time with my little one. I’m glad that you were able to have some help when you needed it, moms are totally the best! Here’s to an amazing week!

  14. I loved reading about all of your different life updates. Yay for writing for fun! Sometimes, ya just gotta write. And you will have all the feels when you read Everything I Never Told You. ALL. OF. THEM. Yay for spring. I can’t wait to have the year’s first frappuccino. They’re 50% off sometime soon, 2-5pm.

  15. Now we are talking, a good corned beef and cabbage dinner will pretty much make everything better! Second best is of course any joke relating to gas and bodily eruptions. Those never get old! What does that say about our character? Well that we are fun people and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Best kind of people is you ask me!

    1. I like knowing that you have the same character I do! I also like fart jokes on my blog and on Facebook.
      Now to eat some corned beef for lunch. I love leftovers.

  16. Man that corned beef must be awesome, making me want to whip some up! Yum. Sorry to hear about all the data work. That’s what’s hard about working from home sometimes—hard to turn that work off or know when to quit!

  17. I’m sorry that you are elbow deep in data entry, but I am glad you wrote this post. It was fun to see what is going through your head. I am making corned beef and cabbage today and I can’t wait to eat it. Also, in the least staler-ish way possible, I was probably thinking of you. I find myself thinking of my bloggy friends a lot right now with all of the impending conferences! Also, with dessert, when in doubt, cookies and ice cream are fantastic together!

    1. The blogging conferences are definitely making me think about everyone, and how I wish I could meet you all. I’m definitely doing the one in July. And this data entry is actually going to fund it.
      I don’t know if this will sway you either way, but there is a 30% discount code!

  18. Corned beef sounds so good right now and it is still morning here. I heard that Cinderella was really good and hope to see it soon. I just love this prompt too! Very cool! I just signed up for Trivia Crack this weekend! Going to look for you.

    1. Definitely look for me on trivia crack! I love it. I just was at a restaurant that had corned beef and cabbage and I have no idea why I didn’t buy it.

  19. I adore this question and answer session. I love everything peppermint and didn’t know that it helped soothe headaches – good to know. Hope you get to enjoy the sunshine soon.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle but it definitely masks headache symptoms for up to two hours. And since my body can usually get rid of a headache in less time, it’s usually all I need.

  20. I LOVE Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Over the Rainbow!!! I like how you’re taking stock of all the feels, may need to borrow some these for my currently posts… they seem too short. {If you don’t mind} 🙂
    What did you think of Cinderella? I want to see it, we didn’t get to go this weekend- this weekend kind of flew by.
    Wishing you all the best, m’love!

  21. I’m itching to be outside and feel the sunshine! I excitedly shaved my legs this morning with the hopes of baring them with a short skirt and then I realized all my short skirts are still packed away. 🙁

    1. Oh dear! Well today was so blustery that I kept picturing that lion that March is supposed to come in like. It looks like it will leave like a lion too.

  22. It is in the low sixties here today, and I am loving it. I went out without a coat for the first time in months! Of course James has been wearing shorts for awhile now, because that’s what boys seem to do. Hang in there with the data entry and the headache…good things are ahead!

    1. Des insisted on a short sleeved shirt today, but it is so cold and windy! And it’s raining and snowing with the sun out. It is so March in New England.

  23. I love this post format. My mind is ready to explode from all the info.

    I love that IZ song – so beautiful.

    So many people DID see Cinderella this weekend. Blew my mind how many photos and Facebook updates I saw about it.

    We have warm weather here right now but there’s flurries in the forecast for Friday. Hopefully mother nature changes her mind before then. I want spring more than ever now that I’ve been spoiled with warmth and sunshine.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. What’s really funny is that right now it is snowing and raining and the sun is out. Do you think we will get a St. Patrick’s Day rainbow? It is so bizarrely New England.

  24. Love these prompts, such a vivid read and a glimpse into your life. Definitely going to have to try peppermint oil now. I definitely think my family will be relocating because of the winter too, I don’t know how much more I can take! It won’t be soon, but it will be eventually. Also I love water too, so darn refreshing, it’s my favorite thing to drink (with coffee as an extremely close second).

    1. I feel the same way about eventually. Maybe when the kids are grown. I can’t see doing it right now because the kids love it, but I also can’t see growing old with all of this roof raking and other catastrophes.

  25. I am having the same issue with my youngest! To preschool or NOT to preschool? He is smart but we still got potty training issues–and he is so young. He will be by far the youngest by having a 12/20 birthday. 3 years old in preschool. Seems almost unnatural!

    1. Well we have a June birthday here, so it will only be two years of preschool in theory. And I just don’t know how to fill those two years!

  26. Corned beef and cabbage sounds really good, and I love “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole! It’s so soothing. Dinah sounds like a sweet kitty 🙂

  27. I love that version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. It just sounds so peaceful. I recently go a chance to review some peppermint oil and I’m loving it. I read that it you put some on your stomach it will help with digestion. I’ve only been doing it for two days, but I’m looking forward to seeing it I notice any changes from using it. I’ll have to suggest that my husband uses it the next time he gets a headache.

    1. I actually got it for the digestive qualities! I put a drop on my tongue if I’m nauseous or a couple drops around my abdomen.
      Then I discovered that it works for headaches too. So awesome!

  28. I love just reading as much as you enjoy just writing. Loved each and every beautiful thought and picture here!

  29. Love posts like these. I hope you get lots of sun – you deserve it. Yesterday was sunny and 80 here. It was glorious. I need lots of sun dresses, too and MONEY! Need it for sundresses and my road trip. Intrigued by the survey thing? What, when, where, how?

    1. Definitely agree about money! The survey thing is not what it sounds like. It’s a local job I do for a local company and it involves inputting information from surveys into a spreadsheet! So it’s nothing online at allz

  30. I need some peppermint essential oil to rub on my temples, too! Sounds delightful, calming, and a nice reminder to take DEEP BREATHS. Thanks for this post, it left me feeling very happy.

  31. Oh many of these resonate with me! Slogging through work and wanting to write a blog post just for the pure fun of it. I don’t do enough of that anymore! Oh and waiting for Spring. But yes, sort of enjoying the grey because at least I’m not missing it while I’m working. I missed it yesterday because I was working. Work is good but I miss the sun.

    1. It is kind of funny that I don’t mind the gray when I have so much work to do. When I literally have no time to run outside with the kids and have a picnic, should the weather allow it.

  32. This is a great way to take stock (and fill the blog calendar).
    Oh dear lord, the data entry. I did it once for a summer job, and loathed every minute. I sure hope you get a pretty dime for it.

  33. Great and interesting post. I would answer every question exactly the same (probably!). I’ve always wondered about a data entry job, maybe I would gt to stay home with my kids and then I read your posts and I’m like “Nope!” You Spring fever is serious but my friend it will be here soon!

    1. The data entry is very serious! I don’t think I could do it as a real job, but I like to do it occasionally. I’m glad you can see that in my posts!

  34. Love this post and the pictures—ah, so sweet. Tamara, you’re already ‘something great’!! I love that pic of you and Cassidy with either Des or Scarlet as newborn. Get out get some sun and some cookies today. Good luck with the data entry. I know how mind numbing that can feel. One bite at a time!

    1. Aww!! Thank you so much. I think I’m working on it.
      That’s baby Scarlet! Newborn baby Scarlet.
      Today was very blustery, but on the next sunny day, I will have a cookie picnic!

    1. It’s not like online surveys. Basically it is someone I know in real life who hires me to input information from transportation surveys. So it’s all done without the Internet. I always wondered about those online survey jobs!

  35. You should put on your resume that you’re a surveyor. I just started Pandora and said audibly, “give me something, Pandora. Today, I need it.” She gave me “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison.

    I saw a guy on a cooking show that looked like Des all grown up. He had a full beard.

    1. I don’t think he’ll ever have a full beard, unless he doesn’t live with me anymore. What a great George Harrison song. And what is a resume? I haven’t needed one in years.

  36. We have a fart rhyme for everyone in the family here. The idea comes from a children’s book.

    Prout de William, ça flamme (William’s fart, it catches on fire). Prout de Gabriel – sorti la poubelle (Gabe’s fart, take out the garbage – from back when he wore diapers). Prout de Juliet, fini la fête (Juliet’s fart, party’s over). Prout de Papa – oh, ça ne va pas (Daddy’s fart – no, that’s just wrong). Prout de Maman – oh c’est charmant! (Mommy’s fart – it’s charming).

    Yes, of all the things I could have commented on, this is the thing I chose. 🙂

    1. I think we will eventually! Maybe when the kids are grown up. I can’t see growing old in Massachusetts. I think it’s already aging me,
      The data entry should be over this weekend. That it is party time!

  37. Just remember that it will soon end and you will be so happy when it’s over! Until then, keep the peppermint handy, and maybe diffuse a little P&C. I will say I just bought RutaVaLa and put it on my wrists before bed….and when I woke up it was morning. Either I was THAT tired, or it works like a charm. I hope you catch some sweet dreams and book reading time soon!

  38. Made it…phew. All caught up now.

    That’s one of hubs favorite songs. He’s made me promise to play it at his funeral and I promised as long as it’s a hundered years from now…

    Fart jokes mean that you’re young at heart. Haha. Almost said young at fart. Apparently it means we’re perfect for each other.

  39. I want a money tree too…eight boxes of data entry sounds freaking crazy difficult yet so rewarding to throw out of the house. You’re probably done by now, so GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

    1. I am, Kinda! I enjoyed about a week of freedom and then yesterday he came to pick up all of the boxes. It was joyous, but he gave me a new project. Luckily, this one is only a 10th of the project that the big one was.

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