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Take the Lane’s Light Pledge For Organ Donation

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Lane Thomas Foundation. All opinions are my own.

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Did you know that over 2,000 children are waiting for organ donation at any given time?

And sadly, over 100 children die waiting for an organ donation each year. As parents, we are ultimately responsible for the decision whether or not to donate. That’s why having a discussion about organ discussion now is important, rather than thinking about it for the first time in the middle of loss. That’s why you can take the pledge at lanethomas.org. The Lane’s Light Pledge.

Lane’s Light Pledge For Organ Donation:

By taking this pledge, you pledge to become an advocate for pediatric organ donation, and you pledge to have discussions with your families, friends and social networks. You also advocate for more awareness about the families of children who need an organ donation. And then together, we can save children’s lives. The children and the families of children on the waiting list need us.

Lane Thomas Foundation

Lane Thomas Foundation:

This foundation has a strong vision that no child dies waiting for a transplant. We can help eradicate this problem with education and awareness. You can take the Lane’s Light Pledge, and save a life with a decision. If you knew that your child had a better than 85% chance of survival if they got an organ in time, what would you do differently? What would you want for your child? There are very few ways in life to save a child’s life with a decision.

If you help support this cause, you’re helping to keep love and hope alive.

Take the Lane’s Light Pledge today for organ donation #ad #KeepLoveAlive #ShareALightOfLove #BeaconOfHope #TakeThePledge #LanesLight #SaveALifeWithADecision

Now it’s definitely not an easy discussion to have, but the time is now. And you can head to lanethomas.org to find out more about the cause and how to help spread its important message.

Take the Lane’s Light Pledge at lanethomas.org

So, have you had discussions about organ donation with your loved ones?

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  1. I have had friends who after their children passed used the opportunity to save other children’s lives. So difficult, but such an incredibly selfless gift.

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