My Mama Weekend Getaway: 5 Ways Red Roof PLUS+ Treated Me Well

This post is a partnership with Red Roof PLUS+. I received a free hotel stay to facilitate my honest review.

I had the best mama staycation EVER in a local hotel. I got to experience all of the wonderful parts of my region, while getting that great vacation feeling. Find out 5 reasons to book #RedRoofPLUS! #ad

Do you ever feel like you just really, really need a staycation? And not the kind at home?

I was feeling that way desperately a few weeks ago. The winter to spring transition always gets me a bit down. It’s always cold and rainy longer than I’d like, and the kid activities ramp up in the spring. Cassidy spent the kids’ spring break in Belize and I was doing double duty at home. Not to mention I had a work trip planned in which I’d also have time to relax, and then the kids got sick and I got sick, and I had to cancel. I was incredibly bummed. When Red Roof PLUS+ reached out to me about a stay, I was more than ready. I was packed days in advance. Books. Magazines. My camera. And some clothes and toiletries. I was ready. I was a woman with a plan. And that plan was to stay in a Red Roof PLUS+ close to home.

Close enough to call it a staycation, but far enough to greet an entire new community and culture.

Red Roof

Here’s what I did:

On Friday night, I kissed my family and left. Before checking in, I got dinner at an Au Bon Pain next door to enjoy in my room. The first thing I did was read outside on a comfy chair before the sun set. It was what I needed for the evening.

After the sun completely set, I decided to check out the inside of the hotel. It had some fun amenities I’ll get to talk about later in the post. Mainly, I’m so down with a pool, vending machines, and arcade games too! Some of my favorites.

After exploring my room and the hotel (more on that later) I decided to see a movie! Alone! I picked I Feel Pretty because it had been out for awhile and I love to sink down in a nearly empty theater with snacks. The drive back to the hotel was quicker than the drive from the movie theater to my house. I camped out on the bed with Royal Wedding coverage and candy. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep. The next morning was rushed because I did have to temporarily quit my mama vacation to take Scarlet to a vocal lesson for work, so I had breakfast at a local co-op and then went home for a bit.

After the lesson, I went back to my hotel room to read. I had dinner plans with four friends, and we had chosen a restaurant closer to my hotel than home. I had a great night, and it was nice to know I was going back to my own big bed!

Sunday was REALLY fun. I asked around for breakfast recommendations and found a local diner in the middle of nowhere. Everyone there seemed to know each other, but they were really nice to me. Then I went to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. I don’t like crowds so I went when it opened and enjoyed the garden nearly to myself. I saw a Monarch emerge from a chrysalis and saw a turtle that smiled on command. It was so peaceful and cheerful on a foggy morning.

Then I wandered over to Yankee Candle Headquarters. It’s actually one of the top five tourist attractions in New England, but we live so close to it that I often forget that. I remember the first time I was there – you could smell the apple candles being made from the highway. My kids love to go but I can’t say I’ve ever gone alone. It was nice to focus on me. I got vegetable soup and coffee and wandered around the holiday displays. This was an uplifting experience from the weekend.

My time was winding down so I got a Butter Pecan Latte and went back to the hotel to read until checkout. That was honestly all I had wanted to do all weekend so everything else I did? That was bonus. I love spending time with myself. I also love going back home to my family. The sun was coming out and I think they all missed me. It’s important to take this time for yourself. Last time I stayed in a Red Roof PLUS+, it was in Boston and we had a whole city to explore. Staying in one closer to home gave me awesome perspective. I knew I could relax all I wanted, and explore my own section of the world as a tourist. If I was needed home, I could get there. I recommend taking a “vacation” in your region, or slightly beyond it!

Here are 5 Ways Red Roof PLUS+ Treated Me Well:

1 – The room, of course! Mine had a wood-like floor, a flat-screen TV, a vessel sink, a spacious workstation with special lighting, and an ergonomic chair. The Rest Suite bed by Serta was fitted with plush, high-end (and WARM) bedding and topped with a variety of soft and firm pillows. I loved that I could choose soft or firm, or mix and match.

2 – Extras. If you get a premium room at Red Roof PLUS+, it includes a complimentary snack box containing bottled water, orange juice, popcorn, trail mix and two Nature Valley® granola bars. You also have amenities like Seattle’s Best in-room coffee, a microwave, a mini-fridge, a hair dryer, an iron/ironing board, and a spa-like bathroom with a multiple setting showerhead.

3 – The staff. From giving me extra bottled water, to getting me the best restaurant recommendations in town, I loved knowing all my questions would be answered. They even called to check on me after check-in. In terms of fun things to do in western MA, they had all the info I needed. I loved the brochures highlighting western MA attractions, and their knowledge of western Mass tourism. I actually did feel like a tourist in my own community! This was all new to me.

4 – Staying with a trusted brand. Red Roof PLUS+ is a go-to upscale economy hotel of choice. Use it for business travel, last minute get-aways, family vacations, traveling with pets, traveling as a veteran or military personnel, or having a mama vacation! There are so many reasons to get away (or stay away close to home) that why not stay somewhere you love?

5 – The benefits. There’s the Red Roof loyalty program, RediCard®. You can also travel with your pet. That’s timely with our new puppy. You are allowed one well-behaved pet per room, nationwide. And you get bottled water for each day of your stay.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, make sure you see all the reasons you should stay at a Red Roof PLUS+ for your next getaway. This is my second stay in only a few months, and I can’t wait for my next getaway, wherever it may be!

With locations nationwide, where will I explore next?

I had the best mama staycation EVER in a local hotel. I got to experience all of the wonderful parts of my region, while getting that great vacation feeling. Find out 5 reasons to book #RedRoofPLUS! #ad

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel by yourself? Did you know there were so many western Mass things to do?

I had the best mama staycation EVER in a local hotel. I got to experience all of the wonderful parts of my region, while getting that great vacation feeling. Find out 5 reasons to book #RedRoofPLUS! #ad