Rock Your Dog’s World With Freshpet

Thank you Freshpet for sponsoring this post. Check out Freshpet refrigerated pet food, made with fresh, all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, truly making a difference you can see and your pet will feel!

Want to rock your dog's world? Freshpet is the BEST! No pre-processed meat powders,

So, one of the reasons I’m both a writer and a photographer is because it’s two ways to share what I experience.

And sometimes things are just too amazing, too beautiful, too quick, and too cute to fully explain, right? Right. Well, I try my hardest. That’s why I was SO happy I was able to convey in one photo how my dog, Athena, feels about Freshpet.


She was up on two legs for that one!

And what’s not to love? Freshpet is REAL pet food, and it’s fresh from the fridge. Before we got Athena, I had no idea that dogs could be picky eaters. My childhood dogs had always gulped down their dinners in one sitting, while Athena “grazes” like a cat. I noticed she was wholly unimpressed with her food day after day, and that’s when we turned to Freshpet.


They don’t believe in additives or preservatives, so the fridge is the only preservative they need! Freshpet never uses any pre-processed meat powders, “chicken meals,” or by-products. It’s just real US meat as the #1 ingredient, and real veggies that you can see right in the food! It’s honestly the next best thing to a home cooked meal, or “table food” as we call it.

Freshpet is made right here in the USA. Athena loves it because it’s made with only real, fresh ingredients that they slowly steam cook to maintain nutrition and taste. I KNOW that pets can taste and smell the difference, because she is so happy.

Want to rock your dog's world? Freshpet is the BEST! No pre-processed meat powders,

Before, she had been showing signs of distracted eating, and was NOT excited about mealtime. That’s when we decided to try something new – these all-natural recipes were a real help to us. I love being able to get dinner out of the fridge – for the kids, for the cat, and now for the dog. Although I’m not sure any of us get as excited as she gets! And there’s treats!

I used to always pass by the fridge of Freshpet pet food at my pet store and it made me curious each time. I’m glad I finally stopped to check it out. For us, it was the answer to a lot of picky eater problems. It looks fresh, it smells fresh, and it IS fresh. That makes the biggest difference. I love watching her eyes light up when I reach for the fridge at mealtime.

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What do you love best about Freshpet?