7 Ways to Support Your Energy

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Here are my 7 tips (hacks) for maintaining all day energy and helping to manage your busy life! Keep your energy up all day long! #ad #MyDayWithEnergy

So can we talk about energy levels right now?

Surely, you get me. It’s summer and no longer the very start of it. Maybe you’re chasing littles. Maybe you’re doing camp drop-offs and pick-ups with the startling realization that they are NOT easier than school drop-offs and pick-ups! In fact, they might be harder! They’re suspiciously early and you don’t have to put together a lunch, snack and backpack. Rather, it’s a lunch, two snacks, two changes of clothes, a clean towel (where on earth are the clean towels??), a swimsuit, an extra swimsuit, shoes, money for the snack bar, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, rain gear, and a signed summer field trip form.

And maybe you work a job or two, as well? And have a younger child at home? Whatever our reasons, summer can zap our energy. It’s the busy life, as with the school year, but with heat and humidity and kids afoot. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE summer – but sometimes if I’m not careful, I find myself losing motivation after 3:00pm or so. And I’m someone who needs to keep moving. I need regular exercise, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and a whole lot of water. Before summer began, I was actually nervous. I felt ill-prepared for the transition from having one in preschool and one in elementary school to having one in camp and one mostly home with me. Could I manage my already-busy life but in new summer style?

And then to be followed by back-to-school style, since this is a short summer for us?

I think my situation is unique in that I am 100% home and on-call for the kids, but I also work full-time. I work 2-3 jobs on a normal basis, and sometimes even take on a fourth. To say I’m busy is an understatement. Yet, I need to find balance in the over-scheduled times and in the downtimes, and I need to know when to take a break and when to power through. I need to figure out how to make sure my kids are safe and happy at all times, but I also need to make sure that I am, too. In fact, that’s just as important.

I can’t wait to tell you all about my new favorite – Emergen-C® Energy+. New Emergen-C® Energy+ is a powder-packed formula with natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind*; calcium, magnesium, potassium and other key nutrients to help replenish your body*; plus 7 B vitamins to fortify you and vitamin C for immune support.* More on that below!

Here are my favorite tips/tricks/hacks/ways of maintaining all day energy. I hope you’re inspired!


1 – Get up at the same time every day. This is where I struggle with transitions from school to summer vacation and then from summer vacation back to school. Getting up at roughly the same time every day will help your circadian rhythm. Life changes, and the light changes, so you want to stay consistent. Bonus activity. Get yourself some morning light, assuming it’s not raining! Go for an early morning walk or eat breakfast/read the paper next to a sun-lit window.


2 – Water before coffee. I know, I know, but bear with me. Here’s the secret. Save that coffee for when you really need it – when you feel more sleepy later in the day. In the morning, drink a full glass of water. This will set the tone for your whole day.

3 – Bust that stress. Does stress weigh you down? It does for me. Everyone has their own ways of busting stress, but some effective ways include laughter, stretching, yoga, long walks, reading a book/magazine, and doing a nice thing for yourself.

4 – Stretch it out. Whether you’re doing a few stretches at your desk or taking a whole yoga class, everyone agrees that it helps to fight the drooping energy levels in a big way.

5 – Evaluate your eating habits. Instead of grazing all day, try to eat your meals/snacks at the same time every day. And make sure you are pairing proteins with carbs. Protein helps me get through 13 hour days at the theme park with kids.

6 – Music. Breathing. Thinking. Whether you meditate or not, maybe you have found out how to find your happy, safe space. Whether you meditate, deep breathe into your abdomen and listen to music at the same time, or mix them up, these are three powerful ways to get your groove back. I tend to make separate times for all three, and then combine both silence and music, with deep breathing. Whether I’m slowing my thinking or my breathing, or speeding up my music, I re-energize.

7 – Emergen-C® Energy+. Get natural caffeine from green tea in Emergen-C® Energy+.* It’s energy customizable to support your needs. Adults can take one or two packets at a time. Emergen-C® Energy+ comes in portable packets that you can easily stash in your pocket or bag. It’s an anytime, anywhere product for your energy and immune support needs.*

Just by adding water, you can create a refreshing, fizzy drink mix. Emergen-C® Energy+ can be taken with the Emergen-C® or Emergen-C® Immune+ products so that you can support your daily wellness needs. Use products as directed. Emergen-C® Energy+, available in bold-flavored Blueberry-Açai, powder-packed Lemon-Lime, and fruit-y Mango-Peach, is flavored with natural, real fruit flavors. It’s also gluten free.

I find it at Walgreens in the Vitamins aisle:


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ten Ways You, Yes You, Can Save on Electricity.

Scarlet graduated kindergarten today, and it’s officially summer for us.

Sunrun Solar

I’m sifting through the memories and the large amount of emotional paperwork, artwork, writings and the diploma she took home. That and the fact that our central air is still broken and I’m nearly broken without it, I just want to curl up in a dark room and be alone for 17 days. Or 17 minutes. It was her kindergarten teacher’s last year before retirement and Scarlet was the princess in her little last day of school play. Now I think about summer. What was it like for our parents when we were kids? I remember it being endless and limitless – a soaring and long aerial view – looking down on Ocean City, Maryland and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Now you can add Cape Cod, islands of wild ponies, and moose to our summertime dreams.

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It’s here. And it’s spectacular.

With the ice dams of winter on our rooftop memories, and the humid heat of summer approaching, it amazes me how much we depend on electricity here in New England. After that long winter, I thought I’d never want to be cold or near snow again.

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Now it’s summer, we’re about ready to crank up the central air, and I have visions of snowflakes dancing in my head. Funny how that works. Sadly, I’m a central air person. People either are or they aren’t. My dad raised us with crisp central air, and I still remember how cranked the a/c would be in our rented condos in Myrtle Beach – 65 or so! I’d have to bundle up! Now I can’t live without it. When we were house-hunting, the realtor asked us what our deal breakers were in looking for a house. I said my near-perfect house had to have at least two bathrooms, and had to have central air-conditioning. She told me I might need to broaden my search up here in New England, where central air doesn’t grow on trees like it did in previous places I have lived, but we found a house that does have it. In the winter, we run a pellet stove for three months. In the summer, we run central air a lot. What’s a family to do to save money on electric bills with this kind of lifestyle? There are ways!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

1. Do a nightly energy sweep. Cassidy is notorious for leaving on every fan, light and appliance. He also leaves cupboards and toilet seats open, but that’s another story. Turn off all household appliances like TV’s and computers when not being used.

2. Wash clothes in cold water and hang laundry out to dry in the warmer months.

3. During the warmer months, set your thermostat to 76-78 degrees when you’re home, and turn it off when you’re not. This will use 1-3% less energy per degree when the thermostat is set above 72. Ceiling or room fans are a way to circulate air.

4. During the colder months, turn down your heat at night or when you’re gone. You can save as much as 20% a year on heating bills just by adjusting a programmable thermostat by 4 to 8 degrees. It can be set up to suit your lifestyle.

5. Upgrade your appliances to newer and more energy-efficient models. Many state and local governments, and many utility companies will offer financial incentives for homeowners to make these upgrades. This can be in the form of rebate checks.

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6. Lights overhaul! Find the most effective places in your home for lights and light switches. You can paint your rooms in bright colors, because they reflect more light and use less of it. Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and use high quality L.E.D. or C.F.L. bulbs. Install and use dimmer switches at less than full brightness.

7. Seal cracks and leaks in walls and around windows. Seal doors as well! You can get a tube of caulk for a few dollars.

8. Use energy-saving blinds.

9. Buy energy-efficient devices and not ones that are larger than necessary. Check for Energy Star or energy class labels.

10. Consider solar power! Sunrun customers save on their electricity bills, because electricity from Sunrun is more affordable than electricity from your utility. Sunrun installs, insures, monitors and maintains a solar system that is specifically designed for your home – you just pay a low, locked-in rate for the electricity that the solar panels produce. This gives you control over electricity costs, and protects you against the unpredictable rate increases. It’s good for your wallet, and good for the planet – even the Scott brothers and Kylie Jenner have solar! The smartest way to power a home in these modern times is with clean, affordable electricity from the sun. Now, are you ready to go solar to save money on electricity, and help save the planet?

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Are you a central air-conditioning person or not?

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