Cat Scratching? 5 Alternatives to De-Clawing

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Have a scratching cat? Have no fear! There are wonderful alternatives to de-clawing and they really work! I personally have one tip that will help save your furniture! #ad #feliway #feliwaycat Check it out!

Let me tell you – I was NOT happy when Juniper scratched through one of our brand new chairs last month.

We had been so happy that our long-term renovations had ended and we were all excited to celebrate with all the fun touches for our new bedroom. A big and colorful rug. Two comfy chairs to snuggle up in with a book next to the wall fireplace. Matching chairs with gorgeous pillows that Cassidy’s Aunt Deborah had made for us. We were so excited, and then extraordinarily disappointed when Juniper had scratched one of the chairs. Our brand new chairs! Luckily, she’s cute!


It doesn’t have to be that way! You may be wondering why do cats scratch furniture? Cats are territorial by nature and like to feel in control of their territory. They have their own ways of telling other cats (and us) that “this is mine!” That’s why they leave scratches that are visible to you – those marks are “territory messages” from their paws. That’s why if you want to get rid of the “territory messages” on your beloved furniture, you can move those messages to places they SHOULD scratch. Make sense? It will! When it comes to cats and furniture scratching, your inclination may be to declaw your cat.

This is NOT the best option. Read on about my 5 Alternatives to De-Clawing:

1 – Keep your cats’ nails well groomed and trim.

2 – You can also invest in nail caps. They are placed over the cat’s claws. I used to call them nail mittens for cats. You have to re-apply them regularly, as cats’ nails grow fast. There are several brands that make nail caps.

3 – Deter your cats from the surfaces you love! People have different ways to do this – like applying foil or double-sided tape to the surfaces. Or they use fragrances that are pleasant to us, but unpleasant to cats – like citrus.

4 – Keep them entertained at home. Make sure they’re not bored! Have plenty of food, water, and toys and invest in a solid, sturdy, stable scratching post(s). Up to 40% of cat owners don’t provide a scratching post!? The best ones are tall enough for when your cat fully stretches out, won’t wobble when used by your cat, and have a texture your cat likes. You may need to try several – like sisal, carpet, cardboard, etc. We have one in each room. Speaking of scratching posts and areas..

5 – FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY®. This is a wonderful way to stop unwanted cat scratching. Cats are sometimes exercising their paws or cleaning their nails, but scratching is often about marking their territory. It’s about redirecting those “messages.”

FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® is your simple answer to inappropriate scratching by by redirecting it to your scratching post. This is clinically proven to help reduce or stop unwanted scratching in the home on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Usage is simple! You cut the packet open and pour it on your surface. To be safe, place your scratching post horizontally over a sink or newspaper and apply slowly by drawing two or three lines. Then wait 5 minutes for it to dry.

Then place the post close to the area where your cat inappropriately scratched, or where they rest. And if you have more than one cat, make sure you have as many scratching posts as you have cats. The product sends a message to a cat visually (blue lines) and invisibly (“territory messages”) and this encourages your cat to scratch there. It mimics the natural feline territorial messages, which is that smart and simple solution! Use once daily for 7 days, and then 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3, and 1 pipette at the beginning of week 4. It’s recommended to complete a full 4 week protocol.

FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® is perfect for many occasions, like adopting a new kitten, when you want your cat to scratch a scratching post he or she has previously ignored, when your cat is scratching in unwanted locations in your home, when stressful changes at home are anticipated, and when renewing a scratching post or introducing a new one into the home. Do not place your scratching post behind furniture or in a corner. It should be sturdy, stable, and tall enough (at least 90cm tall). They recommend using only vertical scratching posts made of cardboard or rope. We have one of each at home.

Have a scratching cat? Have no fear! There are wonderful alternatives to de-clawing and they really work! I personally have one tip that will help save your furniture! #ad #feliway #feliwaycat Check it out!

Do you have any tips for dealing with a scratching cat?

Have a scratching cat? Have no fear! There are wonderful alternatives to de-clawing and they really work! I personally have one tip that will help save your furniture! #ad #feliway #feliwaycat Check it out!

Happy Cat, Happy Life – 7 Steps to a Happier Cat

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Want a happier cat? These 7 steps will show you how to get closer to your cat with the best products, the best toys, and the best love! #Catego #Feliway #ad

Guys, I am having a WEEK and it’s only Wednesday! On Monday, Des went back to school after being sick, and that was lucky because I had a BIG photo job I was nervous about for about two months. You just never know what’s going to make you nervous and what isn’t. Then on Tuesday I had a doctor appointment, and picked the kids up to discover that Scarlet had contracted Des’ virus! So she’s been home with me all day today. This has been helpful, though, and you’ll see why soon!

Athena has pretty much ignored us all day, but Juniper has not. I think it’s amazing that cats can tell when we’re feeling sad or sick, and they stay extra close to us. I’m also amazed at how often I talk about Junie on this blog. Loving and “raising” a cat is a fairly new adventure for me. This morning, Des crawled into bed with me and Juniper was on my legs. I didn’t want to get up because she was purring on my legs! She makes me happy, and it’s important to me to make her as happy too.

When I got my Ceva Cat Babbleboxx, I put it aside to open with the kids. Today was the day! Scarlet was home sick and helped me do a grand “unboxing.” If you want to be blown away by her cute, and also see pet cameos, tune in here.

7 Steps to a Happier Cat:

1 – Feed your cat well. Talk to your vet about both quality and quantity of the food, and don’t rely on the food packaging to tell you all you need to know. I am as mindful about Juniper’s food as I am about my own. Actually, more so for her!

2 – Keep your cat healthy with regular checkups, shots, tests, etc.

3 – Keep your cat’s environment clean. At our house, we change the litterbox twice a day and vacuum all the litter pieces she drags out of the box on her paws. We clean her food and water bowls regularly, and change the litter routinely.

4 – Provide entertainment for your cat, especially if you have an indoor cat and you don’t want your cat outside. Consider scratching posts, toys, stuffies, blankets, and PLENTY of affection. We found Junie snuggled with her new Feliway© toy.

5 – Consider having two cats for companionship. Whether you have one or two, we love our Feliway© Diffuser, Feliway© Wipes, and Feliway© Spray. Feliway© is a copy of the natural feline facial pheromone – and it helps cats to feel more secure. It is recognized by all cats. Why will you love it as much as they do? It creates familiarity and security within your home. It may lead to the reduction or elimination of unwanted stress-related behaviors – like hiding, scratching, and urine spraying. It’s also non-sedating and non-systemic. Clinical studies show that Feliway© helps cats adjust to new surroundings, and is easy to use at home or on the go. We plugged in our diffuser this morning and I can tell the difference!

cat happy


6 – Protect your cat from fleas and ticks! What do we use? Catego™! It’s an effective monthly prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for cats and kittens. It’s topical and is easy to apply with its tube and patented applicator. We applied it today and we’re all set for the month! I love that feeling! Catego™ is currently available through Amazon and through veterinarians, and will soon be available at PetSmart. Click here to find out where to buy it.

Scarlet also wants you to know about her Catego™ pen:

And her Catego™ journal. She’s using it as a science journal, since she wants to be a Scientist when she grows up:

flea and tick control

flea and tick control

7 – Lastly, know YOUR cat’s personality and also know some general things about cat personalities. Some cats are affectionate and some not. Mainly, know YOUR cat. It’s also good to follow some general rules about bonding. Let your cat come to you. If possible, let your cat sleep with you to ensure better bonding/happiness. Don’t pet your cat’s belly unless you KNOW they like it. Look to your cat for aggressive body language. Ears back and a twitching tail are often signs to back off.

And mainly – enjoy your cat(s)!