Whole Damn Mess: Album Review

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It's a gift to be able to experience music the way we do, and then feel from it, learn from it, and share it. This is my album review of Whole Damn Mess: The Queen and The Outcast, out TODAY, 1/12/18! Don't wait to download it! #wholedamnmess #ad

I love how music transports you to another place in your head and heart. It’s as powerful as smell for memories.

The first time I knew I could feel music strongly was in high school Music Theory class. Despite having zero musical training like my classmates, I still aced the class. It’s because I could feel it and translate it into feelings and theories. My teacher played a classical piece and asked us what we thought it was about. I raised my hand and said, “It’s running feet. It’s heartbeats.” My teacher got so excited he broke his chalk saying, “YES!” It’s a gift (to us) to experience music like this.

And that’s where Whole Damn Mess comes in. There’s something so familiar about their sound, and it’s not because it’s anything but unique, but it’s because it reminds me of something inside myself. I can see it as GREAT driving music, but also just sitting down. For example, I was able to listen to their new album and it was while we were having our floors refinished in the house. So while the chaos and the noise took over the whole house, I was sitting in the back room listening to The Queen and the Outcast. And a few songs really stood out for me. I LOVE “We Don’t Need a Reason” because of lyrics. I love “a letter and a leap of faith.”

That’s my weakness:

We Don’t Need A Reason by Whole Damn Mess on VEVO.

And you can’t miss “Be Good to Yourself” because the lead singer, Don Miggs, wrote it in response to his wife Lisa’s postpartum depression. Definitely don’t miss it. And I was drawn to the touching and raw emotions of the song, as I have worked with postpartum depression in my early professional life. Probably my favorite song is “Anywhere Without You.” It has a peaceful sound and mentions his wife, Lisa, again! It’s a romantic song about how he doesn’t want go anywhere but with her, and there’s a lyric video to watch too! It’s that great kind of love of someone who completes you and makes you better and is there for you, and makes you want to be there for them too. I liked the lyrics, “She’s Grace” because it gives you a picture of the relationship and how he views her.


And you can buy the album now! Link, HERE!


1) And Then They Were
2) We Don’t Need A Reason
3) Be Good To Yourself
4) Anywhere Without You
5) That’s Just How It Goes
6) Maybe We Should Do It
7) Helium
8) Summer Under Covers
9) When She Says
10) Got You Stuck in My Head


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