Sunshine Feels Like Being Two.

On Saturday, it was sunny and about 50 degrees.

As you can imagine, 50 degrees and full sun, in a house meant for rich sunlight, made us all feel ecstatically like we were racing towards spring with no detours or obstacles along the way. Look at the way the light can hit the windows and warm the insides.

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It warms my insides.

When you’re in full sunshine and it’s even above 32, you can forget what the chill feels like.

I’m still a bit speechless as I write this, on a cold Sunday night. The weekend was a blur. Usually speechless means I need to either take a short break, or continue an ongoing short break. I was given an unexpected project last week and it was Photoshop only and it was HARD. I am no longer a beginner at Photoshop, but I am also not an expert. I do understand the language, though. Of course I edit my photos, mainly, because I shoot RAW and all of my files have to be sharpened, contrasted and color-corrected before I send them on their merry way. However, this project was a whole new kind of Photoshop, involving masking, magnetic lassoing and all sorts of delights. Seriously, ecstasy-inducing stuff. Not. So my photos for you today are mostly SOOC.

(That means “straight out of the camera.” I’m not only speechless. I don’t want to look at Photoshop for another 17 years.)

Cassidy threw open the door and dust flew everywhere! Just kidding. We had deep-cleaned our house right before this.

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Is Des bewildered that we cleaned (or mainly that I helped Cassidy) or is he bewildered at the warm sun?

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He was..hesitant to step outside into the sun. Maybe he was suspicious of the sun’s motives.

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We tried so hard to coax him out..

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..but he stayed put.

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He also locked me out accidentally, and then got upset because he missed me.

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“That warm, golden thing? Still..there?”

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A bit like Tom Cruise in the 80’s, a cool breeze is made for this kid’s hair..

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..and he knows it.

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Scarlet did a delightful interpretive sun dance.

Des did a delightful interpretive sun gaze.

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The Tardis shed didn’t comment.

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Scarlet kept coaxing, to no avail.

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She gave up on him for a bit. She was so happy. She said, “This feels like…when I was two.”

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I couldn’t decide if I liked this upside down (original) or not (rotated in editing). What do you think?

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This is the part of him that reminds me

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Me: “Scarlet you are so beautiful that my poor camera has already seen the best!”
Scarlet: “Yeah, well tell it that it’s in trouble. I’m only going to get better.”

And, how!

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Meanwhile..back in Des land.

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Oh! What’s this? A foot out? Two feet??

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He just needed me to carry him! Finally he asked. And I answered. And he went straight for the snow..sifting it like sand.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Sunshine feels like being two. And no one in my family is two, but this guy is making his way towards two.

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He’s making his way towards a lot of things.

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  1. Such awesome weather right!? We got it here too, but too bad we’re getting more snow later this week. Also, I like both the upside down and edited photo equally. He’s just a cute kid from any angle! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, we have snow possibly coming on Wednesday. And it’s ten days of cold, at least, because I obsessively check the ten day forecast! Next week will be even better!

  2. You couldn’t have said it any better. I’m a warm, okay really a hot weather girl and I’m so ready for some nice weather. When I lived in Va last year, we started getting cool weather in September. By October, when I had my son it was already in the 40s. It’s just something about that sunshine that warms not only your face, but your spirit! 🙂

    1. I heard Virginia had gorgeous weather last week, though. And even our 50 degrees isn’t really much! I remember when I was pregnant with Scarlet and it was the worst winter of my life and then it was early March and 60 degrees! Cassidy was in Virginia Beach and it was 70 there and we kept texting each other about our amazement.
      You just reminded me of that nice memory!

  3. Hi 🙂 I think this post is truly delightful in more than one way…I also think your little girl has your ‘way with words’ and your son is too cute for them [words] I like seeing how you people [the ones who have had SO MUCH snow this Winter] get excited for Spring…

    1. Thank you! My daughter says some really beautiful and hilarious things. I do so wonder what her writing will be like when she’s school age.
      One of my friends lives in the tropics and she says even she’s excited for spring because many of her friends are here and complaining!

  4. Tamara i want to come to your house and follow you for a week and learn all I can about taking amazing photo like these in so many different lights. You are a creative genious.

    1. Well that’s definitely the nicest thing I’ve heard. I wish you could! And I’d love to follow you around and see sun, heat and beauty about now! And hear all about your writing process.

    1. Thanks! All I wanted to do this weekend was get some shots of the kids. Of course Des slept on his hair funny and it was frizzed into a nest, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
      Spring IS coming.

  5. First off, one of the reasons, I try my best to stay away from Photoshop, because it is seriously like a different language. I choose Pixlr and PicMonkey anyway of the week when I can, because of it, but when I am forced, I thank god Kevin knows the program and has even taught it to others, so he pretty much holds my hand when I have to. That said, the sun truly felt amazing this weekend and Scarlet was right it felt like being two all over again 🙂

    1. I love PicMonkey. Does Kevin use Lightroom? That one is even more important to have in my arsenal! I have so many!
      Once for kicks, I got a free download of one of those Portrait Pro ones where they airbrush your photos and do all the work? I put a photo of myself in! Gosh, that was humbling.
      It wasn’t even me!!

        1. I have a looong way to go myself. I do fine for my photos but in terms of more graphic design fun, like moving backgrounds and whatnot, I’m going to take a class with a friend this summer.

  6. Love the sunshine! Sorry you still have so much snow. Poor Tardis. So many things about Des remind me of Josiah — hilarious, charming, and… extremely cautious. =) it will be interesting to see this trend continues. (If so, you’re in for a heck of a time when he’s 3. But we’re getting soclose to 4 and I think he’s mostly turned the corner from whiny to wild 4 yr old behavior. Yay?)

    1. I’m turning the corner towards five! Three to four was so challenging. Four was better for us, though.
      Des has always been so cautious! The not walking until 16 months! I knew it then. He knew how in his brain but he just wasn’t sure.
      If he’s like Josiah, I’ll be happy!

    1. Thanks for chiming in! I couldn’t really tell. I like that angle and it was the original idea, but I feel like you can seem him more clearly when he’s right side up. Ah, well. They’re both fun!

  7. Yeah Des for making it outside! I love this photo journey; I can feel the warmth of the sun from it. I like the upside down Des better because I know that look from my own son and it’s an angle that we only get for a short while. I know that before I have time to blink my kid will be towering over me and I’ll be looking up at him (the fact that I’m only 5′ 3″ will make it come a lot faster). This such a beautifully captured moment in time!

    1. I wonder how old Des will be when he’s taller than me. Five?? Just kidding! I’m 5′ 6″ and if he’s like his father’s side of the family, he’ll be over six feet.
      Thanks for chiming in about the upside down photo!

  8. It’s so nice to have a little sunshine over there! Glad you had one this weekend. Scarlet really knows how to pose.. she can be an actress! 😀

  9. So sweet! It was almost 70 down her this weekend and my kids couldn’t get outside fast enough. My problem was trying to get them back in! 🙂 I like the upside down pic – it is a cute perspective.

    1. 70! The stuff of dreams!!! I know spring will come for us. I know it. It’s still about 1-3 months away, though!! At least the nice weather part of it.
      I am DREAMING about sundresses and sunshine and sunglasses.

  10. We had a gorgeous weekend here too! And the kids kept yelling, “It’s Spring! It’s Spring!” and I had to be a buzzkill and tell them it was just a break in the cold. Sure enough 15 degrees colder today and colder weather on the way!
    I’m going to interpret Scarlet’s comment about being 2 to mean that it was sooooooooo long ago that it was arm. If that’s the case, tell Scarlet I am right there with her!!

    1. ha! I like your interpretation.
      And you’re not a buzzkill. You’re realistic. Up here, it will be spring in late March, but the actual consistent warmth won’t hit until May. We will get occasional 60-70 degree days in March and April, though, and they keep us going.
      29 as a high today. Yippeee!! (not)

  11. This post is a lot like sunshine – your two are just shining and I love every single picture (I like the upside down version of Des better). Just what I needed in -13 degree weather this morning 🙂

    1. Thank you! This comment is like sunshine.
      29 is our high today so I guess it’s worlds better than polar vortex weather.
      And February is always like this. The end is always hard. It makes us get all itchy for the warmth.

  12. I like the photo rotated, FWIW 🙂 I’m so glad you and the kids got to enjoy a warm day. Wasn’t it heavenly?! It’s cooling back down here too this week. In fact I think we’re looking at a high of only 24 tomorrow. I keep reminding myself that a month ago, 24 would have felt WARM. And Spring cannot be that far away now. Knowing we’re on the downhill side of this hellish winter is enough to keep my spirits up. I’m always so fascinated by how others organize their photos, especially those who take a ton of photos like you do. I’d love to see a post sometime about your process, starting with when you download photos from your camera to how you store the finished, edited files (unless of course you’ve already written one in which case you can just tell me to look through the archives 🙂

    1. I actually like it better rotated too! It was fun to give the options, though. It was the easiest thing to do in Photoshop. Otherwise I wanted to get the heck out of there!
      It’s nearly 30 today and the sun is so bright that it’s actually melting snow. I didn’t know you could even thaw at under 32! However, it will go into the streets and freeze again tonight! Fun!!
      I have never written a post like that!! So maybe I shall!

  13. Your kids are so cute! I love how they are “exploring” the sunshine and warmth outside. It was such a treat this weekend to be able to go outside and take a walk without 10 layers! I just keep telling myself…spring is coming, spring is coming!! Do you think in the dead heat of summer we’ll be saying…where’s fall?

    1. I’ve been wondering that!! People have been joking about it on Facebook too, about never, ever complaining about heat again.
      Heat is tough. Humidity is tough. Bugs too. Living at the mercy of a/c, and that’s if you’re lucky enough to have it!
      I don’t like either extreme. I’m a 60-80 type of girl. However, I’m always better off in summer. Less illness, more daylight and lots of birthdays and celebrations!
      So I may complain about it, but I’ll never say it’s worse than this.
      Hope that’s not famous last words!

  14. It looks like it was sunny everywhere this weekend! It was beautiful! I love how both Des and Scarlett enjoyed the sunshine in their own way! The pics straight from the camera look great! I still don’t understand Photoshop, and I’ve taken two classes on it! lol

    1. Wow! Two classes! I wish I had taken one. I’m self taught with “Photoshop For Dummies” books and lots of YouTube tutorials. They generally have very soothing voices!

  15. I love Des’ Tom Cruise look. Just LOVE. I’m not even sure which I love more – that or Scarlet’s quote. And I agree that the warm weather and sunshine warms me up inside as well. Glad you got this little burst of spring.

  16. YAYAYYYY for sunshine! But hey. I’m confused. What would you have edited if these photos were not straight from the camera? They look perfect to me!! Seriously. I’m confused because I wouldn’t change anything in any of them! They’re gorgeous photos of even more gorgeous kids! I love that they both enjoyed it on their own terms. Tucker locked me out once, too! Ha.
    Oh and I’ve been using Photoshop for like 25 years. So if you need help, let me know!! ;D

    1. Ooh! I may need help! If you could just do my project for me, that’d be great!!
      In these photos, I probably wouldn’t change much. If I do indoor photos, they can be too dark or have color casts. These are fine as is. And good because I had no time to touch them anyway! Other than some rotations and watermarks.

  17. Des is so cute but I’m a fan of the original 🙂 hehe Scarlet loves the camera, she’s a natural 🙂 It was gorgeous weather this past weekend, loved it – especially since i was in NYC for a day, it was great. What camera do you use love? I love your photos – you have such a great eye for it 🙂 Have a great one Tamara! -Iva

    1. I use a Canon 60D most of the time! And thank you. I’d love a full frame camera one day, but this one suits me for now. A girl can dream, though.
      Hope you’re feeling great!

  18. Man, Des does really have an awesome head of hair. So cute watching him decide whether or not yet wants to make his way outside. It must be hard when you’re so young and you’ve been living in the middle of a very cold and snowy winter and the memory of the warmth of sun is so distant (if even in tact!).

    I have Photoshop, but it scares me. I’ll stick to Picasa & PicMonkey.

    1. I wonder what he does remember about warm sun! We had it in Florida last month. Not sure how long one-year-olds retain memories, but I’m sure the heart remembers! And human instinct and all of that. We need our vitamin D!
      Honestly, Photoshop is a little scary. I always equate it to the human brain. Maybe we only use 3-5% of what they can really do!

  19. That Scarlet! She is so cute with the things she says! I have Photoshop Elements, but I have never learned to use it. I need to, I know. Des’ hair is adorable with the windblown look. That kid is just adorable!

    1. Photoshop Elements is probably great because it has the important functions, but not the billion extras that Creative Suites has. I’d love to try it.
      His hair was so messy! He sleeps on his forehead sometimes and frizzes/tangles his hair. And I don’t like to give him too many baths (he gets them enough from putting food in his hair).
      Oy. He’s adorable about it, though.

  20. That Des is so dang cute!! I think my favorite picture is the one with his hand sticking outside! The look of wonder on his face is priceless! Amazing how rotating that one picture changes it so much!
    And, I with Scarlet – your camera is in trouble!!!
    So glad that y’all had some sunshine and warmer weather!!!

    1. Kim, it’s back to being freezing again all week! That’s ok, though. It happened! It really did! I was there! I got some vitamin D.
      And summer will come, as always. Spring is my favorite.

  21. Scarlet is so sharp! I love the contrast between your kids. Cassidy rushes out, Scarlet celebrates the sun with no hesitation, and Des eases into it with no sudden movement. I also had a big laugh at Des locking you out then missing you, lol. That’s your boy! So happy you had sunshine pay you a much needed visit. PS. I like the photos both upside down and regular, those eyes pierce either way.

    1. Thanks! I actually liked it right side up better, but the original intention was to be upside down. Was fun to try both! And poor Des learned to walk during late fall/winter, so he’s never really gotten to practice running around outside. Only in Florida last month and he loved it but it took him a bit to warm up.

  22. We had that same wonderful weather and I think we felt a bit like Des, “What is this thing called sun and warm weather!” What a welcome break it was. Love these pictures as always!

    1. He was bewildered in Florida too last month! He just stood on the grass and cried a bit. Poor kid. That’s what happens when you learn to walk in December in New England!

  23. Yay for warmth! We had warmth over the weekend as well. It was fantastic. It’s supposed to get cold again. Boo. I just wish it would stay WARM.

    I wouldn’t even know where to begin on photoshop. I just use the iPhoto thingy on the Macbook.

    1. What’s funny is that iPhoto bewilders me. It’s also the way point and shoots and my iPhone camera bewildered me at first. If you’re used to all of the details/functions of Photoshop and DSLRs, you get used to having that kind of control over everything!
      That said, it’s a pretty steep learning curve and who has time for that? I didn’t have two kids when I learned it.
      Spring! I dream about it!!

  24. We were loving the weather this weekend too – now the mountain of snow at the bottom of my driveway is only five feet tall, not seven. And I would keep the photo upside down, so the viewer can tell he was looking back at you. But it’s impossible to have a bad photo of Des.

  25. I loved this post…because I could just really feel like I was there in that moment. I love the fact Des didn’t trust this sun and warm air…it’s amazing how we forget how everything is new to them. Love seeing things through the eyes of a child!

    1. I just can’t wait to get Des out in the yard this spring and summer. Poor kid doesn’t even really know about being slathered in sunscreen and/or bug spray and being set out to help Cassidy garden. His time is coming!

  26. I love everything about this. But my favorite pictures? The ones of Scarlet with the Alice in Wonderland cut out behind her. It looks like Alice is hiding behind the table, peeking out at Scarlet, trying to decide if she should introduce herself.

    1. I was so hoping someone would notice that! You win! I feel like they’re kinda alter egos here. Or friends. Or future friends, like you said.
      So much potential there.
      And that’s how she dressed at Disney World! Like Alice! No sequins and glitter princess dress.

    1. Yes! That’s why I have to write these down. Maybe one day she’ll appreciate remembering all of the beautiful, hilarious and inane things she has said!

  27. Your kids are adorable and you captured them beautifully! I love your photos. Sunshine must be nice! I hope it sticks around for you. It is snowing pretty hard out here today. I can’t wait until winter is over!

    1. They’re talking about more snow here this week and next! Spring will come, as it always does, but the ending is always the hardest part for me.
      I just almost fell on the ice three times in our driveway!

  28. I know, right? It felt like some magical source of joy just percolated up out of the black snow/dirt/ice. It made me giddy! I don’t remember what 2 felt like – and now I’m so old I don’t remember what my kids though 2 felt like. BUT, I’m gonna go with warm in the sun, until hit in the face with ice water from a melting icicle. Now if only we could have kept it around for a little longer….

    1. I definitely don’t remember being two!
      And I almost slipped on the ice three times tonight.
      Spring WILL come. And it will be glorious in New England.

  29. Hi Tamara!

    This is totally random to your post but I wanted to let you know I came across your blog last week. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I clicked on your “How I met your father” series. I didn’t stop reading it ALL day. And I cried so much!!! lol Ever since I was little, I loved love and love stories. I constantly watched shows, movies, read books, that revolved around two people falling in love. Your story had me so anxious and emotional at times- I can only imagine what it was like living it. Being Middle Eastern, the marriage topic certainly hasn’t been easy. I love how supportive your mother was. I crave that with my own mother, who I love more than anything, but being first generation in this country seems to leave us not understanding one another’s “taste” too well. I’m sure you get the point lol But I pray it gets better. Beautiful stories like yours give me hope 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! <3

    1. Aishah,

      Not so random at all! Made my day, in fact. I’ve always been obsessed with love stories too and it sounds weird but I always thought I’d have a crazy doozy of a story. Now that I’m older and I look at life more realistically, that’s still something I really believe in – true love.
      Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving your beautiful comment. That story took me ages to write and wouldn’t you know I haven’t had the guts to read it since?
      Thank YOU!

  30. Awe how fun! I don’t know which picture of him I like better either…the upside down or rotated, they are both cute. I love how he slowly came out side, one foot at a time, and finally made it all the way with a little help from mom. Scarlet, well I think she is going to be in movies some day…remember I said that when she is at the Oscars!!

  31. See this is why LA people like me can’t handle cold. Because you said 52 degrees and for me that meant bundling up in my thickest jackets lol. Re: Des’ photos, I like the edited one better (rotated). And hey let me know if you ever have any Photoshop questions! I’m not like, a magician or anything, but I use that program everyday and have been for years so we can exchange tips 🙂

    1. So funny. When we went to Orlando, they kept warning us it was “cold” there. It was 65 and sunny our first day there. A polar vortex here!
      Good to know about the Photoshop! Mainly I was trying to take objects from a nebulous background and make the background transparent. So I didn’t know whether to use magnetic lasso or masking or erasing or what! They all work! And they all have downfalls!

    1. Like a fine wine, right? She gets better with age.
      I love that she really thinks she’s a princess, or that she will be. Hey, it’s actually happened in history.

  32. It was a gloriously warm weekend, wasn’t it? I’m definitely ready for Spring to come back to this side of the planet! Looks like Scarlet is, too. I love the comment about only getting better. And it’s so precious to see how tentative Des was to get outside. I have the feeling that once Spring and Summer really hit, he’s going to want to be outside all the time!

    1. Yeah, he needs to warm up! In Orlando I put him in the warm grass and he started bawling! He had never felt anything like it, and after a freezing winter and a weird airplane ride, suddenly, warm grass!
      He got used to it really well, though.

  33. This was just glorious and made me feel like the sun was shining down on me and shooting out my toes!
    and that is saying something because it is NOT warm here at all. And now I cannot wait for spring and bare toes on the back deck!
    good thing Scarlett says there is more to come, because I got at least 6 more weeks before this kind of weather hit us and I am going to have to live vicariously through your blog. Maybe she could do a little sundance for us?

    1. It’s already back to freezing indefinitely here!!
      Scarlet, do your sundance again!
      Des is pretty much the groundhog because he DID see his shadow when he finally went outside. So six more weeks here!

  34. I love her little attitude – I’m just getting started! It’s so funny how scared Des was of the sun. “Who are you? What do you want??” Those are all great pics and I like the upside down pic of Des.

  35. Sunshine! We’re getting a lot of sunshine this week, but it’s back to negative temperatures for us in Chicago. I did enjoy the warmer temperatures we got last week but it wasn’t sunny. Instead it was rainy so we were worried about flooding! We survived. 😉

    I like the original upside-down picture of Des!

    1. Another vote for upside down!
      It’s freezing here again. It will be indefinitely. It’s funny how it’s ALWAYS cold in February and yet we’re all just so ready for spring. So close we can taste it..but not feel it!

  36. These are all so beautiful photos 😀 And the weather looks beautiful…although you would probably want to come here because it’s been hot as hell for the past few weeks and while we are all sick of it , you’d probably find it quite refreshing after all that snow I’ve been seeing on your instagram 🙂

    1. It’s so nice to see you again!!
      I guess the heat sounds pretty good to me right now. Does our snow sound good to you? It’s ok – you can be honest if not.

  37. We opened our doors on the weekend, too! It was awesome.
    And yesterday we were back to showers – with flurries mixed in for a bit – and it was gone. But that glimpse gave me hope. It’s almost over!

    1. It’s that hope, ya know? I’m terrible with the tail ends of things. I was fine for nearly 17 years without a driver’s license but those last six months before my driving test were agony.
      I’ve been fine (relatively) all winter but this last stretch of 3-4 weeks feels torturous.
      It’s also the fact that our driveway is a skating rink! We should just charge people to come here and skate.

  38. To freaking cute. It’s amazing how anything above 32 makes me feel really warm right now. I know what you mean about Photoshop. It’s such a deep program. There’s so much I don’t know about it.

    1. SO deep. What a perfect word for it. I always think it’s like the human brain – we basically only use a small percentage of it on average, but it can do SO MUCH.

  39. “its only going to get better” and she was right!! I love the photos, 50 degree weather is SO welcome and makes everything FEEL better. I was happy for the warm up even though it was short lived.

  40. Oh I am so glad that the sun is out there. The kids look so genuinely happy to see it! I could not believe those Instagram videos of all the snow you shared! As beautiful as they were, I would miss the sun – enjoy!

    1. I miss it so much. Like a limb! We really do need it in our lives. We are lucky in that we can get a lot of bright, reflective sunshine during the winter but it’s lower in the sky and not up for as long. And it helps heat the house.
      I miss spring/summer fiercely. Fall too!

  41. He looked transfixed by the sun. He really had no idea what it was. Honestly, I just stared at your pictures and the fact that Scarlet was in a short sleeve dress in 50 degrees. We would be bundled up. She looked so free and so happy.

    1. Oh, 50 is still pretty cool! In comparison to zero degrees, it’s heaven. But we know heat. It’s just that the sun was shining directly onto the deck so it makes it 10-15 degrees warmer than the world actually is. So it felt like 60-65 there!

  42. I’m happy you still believe in true love. I always have, and your story only made me believe it more 🙂 I feel like people sometimes tend to become negative about it all when they get older. Like, for example, it always bothers me when people say “yeah love is nice and all but then you get married and life happens, that all fades and you realize it isn’t so important” Is it weird that that bothers me so much? LOL I haven’t been married but I definitely love love and I hope to be one of those grandmothers who talks to her grandchildren about how much she loves their grandfather one day 🙂 I know I’m such a sap lol

    1. I know exactly what you mean and I used to always say, “No! It doesn’t have to be that way!” I remember at my bridal shower two women counseling my older sister to settle for a nice man she loves but isn’t in love with, because that bowled over, passionate feeling is overrated or non-existent. “No!” I screamed in intervention. “Definitely…believe.”
      She’s madly in love right now, actually!
      I’ve only been married five years so I’m no expert but my grandparents were married for over 70 years and still held hands until my grandfather died. My grandmother is 100 and she misses him.
      My other grandparents were married for 50-60 years and my grandmother went first. My grandfather told me he still had strong feelings for her until the end. Beyond it even.
      So yes. Believe!

    1. I like it rotated too!
      And yes, he hasn’t see much, I guess. In Florida, he was blown away but he did eventually catch on that it was something awesome that he liked.

  43. Sunshine feels like being two, I love that! So sweet, your little people 🙂
    We had some unseasonably warm weather here too and it was magical. And also gone now.

  44. The curious world of children. I miss the days when I had questions about everything. When I didn’t know the truth about things. When I didn’t have to worry about anything. Wow, yes, I really do miss those days!

    1. Oh, me too. So much. My daughter fires so many questions at me a day and I have to take deep breaths to not get impatient and annoyed. I know I asked many questions at her age too!

      1. Ah ha ha! I give you so much credit! Seriously, I do. However, I had to say, my mom and I are best friends, and I know I see you and your daughter as the same as she gets older and understands what best friends are 😉

        1. I feel very close to my mom, who feels close to her mom (who is 100!). These are powerful relationships – mother and daughter. Complex too, huh?

    1. Yes, the cautious nature is in both of my kids, but in different ways. Neither are the time to just run screaming into traffic. So that’s good.
      Des will run away in public now, though, and it’s a new thing to adjust with.

  45. I absolutely love these photos! You have the most adorable children and you really make me want to have some of my own so I can take their pictures, haha. I have to admit, though, I love the Tardis shed. I have to make sure my husband never finds that picture, he’ll instantly want one. He already wants a Tardis refrigerator and bookshelf that we have no room for currently!

  46. I love the set of photos showing how you had to coax him outside – definitely could feel his emotions of being unsure yet curious at the same time. Glad you were able to get back in after he locked you out!

    1. Well my husband was home to save me! Scarlet was outside with me so she couldn’t help.
      I’m so glad he finally did get outside because I don’t know the next time we’ll get warm sun! And this was actually kinda cold, but the deck is usually 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of the town!

  47. I wanna do a sun dance like Scarlet in 50 degree weather with the sun beaming down on me! It seems soooo far away with this miserable winter we’ve been having in the midwest. Des is too funny for hesitating to go outside! I love how you captured every moment of that. Precious!

    1. It was just snowing a few minutes ago. I said, “It’s snowing” all in disgust. Scarlet replied, “I know. Isn’t it beautiful?”
      And we’re getting more and more. We’re never really safe until May.

  48. What a beautiful day! I always love to hear how you all get thoughts intermittent sunshine days. I hope it is clear skies and no more snow here on out for sure. I love the original of the Des photo upside down. It so fun how you were able to make a story out of how the two of them reacted to such a beautiful day 🙂

    1. I was so happy to have a story because I thought I might blog about an adventure we didn’t wind up doing. So I needed something to write about!
      And oh, how I wish we could get no more snow. We have another storm coming and it can easily snow until May in New England.
      Don’t you miss you lived here????
      Well you know how it is in Jersey too. Not much different.

    1. I hope you know I feel the same. You three are so ridiculously good looking and youthful.
      I would love to meet someday! Perhaps our paths will cross at a blogging conference? And photos will happen!!!

  49. This weather has me on a roller coaster ride. Last weekend was beautiful, at least in comparison to the week before. Today – cold and windy. If only I could live in 75 degree weather for 365 days. I want to dance in the sun too!

    1. Seriously. I loved California life. I did not take it for granted that nearly every day was perfect. Now we’re at a very small fraction of perfection!

  50. They are just too dang cute! Lil miss used to have those same princess jammies! LOL! That is the same lovely weather we had earlier in the week. Those teasers just aren’t right! LOL! Have a great one! 🙂

    1. The princess jammies! Wouldn’t you know I always said I’d never let my daughter wear them. I’d want her only in funky rainbow and star jammies. Well, that definitely changed FAST after I met my Scarlet!

  51. The sunshine looks absolutely glorious. And their smiles? Even more so! I love how you can feel Des’ hesitancy like he’s meeting a long lost friend and not quite sure what to make of it. Oh sun, I wish that you would return!

    1. I know it, Christine! It’s still missing. Although yesterday was cold but we did have enough nice sun that I took 600 photos on an indoor job. I think that’s a new record for non-wedding and non-newborn! And non-Disney World.

      1. Yesterday, I found Jasper sprawled out on our bed in the sunshine. He looked like a cat stretching in the sun and he said, “Mommy, the sun feels so nice.” Of course, I immediately thought of Scarlet!

  52. oh sunshine! when people take vacations to cold weather destinations (or even to ski in tahoe or canada), i don’t understand it. give me a mai tai and a beach chair.

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