Summer Salad With Grilled Pollock Burger

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What if I told you it might be time to mix up your lunch and dinner options and swap your burger?

Buttery lettuce, crisp cabbage and peppers, juicy, sweet white peaches, and pollock grilled to perfection. Does that sound good? It is! I was at Costco last week with both kids, ordering their birthday cake, and we were dazzled by samples in the frozen section of the store. So much to eat! And then, so much to see after eating samples! Intriguing foods, everywhere:

Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers caught my eye. Why? Burgers, but seafood! I love seafood and I’ve heard many good things about pollock – in taste and benefits – so it was time to take it home and prepare a special meal with it.

Maybe you want to know why I was so impassioned to swap my beef burger with Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers. For one, they’re so versatile that I wanted to lighten up my meal with a fruit and vegetable infused salad. I need a lot of energy after lunch, because that’s the meal that can make me crash and unable to exercise or function at full capacity later in the day if I’m not mindful of it. Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers fit into my healthy lifestyle.

They are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional burgers and sandwiches.

Did you know that Wild Alaskan Pollock is the ideal fish species, because it’s mild in flavor like cod and provides the benefits of seafood? Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers are quick and easy to prepare. They are naturally packed with healthy Omega-3s, which can significantly improve heart health, brain function, mental health, vision, and memory. Omega-3s can Omega-3s can help fight diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and possibly even cancer, studies show. (Source: American Heart Association, The Mayo Clinic, &

These Alaskan Pollock Burgers are versatile and can be used in different ways other than between a bun. Try them in a salad!

You can cook the burgers in the oven, pan fry them, or grill them fully – and they’re fast and easy to cook. I was in a salad mood all of yesterday, so I picked up fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients from the co-op to pair with my pollock burgers.

First I added greens – mixed ones – and then I laid out a bed of arugula.

Next it was time for cabbage!

Then, crisp peppers!

I wanted to add peaches or nectarines. I looked in the produce section and was happily surprised to see that they had white peaches! I hadn’t had them since living in California. I was so excited to add them to my salad. Apples would be good too!

Then it was time for the Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers from off the grill!

I cut into the burger and it had a delicious taste. It was mild and tender. The next thing I did after slicing the grilled pollock and placing it on my salad, was to add salt, pepper and garlic powder. Then it’s time for the dressing of your choice.

You can also use no dressing, and I imagine it will be plenty delicious. Make it your way!

With the taste and the health benefits, not to mention the convenience of finding these in Costco and being able to cook them quickly, I can see this being a summer favorite for my family. I love digging into a delicious summer salad with protein.

Summer Salad With Grilled Pollock Burger

Summer Salad With Grilled Pollock Burger


  • Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers
  • Greens - butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, whatever is in season
  • Arugula
  • White peaches
  • Red bell pepper
  • Yellow bell pepper
  • Purple cabbage
  • Seasonings - salt, pepper, garlic
  • Oil & Vinegar or Balsamic


  1. Wash greens and add them to a salad bowl.
  2. Add a bed of arugula on top.
  3. Add chopped peppers and cabbage.
  4. Add fresh white (or yellow) peaches.
  5. Grill Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers on medium heat (350) for 4-5 minutes on each side.
  6. Let cool and then slice up for top of salad.
  7. Dress and season to taste.

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You can try Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers from Costco! What do you put in your summer salad?

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  1. I am all about the summer salads here, too and just made a summer pasta salad that I will be sharing when I get back from Disney, too. Totally going to have to give yours a try, as well!! 🙂

  2. Oh this looks really good! I am at Costco quite often and the next time I’m there, more than likely this weekend, I’ll be grabbing this. I want to give this a try. May also do your salad but without the apples since I’m allergic to raw apples. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry, what’s that purple-colored something again? Cabbage? Hehe. I think I haven’t ever seen one here! I’d be delighted if I do, I’ve only seen the green ones. But overall, I cry. That looks so, so yummy and healthy. You’re so good!

  4. That salad looks really yummy! I’m always looking for meals that work with and without meat and this is perfect! I also love Costco and they do have really great birthday cakes.

  5. I like fish on my salads. So I would love to try these on one. Usually my easy fish option for my salads are canned sardines. But these would be east too.

    1. Very smart! My husband tries to do that too. It’s the season for it! We get a lot of good fish from Boston when we’re cooking more from scratch.

  6. We have had chicken in salad and beef in salad but for the life of me I don’t think I have ever had pollock in a salad before! This looks like it would be delicious that’s for sure. What a great swap!

  7. I have never tried this, I would totally be game. Your description of light and flaky won me over. I love the red cabbage idea and I think I would add avocado too! Thanks

  8. This salad is right up my alley. We try to have fish regularly, so I’ll definitely have to give this a try with the kids!

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