Stop and Smell the Roses (Rosies)

My husband told me to stop and smell the roses before our Rochester trip, and the two-year-old overheard and reminded me something adorable.

Never one to cop out of a Friday post, this will be no exception.

So I’ll tell you a pre-trip story, because there’s always a glorious story in everything we do. As you may know, I’m in Rochester this week with my mom and three sons. We planned this trip after seeing a random Bruce Hornsby Facebook post about a FREE concert in Rochester on June 28th (this was back in April or May). Well of course I tagged my mom and INSISTED we have to go. She agreed to it! It was a rare week in which no one had anything planned (or so I thought because Scarlet has an intense three week camp) and it’s the 1st year anniversary of my Uncle Jamie passing on June 30th. That’s today. Somehow it came together with a fun meeting place in Albany, a special brunch to meet her friends, definitely the concert, and some beach and pool fun too. I’m still here soaking up the (unhealthy air alert) Rochester air, but you can expect some travel diaries soon! Next week! For now, I’ll leave you with a cute story from right before we left.

Stop and smell the roses (rosies):

I was a little nervous, as you can imagine, with getting everything packed for the three boys (although Des mostly does his own packing) and just that I have high-functioning anxiety a lot of the time. And we’re getting our driveway paved right now so you can imagine what packing a car up is like for that. Plus, our lives are always a little crazy here! Well we were standing at the bottom of our driveway packing up the car (with the two littles already in it, but the door was open), and saying goodbye to Cassidy. He hugged me tight and reminded me to “stop and smell the roses” because this trip is about enjoyment and bonding. And it’s pretty powerful to be traveling with three generations. I really took that in! About 20 minutes into our trip, Rider asked me where we were going and what we were doing. I started telling him the wonderful things we’d be doing. And he said, “Yeah! And we have to stop and smell the rosies!” (verbatim) It was ADORABLE, and also true. We should be doing that, right? More about this trip SOON!

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  1. Yes, a very cute storyTamara, and l’m looking forward to more cute stories and pics in your travel diaries. The original Mac Davis version of “Stop And Smell The Roses” is the best one. 🎵 His song lyrics are filled with important admonitions to live by, especially when we find ourselves so caught up in our fast paced daily lives that we don’t even think of stopping to take a breath!

  2. Stopping and smelling the roses is important. I think at the end of our days we all will wish we had done that more. It looks like you are having a lovely trip! Happy July 🙂

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