Staying Active: 5 Outdoor Activities that Are Suitable to Practice During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying Active: 5 Outdoor Activities that Are Suitable to Practice During the Coronavirus Pandemic. 5 things you can do with your family right now.

Staying Active: 5 Outdoor Activities that Are Suitable to Practice During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With public health officials and the government urging more Americans to remain at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many people are finding themselves desperate to get outdoors. The stay-at-home orders that have been issued in some states allow people to leave the house for essentials, like going to the doctor, grocery store, etc. if they have no symptoms of the disease. However, while out in public, they must maintain the six-foot social distancing recommendation.

However, with so many people trying to overcome cabin fever and having limited places they can go, hiking trails, walking paths, and outdoor recreation areas are becoming inundated. The question many have is, what can they do right now? How can they abide by the recommended precautions and still get outside and enjoy some fresh air?

While there’s more information available at questoutdoors.com about getting outside during these difficult times, some ideas to help ensure everyone gets the fresh air and escape they need are found here.

1. Walking

After being cooped up inside for a while, getting outside for a walk, and some fresh air can be just what a person needs for their mental and physical health. Try to choose less-travelled paths, or off-hours times to reduce contact with other people.

Walking is one of the most accessible things for people to do outdoors; however, it may be challenging for those who live in more populated areas. A good strategy is to try going earlier in the morning when fewer people are outside.

2. Running

If a person abides by the same guidelines mentioned above, going for a jog or run is another option that is considered generally safe right now. The key here is to make sure there is no spitting or blowing the nose while engaging in this activity. The virus can spread via the postnasal drip.

3. Hiking

Some parks are still open, allowing people to have somewhere to get outside. Also, nature is a proven source of stress reduction.

4. Biking

If a biker avoids more crowded routes, taking a bike ride is a great way to reduce stress and blow off some steam. Be sure to take a water bottle along to prevent the need to stop somewhere for hydration that may be crowded with other people and make sure to have a pair of biking gloves so you don’t lose control! 

Other options along the same lines include riding a scooter, skateboarding, or rollerblading, but make sure to do this at a leisurely pace. Save all the daredevil moves and fancy tricks for another time.

5. Gardening

With the kids home from school and many non-essential workers out of work, a great way to get everyone outdoors and involved in a project is by gardening. Stick to things like pruning, trimming, and weeding the plants in a person’s yard. Now is not the time to be visiting a community garden for these activities.

Getting outdoors is something that almost anyone needs to do from time to time. It will give them access to fresh air and help them avoid feeling confined by the four walls. Keep in mind, though, while enjoying the great outdoors, make sure you aren’t putting yourself or others at risk. By maintaining the social distancing recommendations and using the tips above, this is possible. Everyone can enjoy being outdoors, right now, though, more caution is needed.

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