When Spring Comes..(Guest Post)

I feel like this “almost” needs no introduction.

Surely by now you already know how much I love Janine of Confessions of a Mommyholic. If I’m not gushing about her here, I might be texting or emailing her because we are always on the same wavelength about pretty much everything. I think. Do you also hate cilantro, Janine? And onions? And feta? One thing I know we both struggle with is these heavy northeast winters. So everyone, please welcome Janine here to talk about spring – and yes, it really will come! Take it away..


“I can’t wait until Spring comes!” I must have said this one line about a thousand times now. And to be quite honest I hate the winter and the cold weather. A few years back while were engaged, Kevin and I toyed with the notion of moving to Arizona. I have heard how hot it is there, but I seriously am the happiest when it is 100 degrees and hot as hell. I would take that weather over freezing cold, snow or ice any day of the week.

Make no mistake though, I grew up in New York and I love this state. I seriously would miss it if we ever left, but the cold, long winters are what I dread each year. And a few years back, we had Hurricane Sandy hit right at the end of October, when the weather just starts to change. We, of course, were the lucky ones being without electricity/power for only two days, but I have to be honest and tell you now I was left a bit traumatized from this freak storm.


As soon as the weathermen now start speaking of bad weather, particularly heavy winds, I get a knot in my stomach the size of the state of Texas. No joke, I literally get nauseous. I lived through that storm and watched the lights go in and out all days until we lost it all completely and then sat in the dark listening to wind like I had never experienced in 35 years on this earth.


This truly brought no meaning to the things that go bump in the night. I am a mother and a wife, but was reduced to a scared child during this storm. I found myself that night being more petrified then I had been in years and nothing anyone could say or do was changing that for me. I remember laying in my bed at 12:30 at night praying to god that I would wake in the morning and we would all be here and safe.

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Thankfully, I did and we were all OK. But then came those two very long days of waiting and yes, I know it could have been longer, but I do not mesh well with cold temperatures nor the loss of the internet or my trusty iPhone. So, trying to stay warm for those two days without any connection to the outside world was definitely a challenge to me. For those few mind-numbingly chilly and heat-less days, I also lived in layers and couldn’t feel my toes when I had to change in the morning on the bare wood floor in our bedroom.

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Miserable pretty much summed it for me, but still I will quit crying over something that could have been so much worse for us. Yet, I think I was definitely scarred from that experience and hearing about the snowstorm that is on its way for us this weekend, my first thought was, “Dear God, please I know I hate snow, but if it needs to snow that us not lose power!!”

Yes, even years later, I still think about the power going out again too often and our weather over the last few months with heavy winds at least once every few weeks hasn’t helped me.

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I am Spring dreaming right now, while it is freezing with snow falling. I also am just plain fantasizing of warmer weather. I mean if it has to be windy and we lose power again, can’t it at least be when we won’t freeze? I would much rather find ways to cool off than warm up if we do lose power.

So when Spring does come and arrive here in New York, I think and hope I will be able to breathe a bit easier, at least until next winter!!

This blog post was originally written from one of the February prompts from Bloggy Moms back in February 2013, while I sat in my house on Friday afternoon as the storm was indeed approaching, but am honored to share it here today with Tamara Like Camera readers while she is indeed escaping the cold, winter New England weather for sunny, warmer Florida, specifically Disney weather now.

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By the way, that storm that I was indeed writing about left us with over a foot of snow, but thankfully we never lost power from it. More thankful I could not have been and my kids, of course,were more than ecstatic at that amount of snow (to be young again!). Once some of the cleaning up had been dealt with, they got bundled up to go play in the snow. Spring truly can’t come quickly enough for me now, even two winters later!!

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  1. First off, I do totally hate and loathe cilantro. So yes we most definitely have that and so much more in common, too! But seriously, thank you so much for having me here today as I just do love and adore you and your blog so very much (I know you know this but still had to say it once again). Have a wonderful time in Disney and cannot wait to hear all about it 😉

    1. I love that you hate cilantro! Now I really know we are soul sisters. I think I knew it before. Thank you so much for being here today. I am still checking in a little as I pack, and it makes me smile each time.

    1. There appears to be a high of 77 there today! Although we won’t be there until night. But it won’t be 12° there tonight! I’m going to shed that winter coat like the best of them.

  2. We have lost power for over 24 hours on several occasions, but fortunately never during a snow storm! It was all during summer storms, and while it was hard, at least I didn’t have to worry about the pipes freezing! I hear you about being sick of winter, although this year has been much easier than last year was!

    1. We had that freak blizzard here around Halloween three years ago. I was newly pregnant with Des and it was our second night in our brand-new house. We lost power for 48 hours, but I had already flown the coop.

  3. I remember the long winters when we lived in Spokane, Washington. I think they were nearly six months long. I am greatful that now we live in an area of the country that gets four seasons instead of two. I hope spring arrives soon for you!

  4. Spring dreaming for sure! I can relate to your story, Janine. used to live on the Canadian Prairies and it got damn cold there. January was deep freeze month and Spring didn’t even start until May (maybe late April if we were lucky). I’m living in a warmer climate now but deal with rain and grey days. You survived the snow storm. 2 more months of winter and the flowers will be blooming!

  5. Oh my gosh that snowbank picture with your two girls crawling through it is crazy!! That is a lot of snow! We used to live in snow and I remember it, but we never had the power go out or have the kind of storm that left me terrified. I am so sorry! You guys should just pack up and come visit me in sunny Arizona for a week. It was 78 and sunny here today!

  6. Two of my favorite people right here! Oh man, I totally with you on brutal winters. I am Minne-snow-tan, born and raised, but I am so ready for a change. It’s not that I mind the snow. It’s that it lasts too long and is way too cold. I have been dreaming about warm sun and white sand for a while now.

  7. I am a total wuss when it comes to losing power. My dad has a generator so if we lose it, I pack up the kids and go to his house!! Love seeing you in this space today 🙂

    1. Thank you Allie and thankfully now after Sandy we also got a generator and so with you on being a complete wuss on losing power. I never would have survived back before it was invented that is fore damn sure!!

  8. Two of my favourites together- what better blog combo?!?! I lived through a huge ice storm in the 90’s in Montreal where we lost power for almost a week. Everyone was evacuated from their homes. It was so cold and so scary — but I had no kids to worry about. Last year Toronto was hit by a big ice storm a couple of days before Christmas. It got so cold and Christmas was threatened (having no power and it was unbearably cold). Luckily we got it back late Christmas Eve day — the best gift ever!!! We take heat and power for granted. Every once in a while Mother Nature really lets us know who is in charge.

  9. I felt for everyone in NY & NJ during Sandy. My parents lost power and ended up staying with friends. That was a scary storm, but you made it through it 🙂 I’m thankful that this winter is so much milder than it’s been the last few years. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get too much snow!

  10. So fun to see you here on Tamara’s site, Janine! I recognized the princesses right away:) I’m just like you.. I listen to the wind and worry about trees falling on my house. We’ve had trees fall, but so far only damage to the porch. We have lost power, and a couple of years ago gave in and got a generator. Winter is beautiful, but the danger is on my mind!

  11. I too am a life long New Yorker and I must say that I honestly don’t know what we would ever talk about if not for the weather. We complain when it is so cold and we complain when it’s so hot!! But Sandy was in class all of it’s own. We were without power for four days, and we were some of the luckier ones. My parents were without everything for over a week and we knew people who went well beyond that.

    I have to say though, that the pictures of your girls all dressed up for winter totally took the chill out of the season for me!!! I know I tell you this all the time, but they are really so cute and I love whenever I get to see them on one of your pieces! Here’s to hoping the Groundhog predicts an early Spring! xoxo

    1. Kathy, I know we do complain a lot about the weather here in NY and admit I am totally guilty of this, but I do love the hot weather (and probably sound crazy for saying this). That said Sandy was truly in a class of its own and my own in-Laws were without power for almost 2 weeks here on Long Island. Thank you always my friend though and totally with you on the Groundhog, too!!! xoxo 🙂

          1. Lol, I see you commenting and god you are making me smile knowing that even buying cat food, winter boots and heading out of town that you are still indeed blog commenting!! 🙂

            1. Ha! I banked too much time in between dropping off the dog and having to get Des from daycare. Didn’t mean to beat you to the punch! I promise I will actually turn my phone off when the plane takes off.

              1. Lol, it is so your site and seriously love that w are commenting together. It just feels right and perfect! But still enjoy and promise I will hold down you blog fort for you today 😉

  12. I hate the thought of storms too. I live in Arkansas where we get a lot of tornado warnings during the spring. It is scary when the sirens are going off and the news is telling different cities to take cover. While I like warmer weather I hate the severe weather that comes along with spring.

    1. Sonya, that would scare me, too. I only lived through one tornado myself and was during the summer here actually while I was a camp teacher. I was stuck outdoors under a lunch tent with the 4 year old little girls who I was responsible for that summer. Needless to say, I didn’t return to work at that camp the following year!

  13. LOL – I loved Tamara’s intro. I hate cilantro and onions. I don’t mind feta but I prefer to do without (and I’m a cheese fiend too but it’s one dairy product I don’t care for too much either).

    I dream of a time in my life when I can escape the dark dull of winter to brighter days and warmer temperatures (even if it is for just a couple of weeks).

    Storms are unbearable… especially here in Alberta. We often get a dumping of snow and then a deep freeze (I’m talking -35 C). This usually happens in late January/early February. Ugh- I dread it.

    I’m dreaming of spring too!

    1. Jennifer, I loved Tamara’s intro so much, too. She really does know and get me – and I am truly so thankful for her and our friendship. I think she does know, but still hope she does!! And yes, so spring dreaming on this cold winter day, where some snow seems to be in the forecast here in NY again for us!! xoxo

  14. Yes the intro is so awesome! I like feta tho lol.

    Oh I sure do hope spring will come soon.
    Coming from the tropics of Indonesia, I was so excited when I saw my first snow in Upstate NY. So beautiful I thought…until I realized that was nothing compare to a snow storm or freezing my Asian nose and the rest of my face hahaha.

    1. Haha! I don’t know what it is about feta.

      I was in the most beautiful snow in upstate New York, but also the most dangerous. I’m very happy to be flying away today! We have a storm predicted for New England this weekend.

    2. Maureen, when we were on our honeymoon in the Bahamas, one of the locals that worked at the resort told us how they honeymooned in NY at Christmas time, because they wanted to see snow. He said it did indeed snow when they were there and he actually ran outside with no shoes or coat out of excitement to see it. So, I guess we want we don’t have ordinarily 😉

  15. Yeah I could seriously do without winter. I love watching my kid play in the snow though, and if mother nature promised to only make it snow on the weekends her and I would get along much better. But this looming threat of snow, ice, and sleet is too much for me to handle. I am the same way when I hear about a storm approaching. Six years (or more..I don’t remember at this point) I totaled my car on 684 (as a NY’er I’m guessing you know the road) during a massive snow storm. Ever since then I have been very skittish when the white stuff hits the pavement.

    1. I like to think I know the road and thankfully have 4 wheel drive, but still I know very easily how you can slip and slide and end totaling your car, too. So, yes like you I get skittish and try not to drive in it if I don’t have to either.

  16. LOL – It sounds like you have a lot in common. Do you know that every time I cook with cilantro I think of Tamara? We live in California so winter where I life means the weather dips down to the 60s. But I love seeing snow on the ground. We went to Colorado recently and it was so cold there but so much fun to sit by the fire and stay cozy.I am sure it is really scary during a storm. Hope this winter is over for you soon.

      1. Tamara, you bet me to the punch here and love that you are still commenting even on your way out of town! And Raquel, I love staying indoors being cozy, too, but unfortunately we can’t do that here all winter long (I wish and would if I could) 🙂

  17. Oh there is nothing WORSE than having no power!! I love that you prayed for the snow of the second storm to not take the power… and it didn’t. But wowzers- a FOOT of snow. That’s a lot.

    When Cass was a baby, we had an ice storm. All power out for ONE WEEK and it was during CHRISTMAS. And? We all got the STOMACH FLU!! No lie. It got too cold in our house so I literally went from one family to the next… all while puking. Yeah, spreading Yuletide joy. SUCKED.


    I hear ya hun. Not having the comfort and safety and WARMTH of power… awful.

    It’s so fun to see you HERE Janine!! Great choice, T!! 🙂

    1. I literally felt for you, Chris reading about that Christmas for you with no power and the stomach virus – seriously that trumps my complaints any day of the week! By thank you so for sharing it here with me!!

  18. Even though I love cilantro, I love both of y’all. I enjoy reading y’alls conversations when you comment back and forth (does that make me a creeper?!).
    I haven’t lived through anything like that horrible experience you had but I’m with you on hating winter and cold and snow!!!

  19. Cold and windy is the WORST. Even though I don’t have to deal with winters as rough as you two, I still hate the bitter cold. So glad to find out you didn’t lose power during that storm!

  20. I am a weirdo who actually likes winter and I’ll take cold over hot any day, but last year when we had a horrible ice storm and were without power for about three days, it was miserable.

  21. I remember when Hurricane Sandy happened and I felt so bad for the folks who didn’t have electricity for weeks. Weeks! I rely so much on electricity I couldn’t imagine how much my life would change. For instance, my kids won’t have white noise and will wake one another up 10 times a night! Or how will we reheat our leftovers? It’s really nuts, and here in LA we have mostly good weather, so when the winds and the rains come, we freak out and like you, I’m balled up in bed like a scared eight-year-old all over again! 🙂

    1. Nina, I know it is crazy, but still I am truly reduced to a scared kid with storms like this after Sandy. I mean before it I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a storm possibly approaching, but now I know what we went through and just don’t want to go through that again if possible if that makes sense.

  22. We get crazy windstorms here in Western Washington, and once lost power for a week. Luckily it was pre-kids! My parents had a tree fall on their house one year and take out most of their living room – I’m going to blog about it in a few weeks. Glad you didn’t lose power during the snowstorm!

  23. Hey Janine!!! I love seeing you here. I thought I was the only one traumatized by sandy!! I don’t know how floridians deal with hurricanes so often. I remember watching pieces of housing, siding flying through the streets and smashing cars. We were lucky enough to keep our power but it did dim a few times. Still isn’t enough to get me to leave brooklyn though, that would take something really special!

    1. Nellie, I can’t thank you enough for stopping by here and my blog, as well. And I know I still wouldn’t leave Long Island either during Sandy and would definitely take an awful lot for me to do this, as well!!

  24. Oh wow! That was a lot of snow! I wonder what snowstorms are like? Does it get windy? Do they make a sound? LOL Crazy questions I know! The storms we have here bring in lots of rain and wind. It’s so noisy, the wind howls, the rain on the roof and the gush of water.

    1. Jhanis, I love your questions. As for snow, unless it is windy snow falling is pretty quiet and peaceful. So the actual snow coming down is actually pretty calm and tame, but the cleanup and aftermath is usually my least favorite part to be honest, as you could be digging out for quite some time if it is a lot of snow and also dealing with ice, which is a real pain in the butt, too!

  25. I grew up in the mountains and massive blizzards with feet of snow were a yearly occurrence. In fact, they happened multiple times a year. The year that finally did me in and forced me to move to Florida was the year that we ended up with 22 feet of snow. No, that wasn’t a typo. 22 FEET. I will admit that I do miss the changing seasons, and yes, sometimes even winter. Just not THAT much winter.

  26. I hear from my friends in Canada how it is all year round. Somehow. And that winter can be terrible. To be honest, I’d love to experience snow once in my life. LOL. Well, simply because we don’t have it here but I’m also hoping that when I experience it, it’s not the kind of snow that would put me to danger. Stay stafe my friend! And yes, spring will come! 🙂

  27. My son can’t stop talking about the snow. Every winter, we used to drive an hour up to the mountains just get a little taste if it, now we’re hours away at best. Worst part is that it snowed in the city we’re from (which is a rarity).

  28. One of my favorites blogging on one of my favorites. While I don’t particularly like winter, and it’s milder here in CO than it is in NY (seriously) I HATE 100 degrees weather. I would much rather be in the cold than in the heat. I’m also jealous of Tamara but we’ll be heading there this summer, and I get to once again get out of the cold in March with another trip back to the Caribbean.

    1. Definitely am the opposite and would take 100 degrees and heat over freezing cold any day of the week. But still we can totally agree to disagree and happy you stopped by today 🙂

  29. I’m Canadian…. I don’t think I’m allowed to say I don’t like winter. I think I have to leave if I do. LOL
    And for us it’s closer to almost 6 months it seems. I’ve had snow on Canadian Thanksgiving: October!! Snow in April – guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that means Spring. We are used to cold and no power and huddling around a fire and cooking meals on the BBQ and card games by camping lantern and candles.
    But I LOVE my garden. That’s my Zen. So yes… Spring Come!!!

  30. Don’t hate me for this… but I kind of miss winter. I don’t miss the harsh bone cold days or blizzards, but I do miss the nip in the air and a reason to wear boots and a jacket. Although, I do enjoy 70* weather it just feels wrong in January, however, I’m sure if you asked me two years ago, I would have said 70* weather in January… HELL YES!

  31. One time when we lived in NH – we lost power for almost a week – from an ice storm it was the worst week of my life – lol

    I am glad I live in VA now – we barely get an snow now – except even if they get one inch – everyone freaks out – ha-ha

    1. Sue, I think I would have cried my eyes out. I am so not made for the cold nor losing power at all. Someday, I will wise up though and head south to warmer and greener pastures, I hope!! 😉

    1. Eli, right now it is 21 fun loving degrees and still snowing here. We have about 2 feet of snow and all I want to do is fly south with the birds right now!! God, I am so over winter if I wasn’t before now!

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