Spoiling the New Mom in Your Life.

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Have you ever found yourself unable to come up with a gift idea for a new mom in your life?

Unfortunately for me, I’m always the type to freeze when I can’t think of an obvious idea. And sometimes freezing leads to inactivity, and then I show up empty-handed, except for my camera, and I kick myself on what I could have done differently. It’s been a learning experience for me, watching both of my sisters become moms two weeks apart in February and March.

I wanted to give my younger sister a hand-me-down rocker we had loved, but I couldn’t find ours, and I imagine it was quite dirty after spending three years in our garage. So I gifted her a brand new one. I showed up on her doorstep, and I was happy to give her something I thought she’d love and need. It was more complicated with my older sister, two weeks later. Her son, Parker, was born prematurely, and that required more attention and energy than I can imagine. It resonated with me because my son, Des, was a NICU baby, and I remember juggling that along with having a near three-year-old daughter, Scarlet.

Sometimes, often, you just need help. You just need care.

So I knew I had to set to work. My sister needed me, and I had to open my heart and mind and show her what she really needed, and maybe, what she really wanted. When I had my first baby, the generosity was astonishing. Besides all the clothing and gear from my baby shower, I got whole pound cakes, summer sausage, cheese, and donuts. I also got a tin of cookies and a whole shipment of cinnamon rolls! I got gift cards and blankets. There was so much! It helped me to know what I really wanted, and that was things that made my life a little or a lot easier. I had to do the same for my sister.

This journey of life can take a toll on a person’s emotions, and on their bodies. To get back to the “me” they want to be, Mederma® empowers new moms, and anyone, who feels that their skin imperfections are making them something they’re not, and it restores their sense of self. It’s specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of old and new scars, and stretch marks. Mederma® products are clinically shown to improve both color and texture, making scars and stretch marks softer, smoother, and less noticeable. Mederma® is proud to be the #1 doctor- and pharmacist-recommended brand for scars.

The day before my daughter turned one, she was bitten by a dog and needed micro-stitches. She had to be put under and the stitches were on her face. It was a terrible time, full of questions and fear. Mederma® was a product we used every day, and she’s now a bright and shiny six-year-old with no memory of the event. The experience was traumatic, and it felt empowering to have a product to use specifically for scars. Two months before she had gotten the dog bite, I cut my finger open slicing an avocado. I needed stitches for the first time ever. After she had her dog bite and we bought Mederma®, I began using it on my own wound. It was my wedding ring finger and I needed it to be smaller and less prominent! It is now.

I was also happy to learn that Mederma® is formulated for use on stretch marks.

My sisters are my best friends. Putting together New Mom gift baskets for them, would set the stage for how I’d celebrate other new moms in my life too. As a mom myself, I know how important it is to get personal with your new mom/baby gifts:

1. Consider a gift card to something that will make the new mom’s (and dad’s) life so much easier. The sky is the limit. A favorite restaurant? A gas card? Grocery store? I generally do a certificate for a free newborn photography session.

2. Protein bars or any kinds of snacks. The new mom (and dad) will need this!

3. Organize a meal train on the new family’s behalf.

4. If the new mom is breastfeeding, many appreciate Mother’s Milk or an other kind of lactation tea.

5. Magazines and books.

6. Undergarments, liners or pads for bladder leakage. (trust me on this)

7. Lotions.

8. Cozy socks and a personal onesie or outfit for the baby, preferably in an bigger size. (6 – 12 months, or more)

9. Freshly baked cookies!

10. Mederma® products. Mederma® products are the premiere scar treatment and stretch mark treatment solutions.

The sky is the limit with the gifts for the new mom in your life, but the emphasis should be on personal care, which is why it’s such an inclusive list. We got our Mederma® products in the First Aid section at Walmart.

I buy Mederma® Advanced Scar Gel as well as Mederma® Scar Cream Plus SPF 30, now that it’s getting sunnier out!

Get your own Mederma® products at Walmart and you can participate in Mederma®’s rewards program – the Buy, Snap, Get Program. Also, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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  1. Love your gift ideas. I’m really into magazines because you get some information and feel your mind working (even if it’s fluff magazines) while also feeling like you accomplished something by finishing it. During busy times in life sometimes a book becomes too much to do, too. I

    1. I totally agree! I never even put it into words like that, but it’s true. The sense of accomplishment is as good as the fact that you spent time taking in the words and pictures.

    1. Oh, same! I love that. Care package, gift basket, it’s all the same when you’re putting in the work. I love giving them, but when I think about times I received one? It’s like nothing else!

  2. This is such an amazing list and I seriously can’t thank you enough. I’ll be honest–sometimes I just don’t KNOW what a momma really needs, and it sounds as though you’ve chosen really thoughtful, but necessary items new momma would love. Thank you for this (PS: YES to organizing a meal train. That’s incredible). XOOX

    1. I never know either, and I’ve had two kids! I think this list can cover a lot of bases. Often a mama will have a baby shower and get so many clothes in newborn – 6 month sizes. All of them last for a very limited time. Once you get into 12 months, they last for a whole six months to a year.

  3. I would never have thought that you’d be the one to freeze when it comes to gift giving. Now I know. I’ve been following up on all the events leading up to Parker leaving the NICU. So glad to hear that he’s now doing fine. He’s such a trooper and that tee is perfect for him! As for Mederma I used it in the past but didn’t really do much for me. I wonder if they’ve changed the forumula. I’d love to give it another shot because I have a few stretch marks that I so need to get rid of. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I’m a freezer! It’s just that when I’m ON, I’m really on. And that can happen a lot.
      Mederma does have quite a few products, and some are more meant for stretch marks. Maybe you’ll have better luck with them!

  4. The meal train was one of the best things when we had Eve. It was nice to have people bring us food because I was just too out of it from lack of sleep to think coherently enough to make a meal. Even putting a dish in the dishwasher was overwhelming!

    1. We didn’t have one for Scarlet, because we didn’t know anyone, but my friends did one for me with Des. It was a miracle! I’ll never forget the enchiladas too. YUM.

  5. I love that shirt, so appropriate! And I drank Mother’s Milk like nobody’s business lol. It’s so true, I love care packages like these.

  6. It really does work as long as you do it often. Like the ring finger. But other parts (out of sight out of mind) you forget about. I once dropped a curling iron on my leg. I was sitting and only wearing panties and bra. I jumped up as I knew what was happening but it still landed. After it healed I used Mederma as often as I remembered. I just have a teeny scar now, but boy was it ugly. I don’t wear my shorts that short anymore so I don’t worry about the scar that remains. It’s in the short shorts zone.

    Since you’re fresh to new babies and new moms, I need some more suggestions. I’m going to a baby shower Mother’s Day weekend. The thing is my poor cousin is flying to VA for the shower then back to Miami. Her husband is in the Air Force and his next duty starts in July. She’s due in August. They are going to CALIFORNIA!!! I don’t want to bog her down with traveling stuff. No telling what would happen to a basket and little things that go in baskets during a military move. Anyway, any ideas? Military wife to military wife I told her to tell people that she wants gift cards so she can shop on the other end. But of course I don’t want to give her a gift card. LOL. When she’s all settled, I’ll definitley send her a goody basket too.

    1. heh.. the first thing I was going to say was “GIFT CARDS”. Does she have a registry? Not that you necessarily need to use it, but it helps with clues. And is it her first?

      1. Well you just answered what I already knew I should do. LOL. I just wanted to be “special”. It is her first. I’ll use the registry, get a gift card and send her that “special” basket when I have a new address to send it to 😉 One of the registries is at Target. That’ll give me an excuse to go there and look around. Not buying any Cheeze-its though because I’m on a diet.

        1. Are Cheez-Its that bad for a diet?? Nah. It’s worth the left on red. I think she’ll appreciate your thought now. When she’s in a position to receive other gifts, you’ll send one! I didn’t send my sisters the really personal things until after the baby was born. During the shower, I gave them high chair, wireless monitor type things. Appreciated and needed, and then the goodies came next.

  7. This past weekend my sister came to visit with little Burrito. I haven’t seen Burrito since a week after she was born, so it was kind of awesome to see her. I mean, I am not REALLY a kid person but the second a baby and my relative SMILES at me… Oh man, I am captivated! HA. And don’t even get me started with watching fiance play with her – he was obsessed. GAHHHH! Um. Panties dropping?! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wow! Well it’s different when they’re your flesh and blood. I always thought I’d fall in love with a niece or nephew first, but I was the first of the five to become a parent.

  8. Such a great idea for the new mom! I think that a lot of people tend to focus so much on the “new package” that they forget about the mom. I mean babies won’t even remember the cute clothes but moms will appreciate those gifts so much more!
    Great ideas and love that mederma! used it on my gallbladder scars:)

    1. It’s true. And funnily, when people do give my kids clothes, I’m like, “Thanks!!” Because it’s really for me. Although they’re older now and kinda like getting clothes so there’s that.

  9. I’ve always wondered if the Mederma worked. I’m glad to know that it does work if I ever need it. You put together a great basket. I remember drinking the Mother’s Milk tea when I was nursing both of my kids 🙂

  10. I would have loved to get a new mom care package. I am quite familiar with Mederma – not for stretch marks, but for bricks to the forehead scars. They jumped right out at him!

  11. Hi Tamara,

    This is a nice gift package! Adorable photos, your sister looks happy and the newborn so calm. I love all the items you picked, especially the cookies. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Zaria! Do you have a blog, by the way? I’d love to return the blogging reading favor!
      The cookies were so good. I’m sad to say the leftovers didn’t survive.

  12. My favorite new mom gift to give is a big basket of snacks. Feeding a baby in the middle of the night always made me hungry. I like giving moms a basket they can stash in the baby’s room and nosh on in the middle of the night.

    1. Yes. So true. When Lindsay first gave birth to Parker, I showed up at the hospital with a gazillion snacks from our co-op. What a great idea. Lots of protein!

  13. I’m the worst at choosing gifts for people – but I think a gift basket is always a great idea. I would imagine you showing up with your camera for some pictures would be a great gift for anyone!

  14. Personal care! It’s really true – most of the time new moms will only remember buying stuff for the newborn but not for themselves. That’s what truly happened to me. My husband and mother in law had to buy stuff for me after delivery. I was also blessed that about 95% of Reiko’s stuff was all given to us. I never had to buy a lot. Babies grow pretty quickly. Also, I still have some of my stretch marks after 5 years.

  15. One of my favorite things to give a new mom is to come over and cook. Or, if they have older kids, take the kids out for a long play date. Just enough to let them take the load off for a bit. Love the idea of giving protein bars, Nursing moms especially need that extra energy.

    1. I think that’s so wonderful. I’ve never been a great cook, although that’s changing, but I do either have Cassidy cook or I get something already made and I bring that over. Sometimes with my camera!

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