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Spice Up Your Bedroom Decor This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, make a move to spice up your bedroom decor!

Need to reclaim your space? Here are a few tips on how to spice up your bedroom decor this Valentine's Day, with furniture and decorations!

It can be difficult. It feels like we just got our space back as our own, after having Rider in our bedroom for six months. After we moved him into a crib in his own room, which was AWESOME, we got a little loveseat for the bedroom, hung up some new art, and even got a winter bedspread. We’ll be changing it all soon enough, with yet another new baby, and the addition of spring light and a spring bedspread around the same time. We were just talking about how we got our new bed and mattress eight years ago, and it feels like only yesterday. Now it’s time to refresh and update the entire space, and we have some fun tips for you today! Spice it up time!

Spice Up Your Bedroom Decor This Valentine’s Day:

1 – Start with the bed:

This goes without saying, but you should replace your mattress every 6-8 years, so it’s time for us! And we also are looking to update our bed frame and headboard as well. It’s actually a very romantic thing to shop for beds, don’t you think? I remember how exciting it was the few times we’ve done so in our marriage, and I get very excited to do so again. It makes a romantic date to go shopping for one, or a cozy night in with dinner, drinks, and looking at the Bedstar website.

2 – And if your bed is all set, change the bedding:

This is honestly one of my favorite things – shopping for and sleeping on and under new bedding. I had no idea how much we needed a winter comforter until we got one, and now bed is one of my favorite places. February is sort of a funny time of year because it’s still deeply winter, although spring is on the horizon. There’s nothing like hunkering under new bedding.

Need to reclaim your space? Here are a few tips on how to spice up your bedroom decor this Valentine's Day, with furniture and decorations!

3 – Change or update your pillows too:

Pillows definitely need to be replaced, but it’s not just the ones you sleep with. Decorative pillows can be fun to switch up as well. We also love buying new throw and decorative pillows when buying new bedding. Sometimes they match directly and and sometimes are more of an accent thing. And you can get meaningful ones, like with printed photos or quotes, or festive ones for holidays. I love heart pillows, and anything with wonderful shades of red.

4 – Update your lighting:

This part is fun, because lighting is a key element in any room, much less a bedroom. You want to create a more soothing atmosphere, but also want enough brightness to hang out in your room when not sleeping (maybe reading or relaxing) and not feel gloomy or even sleepy. There are a few ways to update lighting. You can add, subtract, or swap out shades! And you can add, subtract, or swap out bedside lamps. We have been playing with the idea of wall mounted lighting right above our Bedstar beds headboard. And we also love fun and festive lighting on the wall.

5 – Focus on furniture:

Furniture is an integral part of the decoration of any room. It goes without saying that in order to decorate your bedroom you will need to buy proper furniture and arrange them in a beautiful way. The first thing that you should keep in mind while buying and arranging furniture is that you should not stuff your room with furniture. Your bedroom is supposed to remain spacious and has enough space so that you can move around the way you want to. For us, we selected a king-sized bed, and made sure to be in love with the material, color, texture, etc. Valentine’s Day bedroom updates surely will include some changes to furniture, whether it’s what you sleep on, or what’s around your bed. After the bed, you should go for some cozy sitting furniture.

A bedroom is incomplete without furniture that offers a place to sit! You can go for cozy sofas or chairs, and adorn them with cushions to make the sitting arrangement even more comfortable. Also, you can use a center table in your bedroom for the purpose of having a drink or eating snacks in your room. You can also put a medium sized book shelf in your bedroom to contain favorite books.

6 – Update your paint:

Another vital thing in the process of decorating your bedroom is selecting the colors of the walls of the room. If you are someone who loves dark colors, then you should paint your walls with bright and vibrant paints. You can also consider painting the opposite walls of the room with contrasting colors. However, make sure that you do not paint your room with dull and boring colors as that will make your room lifeless and you will not be looking forward to returning to your room. So paint your bedroom walls with bright and vibrant colors to create an atmosphere of positivity and liveliness.

7 – Focus on flooring too:

Flooring is interesting because it has a lot to do with your home, if it’s carpeted or hardwood or both, and what is actually possible to change. We have a floor in our house that can never be refinished again, since it’s a soft wood. If we ever get sick of it, we have to fully replace it. In our bedroom, we have new harder wood. We enjoy hardwood, but also enjoy soft landings and patterns. So we decided to add a thick shag rug near the bed. Rugs are an excellent way to pull a room together, with color, layers, and space.


The bedroom of any house is probably the most important room. It’s the room where you rest and relax after a long and tiring day. It is only natural that you will want your bedroom to be cozy and comfortable and give out a soothing vibe. It is important that you decorate your bedroom in a way so that it helps you to lighten up and unwind after a hard day. And lastly, you want it to be a place you love and feel loved. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought these fun and inspiring tips will help you to make your bedroom even more your sanctuary than ever before.

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