Sowing the Seeds of Love (Anything is Possible)

“Sowing the seeds of love (Anything is possible)
Seeds of love (When you’re sowing the seeds of love)”

Sowing the seeds of love, (Anything is possible), Seeds of love, (When you're sowing the seeds of love). Sowing the Seeds of Love is song #24.

Love as if your life depends on it, because I think it does.

Not everything has to be so complicated. Sometimes, I get that Christmas Eve feeling, or a slight version of it, when I can’t wait until breakfast the following morning. And it’s generally something small and simple, and nothing like the Pancake Charcuterie Board I asked Cassidy and the kids to make for Mother’s Day. Oh no, I’m talking about when I pick up a single serve packet of Cheerios at the town’s free school lunch program, and I’ll think about how the sun might come out, finally, and I’ll always put a little cream in my cereal bowl if it’s Cheerios or Rice Krispies. That to me, is divine. Maybe I’ll have some leftover hot coffee with my Cheerios, and a hard-boiled egg or scrambled eggs with cheese. This kind of breakfast perfection doesn’t always happen, but it does happen enough for me think I’m doing it right. Simple, small, and right.

Sowing the seeds of love, (Anything is possible), Seeds of love, (When you're sowing the seeds of love). Sowing the Seeds of Love is song #24.

Not everything has to be complicated, and that goes beyond Cheerios, and goes right into love. Sometimes I think it breaks some sort of society or culture law – the way I can sustain daily life without getting sick of my family. It hurts to even joke about it, so I often don’t. The pandemic was very hard for me in the beginning, because I didn’t get it yet. And I probably complicated it – with being pregnant and wounded, and around kids all of the time. It was hard for me to have Cassidy there at first; like a bull in a china shop, sharpening his horns around my work-at-home peace. He can be cranky, and I can too. And we can be stupid and also sometimes dangerous together. Like two raging bulls in the most delicate china shop. Crashing around each other’s corners, and into each other’s walls. Worse, stomping over the garden; the seeds we had sown.

Sowing the seeds of love, (Anything is possible), Seeds of love, (When you're sowing the seeds of love). Sowing the Seeds of Love is song #24.

“Feel the pain
Talk about it
If you’re a worried man, then shout about it
Open hearts, feel about it
Open minds, think about it
Everyone, read about it
Everyone, scream about it!”

Somewhere along the line, for me, that changed. And of course, so did/does the pandemic, with its rises and falls and utter confusion. For me the shift was something along the lines of getting excited for breakfast. These small seeds of hope and light and possibility, in the simplest and seemingly the smallest of terms. Not everything has to be complicated, including even the most complicated thing of all. Love. I can get close to a first date feeling, if I know I’m going to watch Ted Lasso with Cassidy, or sleep next to him that night. The world sort of melts away when you know you have that. My heart still catches in my throat when I first glimpse the kids coming towards me in the school parking lots; her so poised and confident, and him so excited and silly.

Even under masks, you can tell we’re all grinning.

I don’t have a favorite kid, although I do have a favorite dog (ahem) but that love is particularly potent when they’re so young and dependent, and in dogs’ cases, snuggly. It’s nearly too much.

The baby is unreal. Lucy, so soft and wise. Scarlet is incredible to be around. Des is potentially the best person I’ve ever met. And Cassidy, of course, who can smile broadly and disarm me in a heartbeat. It’s indulgent, really. Like endless nights before my Cheerios breakfasts, and maybe Christmas Eves as well. Such delicious love. You scatter those seeds and watch what develops.

Sowing the seeds of love, (Anything is possible), Seeds of love, (When you're sowing the seeds of love). Sowing the Seeds of Love is song #24.

“High time we made a stand (Time to eat all your words)
And shook up the views of the common man (Swallow your pride)
And the lovetrain rides from coast to coast (Open your eyes)
Every minute of every hour
“I love a sunflower ” (Open your eyes)
And I believe in love power (Open your eyes)
Love power
Love power (Open your eyes)”

So it doesn’t have to be complicated, to sow these seeds of love. Anything that comes from the heart doesn’t need the overthinking. Cassidy works in the garden, and while I’m certain he does online research, and talks to garden stores and fellow gardeners, he does so much by instinct.

By hand and heart.

Sowing the seeds of love, (Anything is possible), Seeds of love, (When you're sowing the seeds of love). Sowing the Seeds of Love is song #24.

He makes designs, prepares the land, and implements ideas and dreams. There’s no hesitation or overthinking it – if anything, the struggle is to have enough time to do what you love – when you’re up against other obligations, many of which you also love dearly. It’s raw soil and love.

And I can get that too, in my own ways.

When you sow your seeds of love, you may worry that you’re scattering them into the abyss, but in truth, you’re placing them with enough love and care. Just so. Not too close, and not too far apart either. Placed together, and meant to grow symbiotically. No one taking the other’s water, oxygen, or soil. No one stealing the other’s light. When you sow the seeds of love, you get results.

And things get pretty dicey, with the weather and the wind; the scavengers and deep-rooted decay. All you can do sometimes is just to love, without hesitation, without resistance. With your fullest dose of air and sun and soil. Making sure to regularly clean out your deep-rooted disease and decay. Making sure to regularly remove the underground obstacles. Let that raw love grow.

Down beneath the earth, where the real growth happens, that you can’t see.

And above the earth, where you can see it grow and soar; sprout wings and colors. And then, like an under-the-mask grin in a crowded parking lot, or intertwined legs in a large, warm bed at night, it takes your breath away. It roots you to the ground, and then lifts your heart into the sky.

And, this is love. The results of hard work. Never to be finished; never to be taken for granted.

“Time to eat all your words
Swallow your pride
Open your eyes
Time to eat all your words
Swallow your pride
Open your eyes”

“Sowing the Seeds of Love” was song #24 on our birthing playlist.

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  1. Aw, you are so right and definitely all we do daily as moms are truly worth it as the love we get in return truly is priceless and can not be measured ever. Hugs and Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!! ❤️

  2. I may not have kids of my own, but it amazes me how much I adore my nephew. I was scared, because I’m not a kid person. But he brings something out of me that I never knew I had.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day x3 to you! I think the simple pleasures can be anchors that keep us getting up and going through our day. We loved watching Ted Lasso as well – got to be something we looked forward to. If we can be happy with small, simple things, then contentment will reign in our hearts and we will be full of joy!

  4. Girl, you’re current life sounds like Shangri-La! Enjoy it! I miss the love and joy f that special time in our family, before teenagers invaded my home and stated to chip away at my heart. Oh, if I could only go back. Love every moment, you have a gorgeous family and I an so happy for you. Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. I cannot even imagine being pregnant during the pandemic and you handled it so gradcefully! Rider is such a cutie and I love that he lights up my feed with his sweet face. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day Tamara! Can’t wait to see that pancake charcuterie board!

  6. These pictures are bringing sunshine as l read this blog on a rainy NJ Saturday. Such powerful opening and closing sentences Tamara, and so true, and in between, “Anything that comes from the heart doesn’t need overthinking” really drives home your point of keeping it simple, small and right, and showing and giving your love that way. This has always worked best for me. Less is often times More. Reaping what l sow is ongoing and that’s what keeps the whole process fun and fresh. This award winning MTV song and video is still fun and fresh to watch 30 plus years later!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you Tamara, and to all the Mothers in your extended family, and to all the blogging Moms! ❤️💐🌻🌺❤️

  8. I’ve always loved this song but I love it more now that you’ve posted the lyrics here. Ah, such a beautiful post, Tamara. Everything about this gives me chills. Happy mother’s day to you! Hope it’s a lovely day for you as you so much deserve the best.

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