Some Uncommon Jewelry Trends

People are open to trying some new jewelry which they never did. Today we will explore some new uncommon jewelry trends, like the ones below.

Some Uncommon Jewelry Trends

Hard to believe but the year 2021 is over and we are already a month into 2022.  So leaving that aside, if this new year you want to start something new, maybe some new fashion, or new items of jewelry, or something else new, do it now as the moment is now. The perfect opportunity to do something new will rarely come, so whenever you wish to do something, just do it. 2021 was pretty bad, considering Covid-19 and other factors, so not many jewelry trends were available in the market, but as we progress into 2022 things are slowly starting to look up. There are several new jewelry trends that you can try if you had not before. For example- Shungite jewelry was a very trending item of the last quarter of 2021, then there were pearlescent earrings, blue zircon rings, and a lot of items of jewelry that were surprisingly trending in 2021 but were not doing so a year ago. So this clearly shows that people are open to trying some new jewelry which they never did. Today we will explore some new uncommon jewelry ideas like these and others such as permanent jewelry. Let us begin.

1. Two Different Pairs of Earrings:

Sounds risky right? Indeed it is, but apparently, this is a trend. Women influencers and several renowned models are promoting this type of mismatched jewelry fashion. When you look at this closely it might not be a bad idea. For example- You could buy a stud-type diamond earring and wear it along with a hoop-style gold plated earring along with a Hawaiian dress. You will look totally different and off-beat. 

2. Colorful Beads:

This is not an uncommon trend, but rather a trend that Jamaicans initially followed. It is essentially just mixing up some colorful beads and woven together by a silver or string chain. This type of colorful necklace will look in beach attire rather than a city outfit, so keep that in your note.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, a puka shell necklace can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. With their unique shapes and colors, these necklaces can be worn alone or combined with other accessories to create a look that is truly one-of-a-kind.

3. Shungite Jewelry:

Shungite is a carbon-based rock found in Russia, and local people believe that this stone has some healing properties too. Since a Shungite stone is deep carbon black, you should wear an appropriate light color clothing otherwise your fashion will not match. Try to pair shungite jewelry with sterling silver or platinum material for an exquisite look. You can also go for a shungite necklace if you want to wear something different from others at any party or social gathering. Diamonds are a classical choice for many women around the world, but lately shungite jewelry has also been in trend. People are now exploring different shungite jewelry and if you are also someone who is open to trying something new then we would recommend you try shungite at least once then decide whether this style is for you or not.

People are open to trying some new jewelry which they never did. Today we will explore some new uncommon jewelry trends, like the ones below.

Daphne Pearls: These items of jewelry are something that is very much new in fashion. These are essentially pearls that are shaped a little bit differently. You can pair them up with small amethyst stones to look more attractive as the blue hue of the amethyst stone will look good with a white pearl.

4. Animal Themed Jewelry:

This theme is a unique theme that emerged from the late 2013 fashion show onwards. You can gift a cute little owl-themed animal jewelry to your mom this valentine. She will absolutely love it. There are several cute little animal items of jewelry that you will love, and there are Native American art styles of animal jewelry available too. Come browse our store and pick your favorite animal-themed jewelry today.

5. Engagement Ring:

A Diamond ring is the most common engagement ring choice for many families and why shouldn’t it be. Diamonds are precious stones and people have been loving them for centuries. But if you want your wedding to be a little bit exotic and different, then a tanzanite ring can be an excellent choice. But if you extend your budget for an engagement ring a little bit more, then you can buy a tanzanite ring surrounded by a chain of diamonds. Not only will this look gorgeous but it will also enhance your look. People will look at your ring with gaze and awe and a lot of them will be curious. Come shop at our store for your engagement shopping needs and we are sure you will find a beautiful ring.


Sometimes we take a different path than the common because that is what makes it exciting. Today in 2022 people are more open to off-beat and uncommon jewelry trends than before. So we would recommend trying small items of jewelry at first, like a cute owl-shaped earring or similar jewelry first then if you like the theme go forward and purchase other David Yurman resale rings, necklaces, etc.

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