So You’re Pregnant – Now What?

So, you’re pregnant? First of all, congratulations! You may be wondering what’s next.

So, you're pregnant? First, congratulations! You may be wondering what's next, right? This informal resource guide is meant to guide you through the journey

Luckily, there are so many resources out there to help you – including this here little informal, authentic guide post. I really think that once you’re openly or visibly pregnant, that’s when it starts – the unsolicited advice, the unasked for stomach touching, the people who say “Just you wait” in the grocery store. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t give advice when you haven’t been asked to give advice. I’m also a firm believer that your story is unique. Your pregnancy is unique. Your baby will be unique. And, you will be a unique parent – there will never be another parent who loves/is loved just like you!

Not only that, but you’re the best parent for YOUR baby. So there’s my best piece of advice for you – unsolicited, of course.

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The first time I got pregnant, it was the biggest shock in the world – to ME. It didn’t matter that I was ten days “late”, I suddenly hated and hid from smells I had loved the previous day, and I had started sleeping 14 hour nights. I attributed it all to stress. A trip to Target and an 8 dollar pregnancy test revealed the truth at the end of that long week. PREGNANT – in big digital letters. I sank to the bathroom floor and I started to weep in my husband’s arms. I was SO scared. And, I wasn’t ready.

Luckily, we get nine months or so to prepare ourselves through the weird symptoms, reactions, advice, dreams & nightmares.


I didn’t have any pregnant friends or sisters. I was the first of my friends and my family to give birth. Also, I was moving cross-country, unemployed, far from family, and scared out of my mind. It was also November at the time I found out – not my favorite month to begin with, and this one had an ice storm that knocked the power out for four nights! Displaced, physically, and displaced, emotionally = not for the weak. If I could do it, you can do it! Here’s my unsolicited advice/guide for you.

I guess if you’re read this far, it’s not so unsolicited anyway! Let us begin:

1 – Call your healthcare provider, or consider a new one. This doesn’t mean you don’t like your doctor. It means that there are more options in this case – you can choose from ob-gyns, midwives, family doctors, doulas, and practices that have all or most of the above! You and your partner need to decide what kind of provider is right for you. This will depend on your health, your concerns, your wishes for pregnancy care, labor, and birth. I was new to my town so I took the first doctor’s name I got – from my mother-in-law. It worked out for two births! This is an important choice, and not one that can wait long.

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2 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Vitamins? Diet? Exercise? I needed my new ob to give advice about prenatal vitamins, diet, exercise, etc. because I hadn’t a clue otherwise. Also, I’m awful at swallowing pills and needed to know my options! In case you’re wondering, they gave me a prescription for chewable prenatal vitamins and it wasn’t covered by insurance. My appointment was scheduled for ten weeks into my pregnancy, so they sent over paperwork about foods to eat, foods to avoid, exercises to do, exercises to avoid, etc. I knew the obvious ones – like no cigarettes and alcohol, but some surprised me.

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3 – Prepare for your first appointment. My paperwork told me what I could expect and it still didn’t cover everything. For example, you will most likely have an ultrasound and the wand won’t go on your stomach like it does in movies. It will for later ultrasounds but the first one might be a transvaginal ultrasound. There is also a lot of testing right away. I don’t have a needle phobia so it was ok, but there were a LOT of vials of blood. You will also be asked to uncover/relay information about your medical history, as well as the history of your parents and grandparents, and your partner’s relatives too.

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4 – Get internet and book resources. Get a book on pregnancy – even if you intend to throw it at the wall like I did – or subscribe to emails based on the week of your pregnancy. They will tell you what you might be experiencing, what your baby might be experiencing, and even how big the baby might be. Some of them compare your baby’s size to fruits and vegetables. I also joined BabyCenter and found my birth month groups, as well as some groups on photography, health, etc. Sometimes it can get.. dramatic in forums like that, but they’re also hotbeds of information.

5 – Go to the dentist. Seriously, don’t be like me and wait two long years. Dental health and pregnancy are actually quite related. And brush and floss as wonderfully as you always do. Right? Of course you do.

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6 – Examine your emotions. For my first baby, I was in incredible fear and chaos at first, but it smoothed out. For my second pregnancy, I actually saw a therapist who specializes in prenatal therapy. MANY women experiences feelings of anxiety and depression. For some, the passing of time and a good support network help. For others, it takes more. It’s a time that should hopefully have some relaxation and enjoyment – as hard as that can be to find. You have to try, right?

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7 – Talk to your doctor about vaccinations. Your doctor may recommend flu shots, as well as the TDAP vaccine. You may have had those in the past, and maybe you haven’t. It’s time to make choices you may never have had to make.

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8 – Check in with your HR department. If you have one! It’s important to know what your company will grant. You will also spend a lot of time thinking about if your current job will still work for you after baby – depending on what it is.

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9 – When to spill the beans? With my first, I waited the full 12-14 weeks. With my son, I waited maybe eight weeks, tops. I’ll never forget the midwife saying that the chances of a loss after the heartbeat is seen on an ultrasound are much lower, but there are no guarantees about anything in life. It’s something to think about and/or discuss with your partner.

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10 – Go shopping. When it’s time, it’s time. All of the ins and outs are up to you. I waited until after that first ultrasound to buy something. Anything. Then I waited until the second ultrasound because I found out what we were having by 20 weeks. It got more comfortable as time went on. There are things you will NEED and things you will WANT, and excitement and preparation can go hand in hand. One resource I have found – not through my own children, sadly – is PeuroBaby. It wasn’t around several years ago, but in shopping for my two new(ish) nephews, I discovered a perfect website for peace of mind.

EVERYTHING here is chosen with thought and care.


*Special note: There are no affiliate links in this post, and this post isn’t sponsored. I received no products at all for this post, although if I get pregnant again, you can bet I’ll try! I just love this company and their values! Wheeeee!

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d – Organic Swaddle and Sleepsack Duo. Light and super soft and perfect for soft baby skin.

e – Glass Bottle With Sleeve. Whether you exclusively breastfeed, formula feed, or use both, these bottles are critical to have.

Which natural baby products look best to you?

So, you're pregnant? First, congratulations! You may be wondering what's next, right? This informal resource guide is meant to guide you through the journey


So You’re Pregnant – Now What? — 24 Comments

  1. It’s been a long time since my first pregnancy, but I still remember everything so clearly. I was also the very first of my friends/family to be pregnant, so I had no one to learn from. I went crazy reading everything I could, and I remember my mom telling me it was better NOT to know everything :)! I had very difficult pregnancies and lots of anxiety, but it all worked out in the end!

  2. You nailed it here. And even though my youngest is on her way to 7 this Fall, all of the above that you shared is spot on for when you first become pregnant. So, anyone newly pregnant or about to become newly pregnant can so benefit from your advice here!

  3. I remember when I first got pregnant, I was scared. When I got pregnant with my last 5 years ago, I was still scared. I’d had 3 prior c-sections, and I was “older” and considered high risk. Each pregnancy is different but you nailed what you should do once you find out.

  4. I’m grateful that the internet was in its infancy when I was pregnant…I would have driven myself crazy googling everything! I was the first of my family and friends also, and I relied on the book The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy to make me feel less alone. I do remember being a bit scared and overwhelmed, but mostly happy. Really happy.

    I hope I have a long while until I become a grandma, but boy am I gonna have fun!

    • I was overwhelmed by the books! The Internet was booming when I was pregnant with Scarlet but we were living at my in-laws’ house and I used it sparingly. I remember checking my email once a day, and if I was away, only once a week or so.
      Sigh. That was a tangent.

  5. Haha, it feels like that doesn’t it? I’m pregnant! How did this happen and now what?
    Number 9 is an important one. I miscarried with my twins and I hadn’t told anyone, but it was sooo hard. I should have told people so they could have understood why I was so sad. I told people much earlier each time after that and it worked well for me, plus I am so sick hiding it just doesn’t work right.

    • My friend was just telling me how she’s the oldest of four (girls) and before her, her mom had miscarried twin boys. I always wonder what it was like back then for her. This was around 50 years ago!
      I’m sorry for your loss too, Jen! xoxo

  6. Great tips! I may have followed half of them when out found out I was pregnant many years ago. I did skip all of my dental appointments for 2 years too and I would not advise anyone to do that. For some reason while I was pregnant/nursing I figured I had seen enough doctors that I could just skip the dentist. Boy was I wrong.

  7. Oh I would have loved this when I was pregnant with Eve. Like you, I was pretty much the first of my friends to have a baby so I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about everything that was going on. I remember around week 6 or 7 losing all my energy and feeling depressed and wondering when I was going to be excited about being pregnant. I didn’t know if any of this was normal. I bet I could have used a prenatal therapist. Until I read your post I didn’t even know that was a thing! Thanks for sharing these tips, Tamara! Super helpful for anyone going through pregnancy.

    • With Des, I totally used a prenatal therapist! We didn’t have insurance and I only went once but I always wished I could have gone more.
      It’s a strangely isolating thing sometimes – growing a baby!

  8. Very informative post! I cried too when I found out I was pregnant but only after a few hours of finding out. It didn’t sink in right away. The worst unsolicited advice I received was probably that I should watch out because babies that are born in April always have tantrums. I didn’t know where she got it plus it sounded ridiculous so I shook it off. LOL

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