Sloppy Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Decorating Your Kid’s Room

Why is it a big deal and what mistakes should you not be making when decorating your kid's room? Stick around and let’s decipher it together!

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While those with teenagers in their homes might agree to disagree, kids bring immense joy into any parent’s life. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your kid grow up, come of age, and become an important person in society.

But not so fast! Before all that, you’ll need to nurture your youngling, making sure they get the best that life has to offer from the moment you welcome them into the world. Ask anyone from the moms-to-be to the newest moms in town and above, this will involve decorating his or her room.

But why is it a big deal and what mistakes should you not be making when decorating your child’s room? Stick around and let’s decipher this together!

Should You Decorate Your Kid’s Room? 

If you’re reading this, chances are that you like to keep every room in your home neat and tidy if not superbly attractive.

And just like you, the surroundings can have a profound impact on a child’s mental and emotional wellness. It could even help your kid sleep better.

Depending on their age (and maturity level), your kid might not be physically, mentally, or emotionally developed enough to have organizational skills. So, yes, you should definitely consider decorating your kid’s room, but there are mistakes you can’t afford to make.

Mistakes To Avoid When Giving Your Child’s Room A Decor Uplift 

1. Failing to Include Some Flowers 

Flowers are some of the most appealing things to children. Kids find the colors, patterns, and fragrances of flowers quite captivating, soothing, and emotionally uplifting. Toddlers to teens love them.

Whether they are potted, hung, or placed in a vase, carefully chosen blooms always make a great décor element in a child’s room. 

If you are one of those parents whose kid is fascinated by flowers, you have more than enough reasons to go online and get next day flower delivery from a reputable florist. And what better way to let kids learn more about nature than with fresh blooms in their room? 

2. Using Sharp Objects as Décor Elements 

If you mind the safety of your kid, sharp objects should be a no-go zone in the list of room decor items. A child’s room can be the most horrible place for a careless parent to leave sharp objects on display.

This means keeping things like knives, scissors, razors, scalpels, glass, and any décor items with sharp edges as far away as possible from your young one’s crib.

3. Choosing the Wrong Paint 

Of course, a toddler may not be old enough to tell you their preferred paint or color for the walls. However, an older kid would definitely have a say in what to paint his or her room.

And if you are thinking of going for the cheapest paint, you better think again. Since children are easily influenced by colors and symbols, it’s best to choose a wall paint with positive connotations or images.

Here are a few suggestions you might find helpful when choosing a paint for your kid’s room:

  • Crimson and cherry reds, which are usually quite bright and optimistic, are great to use as walls for kids’ bedrooms.
  • And if you are looking for a darker shade to go with a black, navy, or white room, you can opt for the warm, yellow tones that are often associated with kitchens or living rooms.
  • Greens, blues, and purples associated with forest, wildlife, and water are also great choices for kids’ rooms.
  • Browns and grays are natural, earthy, and welcoming, making them an awesome color palette for kids’ rooms.

Except for blues and yellows, some of these colors may not be best for nursery spaces, but since they are strong, vibrant, and captivating, they can be used in rooms where there is a possibility of someone younger, more imaginative kids being present.

4. Getting Cocky About It 

Let’s face it, kids can sometimes be rebellious – it’s human nature! Some kids, especially teenagers, want to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to decorating their own rooms.

So, why not go ahead and be that kind of parent? You shouldn’t be afraid to give your child the freedom to choose if not allowing them to let you know the things that matter to them most.

By doing that, you’re only taking the fear of miscalculations off your child’s mind and avoiding the chance of having a child who rejects the choices you have made.

Kids deserve to be raised in the best possible environment, and that includes keeping their rooms well organized and decorated. However, parents tend to go wrong in certain areas while at it. With the few pointers above, you should know what to avoid.

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