Skin Check Clinic Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

Woman Getting a Check-up Getting a skin check at the skin cancer clinic like is recommended to spot any suspicious moles early. Here are skin check myths.

Summer’s here and we all want to soak up the sun and enjoy those warm sunny days. But it’s also important to keep skin cancer risks in mind when having fun outdoors. Getting a skin check  at the skin cancer clinic like SunDoctors is recommended to spot any suspicious moles early.

However, there are a lot of myths and misinformation floating around about skin cancer clinics. Let us clear up some common myths and give you the real facts so you can take charge of your skin health.

Myth: You only need a skin check if you have fair skin.

Nope. While fair skin is more prone to burning and skin cancer risk is higher, everyone needs checks no matter your skin tone. Darker skin still faces damage from UV exposure. Don’t skip those skin checks just because you tan easier.

Myth: The doctor just eyeballs any weird moles at a skin check.

Not true. Thorough skin cancer clinic checks involve much more than quick visual inspection. The dermatologist carefully examines all skin for lesions using bright light and may use a dermatoscope to magnify. Some spots that look innocuous to the naked eye could be pre-cancerous under the scope. Comprehensive checks pick up what we can’t see.

Myth: Getting screened is pointless if you have no family history.

Family history is one risk factor for skin cancer but not the only one. Severe sunburns, use of tanning beds, light skin or eyes, certain medications, and age can all increase risk even without genetics. Don’t avoid skin checks just because no one in the family had skin cancer. Be proactive about your own health regardless.

Myth: Skin checks are only for seniors.

It’s never too early for skin checks. While risk does increase with age, young people can get skin cancer too, especially with excessive unprotected sun exposure. Start going annually in your 20s or earlier to establish a baseline. Early detection really improves outcomes.

Myth: Clinic visits are pointless if you use sunscreen daily.

Regular sunscreen does reduce skin cancer risk but it isn’t a guarantee. Even with sunscreen, it’s possible to miss some areas or have it rub off without reapplying sufficiently. Sunscreen alone doesn’t make you immune. Skin checks remain essential.

Myth: Skin cancer isn’t a big deal and easily treated.

Mаny саses аre highly treаtаble if саught eаrly. But some forms ԁo rарiԁly sрreаԁ аnԁ beсome life threаtening if not treаteԁ рromрtly. No one аssumes саnсer is no biggie. Alwаys get susрiсious moles evаluаteԁ ASAP. Don’t ԁownрlаy risks.

Myth: Skin checks are crazy expensive.

Costs vary but skin cancer screening is often covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Many clinics offer free community screenings too. Call your local dermatology office to ask about pricing options. Don’t let potential costs deter you from this potentially life saving procedure.


Don’t buy into myths аnԁ misсonсeрtions. Stаy vigilаnt аbout skin саnсer risks аnԁ get сheсkeԁ out regulаrly. Know the fасts, рroteсt your skin when out hаving summer fun, аnԁ see your dermаtologist if аnything seems off. Being informeԁ аnԁ рroасtive is key. Wishing you а heаlthy, hаррy sunny seаson аheаԁ.


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