Six Ways to Wear Satin This Summer

Summer is a great excuse to experiment with your wardrobe, and feels great too. Here are six ways to wear satin this summer.

Summer is a great excuse to experiment with your wardrobe. It’s the perfect time of year for bold primary-colored clothing that matches your mani-pedi and fun accessories like purses and sunglasses. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to look for clothing made of breathable materials that will keep you cool in the summer heat. Satin is an ideal choice for any summer outfit since it doesn’t absorb the sweat from your body and won’t stick to your skin like cotton does. 

Satin is not only breathable and comfortable on your skin; the shiny and sleek appearance of the material also looks great during summer golden hour. It has the high-quality appearance of silk without the price, and the sheen of satin can actually be even glossier and more glamorous than silk. 

High-shine satin was popular in the 1970s, and along with floral prints, wide leg jeans, and other retro trends, it’s making a comeback. You can find a wide variety of satin dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, and even shoes and bags on the market right now. These pieces can be loose-fitting, as they likely would have been in the seventies, or skin-tight for a contemporary twist. Satin dresses have an elegant and feminine appeal while items like satin shirts and skirts are appropriate for both a day at the office and a night out with friends. In the seventies, everyone was wearing a satin midi dress, top, or pajamas, and they still look just as good today. Full-body satin shirt and pant sets were popular, too.

Without further ado, here are just a few ways—some seventies-inspired and some more contemporary—that you can make satin work for your wardrobe this summer.

1. Satin Midi Dress

A satin midi dress is definitely one of those effortlessly gorgeous seventies-inspired pieces that everyone needs in their closet before summer is over. The metallic sheen of the fabric looks both luxurious and fairy-like, so it’s pefect for any cottagecore fans. You can find a satin midi dress in a variety of colors, patterns, and silhoutettes. Whether you’re looking for a midi dress that’s a bit sexier, perhaps with a slit in the side or a halter top, something more elegant with lace or pearls, or even something more mature with long sleeves and a bowknot, you can find a satin midi dress that’s to your taste.

2. Satin Scrunchies

Talk about combining the best of the seventies and the eighties! If you prefer sportswear to dresses, a satin or silk scrunchie could be a great way to elevate your look. These scrunchies come in plenty of cute patterns and styles, and even Eleven from Stranger Things has worn them. Additionally, cotton scrunchies can cause breakage or other issues when worn too often, and satin scrunchies generate a lot less friction. 

3. Satin Purses

Satin purses and handbags are definitely the hot new summer accessory. Their unique shape has a casual elegance and the handles can even resemble the bunched pattern of scrunchies. They tend to be more lightweight and less bulky than purses made from leather and other materials. If you want to try one out, you can choose a more neutral color like white, black, beige, or even a soft pink, peach, or mint green. If statement purses are more your thing, think about the colors of your shoes, jewelry, and other accessories and choose a red, blue, or yellow satin purse to match.

4. Satin Crop Tops

Satin crop tops are absolutely gorgeous and totally seventies. You can find these tops in numerous styles, including cowl neck, jersey top, halter tops, and ordinary tank tops, but they look especially glamorous with a twisted or knotted front. You can also find corset-style satin tops if you want to combine two of this summer’s most popular clothing trends. Pair one of these adorable tops with a leather or jean jacket or wear it on its own and you have an outfit perfect for any festival or night out.

5. Satin Skirts

Satin skirts, in both a midi and maxi silhouette, are definitely a look. These are great if you want to wear the elegance and comfort of satin in a business setting. For the summer, try out a solid-colored tank top on top and match it to a satin skirt in a muted color. You could go for a white or beige skirt or anything in a pastel gold or sage green tone. You could also choose a skirt in a deeper shade of maroon or green to match with a cute sweater in the winter. Satin skirts in brown, black, and dusty pink are versatile enough to wear in the summer or the winter if you style them right.

6. Satin Wide Leg Pants

If you want to embrace the vintage trends, you definitely need to add a few pairs of wide leg jeans to your closet—if you haven’t already. But what about satin wide leg pants? These are so comfortable and flowy. They’re easy to match with tank tops or blouses that are already in your closet. You could also look for a matching set in a fun, bright color for the summer. The satin material is sure to keep you cool as you’re walking around town and it absolutely shows off your sense of style.


It’s easy to see why satin is so popular this summer. The material is glamorous and comfortable but still affordable, and allows us to replicate the best styles of the seventies with a contemporary twist. We can dig it.


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