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Sister, Sister.

I am very excited to introduce my Ask Away Friday partner today.

You could say we’ve been through some times together. My birth. Her nicknaming me NuNu when I came home from the hospital and she was nearly two-years-old. There was our father’s death. Our mother’s remarriage. Going from two siblings to five. There was my wedding. My kids. And now her wedding, and eventually her kids. Maid of honor speeches and tears and years. Losses and gains. A heck of a lot of mischief too. She’s one of my best friends. My big sister and now blogger, Lindsay!

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Her blog is about attaining the life that you want. It’s about making you feel possible. My sister has undergone so many life changes in the past few years – discovering, mastering and then teaching yoga. Eating cleanly but realistically. Following new paths with the many ways in which you can be a DJ. Falling in love and planning her own dream wedding. Being healthy.

Check out her blog Lindsay Klein Rocks.

Valentine's Day

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What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between two bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world! Ask me if you want to swap!

We are sad to be losing Amber as one of our amazing co-hosts, as she is working to pursue other business ventures and focusing her attentions on her fitness ventures. We wish her nothing but the best, and hope for her thriving success!

When one door closes, another one opens…and we would like to give a huge Ask Away Friday welcome to a brand new co-host…drum roll please…Welcome Echo from The Mad Mommy! She is both a friend and a fellow blogger. I dig her.


Now welcoming our wonderful #AskAwayFriday hosts…

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Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures!
Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures!

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Check out Lindsay’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answer’s to my blogger sister’s questions about love!

1. I have a theory you can have different kinds of love for people, in this case men, in one lifetime. I was one of your biggest cheerleaders when you picked Cassidy to be the “love of your life”, but can you say you have loved more then once? If so, how many times, and try to label their love. For example, I “loved” my boyfriend in my 20’s, but it was a “growing up” kind of love, not the love of my life, or one I could see myself with forever. (Sorry I got right in there fast didn’t I?!)

Ah. Yes. So many types of love. It’s so easy to overanalyze too, isn’t it? I’ve said I was in love with five men – or at least had that mutual thing with five. Surely there were some love stories that only took place in my head, you follow? Of those five, the last two were some serious sh*t. Very serious sh*t. Life-planning. Brushing his chronically ill father’s teeth and rushing towards his father and not away from him when he couldn’t breathe and nearly passed away. Serious Sh*t Love. I only married one of the two, of course. The others before these two? I can label them in order – First Love, Physical Love (he was HOT), and Growing Up Love. I like that one. You never forget the guy who put that camera in your hand and told you to fly, right?

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2. Two part question here (again) : When did it hit you that Cassidy was “the one”?
I have to go here because I have had a BAD run and I know how much that YOU, my sister, cared I would find the one…..When or what made you decide that Mike was “the one” for me, your big hearted big sis?

It hit me in that child-like way when we saw our first moose together in 2004. He was sleeping that night and I just looked at him and thought, “Well he made my dreams come true, didn’t he?” I was 24, though, and he wasn’t ready either so we had our terrible split. So I definitely figured it out a lot more when we got back in touch two long years later. I think by email, when we both realized we loved Harry Potter and had filled our gap two years with it.. that was something. I had a boyfriend though, as you know. So when Cassidy flew east so that we could see each other and I could figure out my two relationships.. when he got off that plane at JFK Airport in late 2006, AFTER a bomb scare, mind you, and threw his suitcase on the ground only to lift me into the air? I think I knew then. I didn’t admit it right away, though. I had to get my affairs in order. (not literally) As for Mike, it was Christmas of 2013! I saw him chilling out with Cassidy and Matt and he had such a genuine look on his face and I just thought, “Wow, that’s the guy for Lindsay!” It was sealed by your romantic engagement photos that I took.

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3. Cassidy is an AMAZING planner, what has been your favorite Valentine’s Day with him so far? Has there, gulp, ever been a bad one?

I loved our first one together in 2007, right before I moved to California. We weren’t both in California yet, but he sent a big package of awesome goodies. I think the more romantic things he did weren’t on Valentine’s Day, though. They were surprises. Like a dozen chocolate covered strawberries delivered to work. Or photos sent with Tom Petty lyrics. Or the time he sent himself 3,000 miles to my work! There was a bad holiday when Scarlet was a baby because she was sick and so was I!

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4. We were both raised with every holiday including Valentine’s Day, do you carry on any similar Valentine’s traditions with your children (my niece and nephew!), or have you created any new ones?

I’m sad to say that I still bow down before Mom. I get paralyzed by wanting things to be just so, that I haven’t carried on traditions very well. Mom still does those special things for the kids, so I let her! And then Mom becomes our collective Valentine. Now that Scarlet is in grade school, I imagine we’ll make valentines together tonight. Des’ teacher gave us some construction paper, since I felt too sick to go to the store, so I’ll show Scarlet that I make a mean construction paper heart!

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5. If I was able to babysit for a whole weekend, because obviously I’m your first pick in the babysitting department, or at least I pretend to be (kidding mom), what would be the most romantic way to spend the weekend with just Cassidy kid free!

I’m at that point in this cold virus, in which I forget that people go out and have fun, and that romance exists. Does it still? Depending on the season, I’d love to go to a cabin on a mountain with him. Heck, any season works! Road trip!

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6. Let’s get a little dirty, even if you are my baby sister, do you have any hot and/or romantic fantasies you’d like to play out with my big brother, your husband!? We can keep it as FCC or as nonFCC as you like! It is only the world wide web, and your kids will never be able to find this in the future….

Hot for teacher! (I heard it on the radio today) When we first got together and he put on his glasses to drive or watch movies, I thought he looked like a teacher. My first fantasy, though, is that we are all healthy and well-rested, kind to each other, helping each other, doing what we love, and sleeping in as much as possible. The rest of the good stuff would follow.

I am hot for teacher, though.

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7. I know we are both big fans of the song “Love is all you need” by the Beatles, and even both incorporated it into our weddings, do you think this is true? Can you tell us a story about a time that this may have worked for you in a hard time, or worked for you in a good time?

I do think it’s true. Otherwise, what’s the point of anything? Well love for yourself and love for what you do is really important, but hey, that’s love. And I’d be hard-pressed to find a time in which love didn’t work for me in a hard time. I suppose us getting back together was because of a strong love, because we hadn’t had a horribly strong foundation first.

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8. Your relationship with Cassidy felt like a movie for everyone in our family from the courting, to the breakup , to the marriage, to the WEDDING, to the beautiful kids, when reality finally sunk in and you both had to live a life of rat races and diapers, and fights, and making up, etc……What is the one thing that Cassidy can do which will make you forget you are mad at him? What is the biggest thing he does to annoy you? (sorry Cassidy I know you do nothing annoying I’m just trying to engage our readers!)

I feel like these questions are incredible but I’m extremely irritable and sick right now, so I hope I’m getting across what I want to get across. I just have to assume I have a natural knack for it, because I’ve sneezed 117 times since I started this! Now. Where were we? Well it’s what worsened our breakup and sped our reunion. It’s when he turns from stone to human. I’m imagining that goes for me too, but since this question isn’t about me and this is my blog, let’s just talk about him. The biggest thing he can do is be warm and friendly. And the most annoying thing he can do is not be warm and friendly. I think I’m more even-tempered than my three family members, and maybe they’d laugh at that thought, but this is my blog. “I have a microphone and you don’t!” (Wedding Singer quote) Also, the TV is always too loud! I have super sensitive hearing.

I apologize for my tone today. My cold is making me wish for a week alone in a warm cave.

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9. What is the key to your heart….besides cookies of course which is a given!

Good grammar. Good hair. Moose. More cookies. More moose. Kindness. Warmth. Love letters. Love songs. Sundresses.

10. When you were young and imagined falling in love, what did you picture? Was is it close to what you have with your family? Was falling in love with Cassidy what you expected it to be like, or more? Is loving your children what you expected, or more?

I’m in no condition to answer this! Which I suppose actually makes it the best time, because it’s all about the worst times too, isn’t it? Falling in love was what I expected but better. Falling in love with my kids was much more than I expected, but also so much more difficult. Is the family life now how I pictured it? Eh, sometimes. I think it has a lot of potential but I personally am capable of a lot more. So many things are so hard. We all go through this. True love is a choice. I never really figured that out until later, and I’m sure I still don’t know even close to anything. We are constantly battered with information and misinformation and temptation and miscommunication and bad communication and silence and sickness and anxiety.

And we still make choices to make our homes, our marriages and our families be of the lasting kind.

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Bonus question (because you did and I’m copying like a smart sister should) Show us a picture, since you have the BEST photos, of being in love with Cassidy during the dating time period, AND describe the memory…Double bonus with rainbow sprinkles if a song takes you there, name the song!

Here’s the photo:

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Here’s the soundtrack:

Here’s the memory:

I took this with my old film camera, after we had only known each other for two or three days. We slept on the floor of his mom’s house in a mess of pillows and blankets. His mom was in Alaska! We woke up one morning and I was feeling a little weird. It was this photo morning. I had growing pains. He got on the phone after I took this photo and called a bed & breakfast in Maine. He asked them, “What are the chances of seeing moose in your town?” They said, “About as good of a chance of seeing deer where you live.” Sold! We listened to U2’s Achtung Baby when we drove back to New York City.


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  1. I thought it was just me who had a few loves before I finally found that all consuming love with Kevin, but once again you and I have even more in common then I could have ever imagined. Still, though love that I did learn something new about you here tonight. Also, I hope you are feeling better very soon now, too.

    1. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads first, right? I have so many I didn’t even talk about. These were just the ones that I had long relationships with!

      1. You said a mouthful and will say I have more then I care to wish to remember myself. I wasn’t a whore by any means, but I did do my far share of dating back in the day, too.

        1. I have to say that that word would never come up in a sentence that had your name in it!
          This is probably most surprising to me, but I used to be quite a heartbreaker.

  2. I love your fantasy and I hope you feel better soon. Sneezing that many times while writing a post is nothing short of maddening. I appreciate this sissy ask away Friday!

    1. Sneezing and blowing my nose! I feel a bit better today but colds usually take about 10 days for me and it’s only been six. I’m going to cry!
      Glad you liked the sister questions!

  3. This may be one of my fave ask away Friday posts so far! Awesome that your sister is your ask away partner, love love love the pictures (Scarlet and the ice bear? I die.) and your stories are great as well! xo

  4. I read this most special of blogs three times. My eyes were tearing through the first two reads. During the third read a few tears fell. They really did, Tamara. This is a beautiful sisterly love blog with many funny and heartwarming stories inside.

  5. This made me go “Aw!”

    I wish I had a sister.

    And I think it’s sweet that Cassidy sent you chocolate covered strawberries. I love those things so much. I pretend they are healthy because hey, they are strawberries…

    I so love getting love letters. Sometimes my husband surprises me with a letter. He’s not a fan of writing, so it’s always nice to get one.

    1. I think they are healthy. Strawberries are very healthy and chocolate is healthy for the soul. Tada!
      I saw that your husband surprised you with candy yesterday. So romantic!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!! GO SIS!!! The questions were awesome!! And I love that you said “good grammer” for your first thing that makes you happy. That just makes sense to me- SO much sense. I might use that someday… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love that job with this, girls! And I love the name of Lindsey’s blog. Nailed it!

    And I would have fallen for that Cassidy that first morning too…. and that pic? SWOON!!

    1. Haha! I’m pretty sure good grammar isn’t my number one, but I thought it would be funny to put it there.
      Swoon is right! The camera knows, doesn’t it?

  7. Good interview Lindsay and gosh Tamara I hope you get to feeling better. It seems that bug has been nagging on you off/on for quite a while now. When I’m sick I DO NOT want to talk period. So kudos to you for pulling through these awesome questions! The first question actually got my noggin’ spinning for the entire rest of the post about different loves and the loves I’ve had. That is a real thinker! Tamara, I told you last year and will tell you again that is one of my ALL TIME fav photos of you. Try to have a good weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Different loves will definitely get your head spinning!
      My last cold was Thanksgiving, so it’s been three months. This one started over the weekend, so if it follows my usual pattern of being 10 days, it should go away completely by next week. I don’t know if I can wait that long!

  8. I had different kind of loves too, but holy cow I am so glad I didn’t end up with any of them! I am sitting here right now watching my husband do math homework with our 7th grader and thinking man that is love right there. He is sitting and doing algebra so that the wife can read Tamara’s wonderful post with her sister!

    1. Yeah, Jensguy seems like a good egg! How many people have a husband who will blog with them?
      And priorities about blog reading over doing algebra!

  9. What a fabulous swap! I personally think that it takes the good and the bad to make a marriage and family great! Yes, I love “growing up love”, I think that was really my first hubby…a definite learning experience! Definitely love is all you need! Oh a cabin in the mountains is definitely what I am ready for! LOL! Have an amazing weekend, my friend!

  10. Happy Fri. the 13th and Happy Valentines day -hope you feel better soon.

    cool Q&A – it is either cool or I am a loser – but my husband is really the only one I ever loved and the only guy I ever said I love you to. lol โ™ฅ ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I loved that you did today’s with your sister. I’m jealous because I so wish I had a sister to share all those sweet moments with. I hope you’re feeling better and as for the loves, there are so many different kind of loves. I hope I’m able to find “the one” like you both did. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aw, well I only know life with sisters. Sometimes it makes me want to give Scarlet one.
      I am feeling a bit better, thanks! Yesterday was terrible.

  12. Count me in with the others who have no siblings and really wish for a sister. You two make it look like a wonderful thing! Meanwhile, on facebook, my kids are mock-fighting about who is the best looking.

    1. Why, thank you! I actually learned photography in a darkroom. As a kid. That used to scare me a bit and I’ll never forget the smell of the chemicals!

      1. I’m jealous! Totally random memory: When I was a kid, I saw a movie where in one scene someone was developing film.. so I took my moms camera, unrolled the film (all photos of my newborn baby sister) and dunked it all in the bath tub to “develop” it.. haha. Guess I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Trust me, I might still give Scarlet a sister. Not that I have any control over such things. It’s just because of times like these when I realize how much I loved it. Brothers are very special too.

  13. I sympathize with you Tamara. My flu has evolved into a head cold that will not go away – and thinking clearly is above my pay grade. Alas, no real posts from me this week. Bravo on answering your sister’s questions!

    1. Oh no! I remember having the true flu once and it took a full two weeks for me to feel normal again. That doesn’t mean I was completely miserable for two weeks. It just means it took that long to feel normal.

  14. Wow – Lindsay asks some deep questions, and you rose to the occasion despite your horrible cold. Sometimes it makes me sad that my daughter doesn’t have a sister like I do, but then I hear her laughing with her brother, and remember that you don’t have to be the same gender to be close.

    1. It’s true. I just feel grateful to have two. Although there still could be a third, and it could be a sister or brother. The jury is not out on it.

  15. Your sister is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ She sounds like a ton of fun! Sucks you’re under the weather and hope you feel better lovely. I think you were being nice on your answer about what annoys you about Cassidy lol – I’m sure you could’ve come up with a WAY better answer than that. Love that moment when you knew it was him ๐Ÿ™‚ How cute to do this with your sister hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ You two are definitely very fortunate to have one another. Have a great weekend Tamara and hope you feel better! -Iva

    1. Haha! Well the things that annoy me about him could be a whole post. Or a whole separate blog. Can you imagine?
      I hope you have a great weekend too! Stay healthy and sleep in as long as you can.

  16. So cool that your sister has started to blog as well. The funny thing about sisters, they love you to pieces but want to break your neck if you mention 1 more thing about your freaking blog. Now you can share that together. So amazing. You know I love any trip down memory lane of you and Cassidy! Now let me go check out sis!

    1. You’re cracking me up. Well she never complained but I don’t think she really understood how awesome it is until she started her own.
      Go check out sis!

  17. I love how your closeness came out in the questions! Lindsay’s insight into your life. Love that picture of baby Scarlett. I wish my husband was romantic just because.

    1. Oh, everything I described was years ago! It’s definitely not like that now! I miss it. But. I think it’s just shown in other ways. Like when I’m sick and he cleans the litter box. Or when my favorite soup is in the bag of groceries. So it definitely still happens.

  18. I love that the sisters swapped questions!! I bet it was (maybe) hard to come up with some since you already know each other so well. I hope my girls are close sisters when they grow up – the younger two are now, but the oldest – not so much. Anyway, great questions & answers and I hope you are feeling better today!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I am feeling better. Yesterday I could barely be out and about. Today I actually did errands on purpose! Or just for the fun of them.
      I love that you have three girls. Their relationships and friendships will probably change throughout the years, but may they always be close.

  19. How sweet this Ask Away is! A Valentine’s post where Cassidy is the star! Love the stories and beautiful photos, Tamara. I’m going over to visit Lyndsay’s site now. I think it’s wonderful that you and your Sis are so close and have a strong bond.

  20. These were some good questions and answers. This is AAF at it’s finest. I loved reading this post. Now I’m heading over to read your sister’s answers to your questions. I’m sure it will be just as good.

  21. So many feels for a Friday the 13th! You definitely have that story book love vibe going on. Honestly, I think it’s because you can really see the love in your pictures. I haven’t read the 20 part story of you and Cassidy, but this post has inspired me to do so this weekend!

    1. That’s so awesome, because I felt so sick and grumpy, and probably annoyed with him, so I felt like this post would be depressing and grizzled while my sister’s post would be all newlywed and shiny!
      So you just made my day!

  22. Somehow when I read your blog and you talk about Cassidy, I always picture him with those blue, round sunnies that you show in a photo in your post here – weird… Good on you for answering the bonus question and for answering the way you did. Makes me smile. A lot. And U2 is almost always good!
    Great interview! Now off to Lindsay’s blog to read your questions and her answers…

    1. That’s so funny because that’s the first photo I ever took of him, and it was famous for a while just within our families because it was so him.

  23. Really hope you get better soon. I agree that true love is a choice. It’s also a lot of work and it’s interesting that love can’t just be love but also should be an effort. Your love story is a great one and is an inspiration to many.

    1. Thank you! I love to think about being an inspiration. That’s all you can really want out of life.
      I do feel a lot better today. Yesterday I couldn’t even get out of bed!

  24. What a super fun post!! I love that you and Lindsey switched this week.
    Those were some tough questions when you’re 100% – I can’t imagine thinking through all of that when you are feeling so miserable!!
    The best part of this post was all of the love – between you and Cassidy, you and your sweet kids and you & Lindsey!!!
    Feel better soon!!!

  25. It’s so cool that you partnered with your sister for #AAF this week! (And I think it’s equally cool that she started blogging.) It’s really interesting to see someone ask you questions who has known you you entire life, and who’s interactions with you have historically been in-person versus those of us who have asked you questions have mostly known you through a computer screen first. Some really deep questions that you handled with such grace.
    Hope you are feeling better and you are treating yourself a tasty cookie from your favorite bakery!

    1. You know, my kids ate most of the cookies I bought! I got one or two at least.
      It’s really cool that she’s blogging! Unexpected but totally fitting too.

  26. Oh what a picturesque winter scene of your house! (it’s your house, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that you and Lindsay paired up, you can totally tell you two have a history from these questions and there’s so much more intimacy than you normally see in #AAF. Also, I love Achtung Baby! Andy doesn’t share that love…oh well. It used to be one of my absolute favorite albums.

  27. Sigh. Agreed with lindsay – your swap with her was better than her swap with me. But she had inside knowledge. History. And it is amazing. Even when you have a cold. Did I tell you I saw Annie Lennox in concert once and she had a cold. And all I could think was…if she’s this amazing with a cold, she must be absolutely incredible without one. Got that with you today. Jumping to Lindsay’s blog now. Hugs sweetie! Feel better!

    1. I don’t think she ever said better than yours! I just think she didn’t understand AAF then. I remember my first. I was awful.
      Annie Lennox with a cold! I once saw Tori Amos with a cold. She took raspberry flavored medicine right on stage and said it was yummy.
      The fact that you made that analogy..and with me. Blew me away. I bow down to Annie Lennox.

  28. Love that last story! Also agree with the grammar bit on the key to your heart question. I have learned that I have no time for men who can’t string a sentence together! The things you learn about yourself when you become single…

  29. Oh my goodness there’s SO much goodness here. I love that song too; I agree all you need is love. My baby girl’s middle name was inspired by that song. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like your hot for teacher fantasy :).
    Seriously enjoyed this swap with your sister, so sweet.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  30. Sweet, Tamara! I hope you and Cassidy have a great Valentine’s weekend. That last shot even with your old camera is awesome (esp the colors).

  31. I love that you and Lindsay were paired up this week and I love all of her questions! What really struck me was where you said that true love is a choice. I hadn’t thought of it that way and it’s made me pause to think for a bit. I also love this line: “And we still make choices to make our homes, our marriages and our families be of the lasting kind.” Yes, we do have the power to make that choice, right? Feel better!

  32. I love that you and Lindsay were partners for AAF! My hubby always sings along to Hot for Teacher and gives me “looks” and I just laugh! We first knew we loved each other on a camping trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Poor thing! I hope you get better fast. But this was still romantic and I adore your pictures like crazy and I’m off to check out your SISTER!! I mean, her blog, of course, not, like, check HER out.

    Never mind. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks!! I’m feeling better. Not 100% but I’m getting out of bed so that’s something.

      Hope you had fun checking out my sister!! I mean..her blog.

  34. Yay for sisters! Even though itโ€™s all through the written word, I feel like this gave a little peek into your relationship together. Obviously you two are very close, and that is awesome. โ€ฆand I also have Hot for Teacher stuck in my mind now; thankyouverymuch. Have a fantastic Valentineโ€™s Day!

  35. Aw Sweets! I’m so sorry you’re sick. Me, too! Tucker, too. Bleh! I could move yesterday though – freezing, aching, yuck. Today, I’ve eaten so I must be on the mend. How lovely that you and your gorgeous sister got to swap questions for Ask Away and how cool that she now has a blog too! I will have to go check it out. And I love love that Cassidy called a B&B to see what the likelihood on seeing moose was. Love!

    1. I really hope you’re feeling better today, my sweet! The thing about this weather and having kids, is that viruses can really linger. So I feel mostly back to normal, but I’m still congested in the mornings. That usually
      takes about two weeks to clear out.

      The likelihood of seeing Moose is very important to us!

  36. This is such a sweet ask away Friday post! I always wanted a sister, but have two younger brothers instead. I tried playing dress up with them, but that didn’t work out so well ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s funny! Scarlet can still dress up her little brother. He really likes to wear butterfly wings!
      I always think about having a third kid to have another girl, and getting another boy instead. I personally would be so happy, but Scarlet might not be at first!

  37. So many feels on this one!! so much love…. and I do think there are many kinds. heck, I even believe in love at first sight. It may take time to grow and mature; and you definitely must nurture it — but I think it can be like that Thunderbolt. But I also think there is one person you meet along the way that you just can’t leave behind. And hopefully, that’s the one you end up with.
    Storybook Love by Mark Knopfler gets me every time. I am definitely the “Holding out for a Hero” type. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I believe in love at first sight too. And yes, that you have to grow into it. My mom fell in love with my father on the spot. And it might’ve gone the distance, if he hadn’t passed away at age 36. But that was still 18 years together!
      Mark Knopfler anything. Yes. Remind me again why we are not neighbors who get to hang out a lot?

  38. You rubbed off on your sister ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t think I will ever rub off on my sister enough to make videos – if you can believe it, I am VERY VERY VERY different from the rest of my family. You would never even think that I were related to my parents or siblings based on our personalities!! I do look exactly like my mom though (or so people say), so that’s a giveaway. However everything else – polar opposite. In fact, my parents do NOT watch my videos or look at my blog because they HATE IT! lol

    1. I have seen the pictures and you all look like a ball of fun!
      I’m trying to picture the ways in which you might be different. Can I tell you my theory? You are the more vulgar one!
      In my family, we are all equally vulgar. If you are ever on the East Coast, you’ll have to come over for a perverted dinner. It can be totally GiGi approved food. But not GiGi’s parents approved dinner table talk.

      But that’s just my theory!

      Or do you all have different political affiliations? That’s tough!

      1. My family is VERY CONSERVATIVE not just in their political views but in their mannerisms as well. I am loud and obnoxious and they hate my personality, LMFAO!!! They are also very secretive, and I… Post everything all over the internet, BAH AH AH HA AH!!! Lets just say, I don’t talk to the family all that much!

  39. 1. I love the love of you sisters. I hope my girls have this kind of love when they grow up.

    2. I suck at Valentine’s Day. Horrible. Could Cassidy publish a whitepaper on it or something?

    3. Sometimes even cookies aren’t enough. But does that mean I’m eating the wrong cookies? Or not enough of them?

    1. Your girls will. And remember, we have a third sister too and it’s some good, good stuff right there.

      Umm.. I suck at Valentine’s Day. I used to be good at it. This was a particularly bad one.

      And I agree about the cookies. Which is surprising, but I think they have an 88% success rate. Maybe 98%.

  40. I’ve been nursing the same cold, Tamara. It makes it difficult to focus on anything. I hope you feel better soon. I love that Lindsay blogs and that you both share a common passion for writing. So cool!

    1. Now Cassidy has the cold and I feel horrible! I’m much better now. It’s been about a week. Generally lingering symptoms last about two weeks, so I’m hopeful I’ll be 100% soon. Right now it’s more like 95%, which is still good!

  41. Oh I love that you and your sister have so much fun together! I wished so hard for a sister when I was little, but it never happened. I do have a great friend that is like a sister though. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling better. I love the photos as always!

  42. Ooooh this was AMAZING!!! What fun and so much love! You have some pretty romantic moments to share too. My hubby doesn’t “do” Valentine’s Day but I’m kind of okay with it because we just celebrated our anniversary a few weeks ago.

    I hope you feel better soon. That’s rotten that you’ve been sick.

    I love that you shared U2 at the end… my #1 band.

    1. Thank you! I thought her questions were out of the park.
      We don’t really do Valentine’s Day very well either. I think we used to but now it’s like a will they or won’t they scenario.

      I feel all better but now Cassidy got my horrible cold!

  43. What a sweet post! Falling in love isn’t how I imagined it either when I was younger. Like you, I believe that you can be in love more than once and it is a different kind of love each time. I think I’ve been in love 3 times, including Chris. I knew Chris was the one for me when we went out on a date to a movie and he chose a children’s flick so my daughter could come along. He accepted her and most of the jerks that I dated before Chris flew the coop when they found out I had a child. Great post. Have a terrific week and I hope you feel better soon!

  44. Sibling relationships are the very best! I don’t know what I would have done without my brother – especially though my mom’s death, dad’s remarriage, my marriage, kids – all of it!!! Feeling very lucky after reading this and as always – best pictures!!!! I think my favorites are the ones of Scarlett as a baby – oh those eyes!!

  45. Awww, I’m sorry you are still feeling bad. I didn’t hear a tone in your post – you carried on very like your usual self. I wouldn’t have known there were 117 sneezes on the other side of the post. As for the STONE period, ugh I hate that. Welcome to Lindsey! I’ll have to click over to her space.

  46. I love these questions because Lindsay’s your sister and she knows so much already that these are gritty detailed very introspective. Plus I like that you aren’t in the lovey dove spirit as you answered because these are RAW responses. Like, just crank them out and don’t look back kind of answers. I kind of knew but didn’t really realize that you & cassidy lost touch for 2 years..two freakin years!!! Wow. Though I will never forget the time you called him on your birthday and old lady anita (lol) answered.

    good times lol

    1. Your comment is a work of art.
      That’s exactly what happened. I was not in the mood for love, by any means, but I just did this and hit publish!
      I swear I’m never calling him on my birthday again!

  47. First of all – it’s amazing to me how much you and your sister look like your two children!!! Her like Des and you like Scarlet. Amazing. Second of all – your sister asks some awesome questions, especially number 1! I like how she got right in there and asked the good stuff lol. I also loved your very honest answer. I felt like you almost answered this interview in a different way because you were being asked by your sister, like I got to eavesdrop a little bit on a your conversation!

    1. I totally think that we look like my kids! I can’t wait to see what her kids will look like.

      And I love that it made you feel like you were eavesdropping. It was a very intimate one!

    1. Isn’t it funny? When I met him he was all California boy. He told me that every time he went east in the winter he got a new wrinkle. I have to say that after six years living here, he certainly doesn’t look the part.

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