Simple Electrical Projects Any Competent DIYer Can Do

Simple Electrical Projects Any Competent DIYer Can Do. Take a look at some of the following simple projects you can take on instead.

Simple Electrical Projects Any Competent DIYer Can Do

Electrical home projects should be tackled with caution. Remember, before you start anything electrical at home, you need to test your breakers, turn off the corresponding breaker, and ensure no one will turn it back on again while you are busy. Certain projects should be handled by a professional, including anything involving repairs to the breaker box, lines coming into the house, or solar cells. Even rewiring a lamp or any kind of lighting fixture that is not done correctly can create a fire hazard. 

Take a look at some of the following simple projects you can take on instead.

Upgrading at Home

Upgrades are generally safer than new fixtures, so these can be tackled with some enthusiasm. Replacing switches that have gone bad or upgrading to a different kind of switch is not too complicated, but installing a brand-new switch may require a professional. Similarly replacing an outlet should not be too much of a challenge but do not work on it if it is blackened, burned, or even hot to the touch as this will indicate a problem with overheating or overloading. Installing a ceiling fan is a safe project as the directions are usually pretty straightforward. Remember, any electrical work behind walls will likely require a professional. 

Useful Gadgets

When looking for DIY projects, it may be advisable to venture into the gadget world. And how much more exciting would it be to make your own? You can make a fire alarm using a 9 V battery, a PCB board, a tube light starter, a battery clip, and a piezo buzzer. When creating the simple circuit, the starter acts as the switch that closes when the bulb is heated. Other versions use an IR sensor, a gas sensor, or a temperature sensor. 

An infrared motion detector can be made from a variety of different components that are easily available and inexpensive from trusted electrical wholesalers. This works with different phases and an LED or buzzer can be connected at the output to indicate an intrusion. 

A solar emergency radio can be made in an Altoids mint tin. You will need a small FM radio, solar garden lights and a diode. 

Man Cave Additions

Perhaps you need to keep the man in your life out of your hair for the day so you can pursue your own hobby. If so, why not advise him to make some interesting additions to his cave? Some ideas are Mason jar speakers, a palm-size film projector, a DIY heater or a 9V battery-powered USB charger. You may actually get rid of him for a while longer if he finishes off all these projects. 

The speakers in the jars are quite stylish, trendy and fitting with an eco-friendly upcycling theme. You can use old speakers that you take apart or create your own from scratch. The trickiest part of this project is drilling a hole in the glass jars. Broken cameras can be used to create a small film projector. You can make a cheap and easy induction heater that works with electricity, not open flame. It will successfully heat a small to medium-sized room and can be assembled from just a few components including Nichrome wire, a metal can, a tin opener, an electric fan, electric tape, wire and a switch. 

A battery-powered USB charger is always useful on camping trips. This is another simple project that can be tackled with ease. 

These simple yet useful DIY projects should keep you or your partner busy for a few weekends. After that, you can investigate some other exciting options to try like some night vision thermal goggles, an anti-bag-snatching alarm for granny, or a flashlight disguised as a chapstick. Get busy!

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