Shop Till You Drop in Tel Aviv at These 4 Exciting Markets and Shopping Centers

It's not as posh or glamorous as Paris and Dubai, but the shopping scene in Tel Aviv, Israel is no joke either. Check out the highlights!

Shop Till You Drop in Tel Aviv at These 4 Exciting Markets and Shopping Centers

It might not be as posh or glamorous as Paris and Dubai, but the shopping scene in Tel Aviv, Israel is no joke either. The economic and technological center of Israel is known for its mouthwatering food, exciting nightlife, and welcoming culture. 

However, when it comes to shopping, Tel Aviv might not be the first location that comes to mind. Yet, its numerous markets and shopping centers are bound to appeal to you in one way or another. 

Apart from the popular stores and brands that are pretty much located worldwide, Tel Aviv is host to several other shopping centers and markets, most of which sell local boutique clothing, antiques, fresh produce, and a bunch of other items. 

From its locally designed dresses to its souvenirs, everything you will find at these markets has a touch of the Israeli culture and its long, prosperous tradition. And in this article, we will explore some of the more exciting markets and shopping centers in Tel Aviv that are sure to ignite the desire for a shopping spree in you.

#1 Jaffa Flea Market

Jaffa’s famous flea market has been around for 70 years and has become integral to Tel Aviv and Israel’s culture. You will fall in love with the jewelry they have there, especially the rings. The locally-made carpets are also worth taking a look at. Aside from all this, you might also fancy some Ottoman-inspired brass lamps.

The best time to visit the Jaffa Flea Market is from early June to October. That is when the Tel Aviv weather is somewhat warm, but not too sunny. You can expect an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a weather app to stay updated on the latest weather data and forecasts. 

Avoid going to the flea market (or any outdoor markets) during rainy or overcast conditions, because that will likely ruin the mood if you are not fond of wet conditions and muddy streets.

#2 Nahalat Binyamin Artist Market

The Nahalat Binyamin Artist Market, located next to the Carmel Market, opens every Tuesday and Friday to welcome local and foreign shoppers into its stalls. In case you are a tourist visiting Israel and wondering what to bring back home for your friends and family members, you must visit this marketplace in Tel Aviv.

The Artist Market is the best place in the whole city for buying gifts and local souvenirs. From handmade jewelry and pottery to decor items with a local and cultural touch, this place has it all. 

In terms of aesthetics, no other market in Tel Aviv can beat the Nahalat Binyamin Artist Market. You will especially fall in love with the kaleidoscopes and ceramic pomegranates they sell over there, which would make perfect gifts for your loved ones back home.

Try to get to the market before the afternoon, preferably early in the morning. The crowd can get a bit overwhelming as the day progresses. 

#3 Greek Market

The Greek Market is a minute’s walk from the famous clock tower in Jaffa. This outdoor market houses antique collections and vintage clothing. The entire market has a 19th-century vibe, which does justice to the things it sells. You will truly enjoy browsing through the shops as various attractive antiques and vintage yet colorful clothes catch your eye. Buying from the Greek Market will make you feel as if you were taking a piece of Israel back home with you. 

#4 Levinsky Market

Your nose will guide you to the Levinsky Market if you ever need to find it. Located in the Florentine neighborhood, the stores in Levinsky are famous for their spices, dried fruits, and nuts. These are food items you can take home with you. You will also find other food items like local cheeses, organic herbs, and boutique wine. A quick trip around this market will help you realize why it is a foodie’s paradise.

Local, beautiful, and inspiring – these are the words you will end up using to describe the shopping scene in Tel Aviv once you have had your taste of it. The various shopping locations in the city are sure to exceed your expectations. And while it may not beat the taste of going shopping in New York, Paris, or Dubai, this prosperous city at the heart of the country of Israel will surely help you live an experience you will not find anywhere else in the world.

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