Seven Basic Dog Commands and Why Your Pet Needs to Know Them

Seven Basic Dog Commands and Why Your Pet Needs to Know Them. Here you can find out about basic dog commands and why it's important to teach.

Seven Basic Dog Commands and Why Your Pet Needs to Know Them:

A well-trained dog is always going to be a more enjoyable pet than one that is out of control, but it is also about safety too.

There are all sorts of scenarios which could put your dog, your family or members of the public at risk if you are not able to properly control your pooch.

Here you can find out about seven basic dog commands and why it is important your pet understands them.


One of the most common commands, “sit” can be useful in many situations. For example, if your dog pesters you while you are dealing with a delivery at the door or working in the kitchen, this three-letter word can stop them in their tracks.


If you need your dog to keep its distance while you carry out a task, that could be anything from changing the baby’s nappy to mowing the lawn, the command “stay” is essential.


When your dog gets over-excited, whether in the home or outside, it can escalate quicky into a situation where they might hurt themselves or someone else, especially if it is a large dog. In these circumstances, a firm “DOWN!” command can return order to the proceedings.

Dogs adopted from the pound can be especially skittish considering their unpredictable life until this point – this article from Diamond Pet Foods shows you how to train a rescued dog as adult dogs can be more difficult to train than starting from scratch with a puppy.


While your dog is out of the home, there are many distractions which can lead to you losing control over them.

If you frequently find yourself pulling your pooch away from other dogs, fire hydrants or trash cans for example, then you might want to spend some time teaching the “come” command.

Drop it

Your four-legged friend can find all sorts of undesirable objects while out on their daily walks, so it is essential they learn to “drop it” when you tell them to. There are some items you simply do not want to retrieve from their jaws by hand and there are others which might pose a health risk to your dog if they were not to drop it when you tell them to.

Leave it

If you have a dog who likes to follow its instincts, such as chasing cats, it could cause a nasty accident so another important command for your dog to obey is to “leave it”.


A dog constantly pulling on the leash takes the fun out of going for a walk for both you and your pet. The “heel” command means you can walk at a comfortable pace and keep your pup under control when you encounter passers-by.

If you and your dog can master these basic commands together, your owner-pet relationship will be all the stronger for it and other family members and visitors to your home, along with the people and animals you meet out and about, will all benefit too.

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  1. So, when Elsa was a puppy we did training with her here. And she is pretty good at all of the above. But agree all the above commands are great for all dogs to know. Just glad training did do the trick so to speak with our girl 😀

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