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Send Sticker Photo Greeting Cards This Season

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Time to talk holiday greetings with Print sticker online greeting cards!

These are a favorite for us. After a long break, we have decided to send holiday cards again this year. We’ve been motivated by being a family of six and growing closer with our community and our loved ones. So we booked professional photos for the first time in.. maybe ever! When Rider was born, I was too exhausted to take photos so I booked all three for festive mini photos with a photographer. We went to her house and the whole thing was really short and informal. So this year we hired someone to come to our house, get our vibe as a family, and take our photos. As a photographer, I SO enjoyed being hands off and not having to worry about lighting or location. What a blast. And now that we have all of these great family photos, we aim to use them for the holidays! Enter, Sticker & Co’s new photo holiday greeting cards this holiday 2022. So good!

#sponsored Send beautiful holiday greetings with Sticker & Co's new sticker photo greeting cards this holiday 2022 #HolidayStickerGreetings

(Photo by Leigh Chodos)

Send Sticker Photo Greeting Cards This Season:

The occasions!

These photo greeting cards are similar to traditional cards, in the way they are personalized with your photos, messages, fonts, dimensions, etc. but they’re custom stickers! So you can make your cards into something people can still use after the holidays. Not only can you celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah with these greetings, but you can use them year-round for weddings, anniversaries, babies, graduations, and more! Your friends and loved ones can personalize their belongings with a photo sticker they will cherish forever!

#sponsored Send beautiful holiday greetings with Sticker & Co's new sticker photo greeting cards this holiday 2022 #HolidayStickerGreetings

The details!

As you know, there are greeting card stickers for ANY occasion. Personally I would love to go back in time and make baby announcement stickers! That said, what we have is now, and the holiday greeting card idea is AWESOME. The cards are 5 inches x 7 inches and they’re available in two materials – you can choose them to be wall decals or permanent stickers. The wall decal material is non-waterproof, paint-safe, and can be removed and repositioned. They’re great for walls, doors, fridges, laptops, desks, water bottles. The permanent sticker greeting cards, on the other hand, are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and have a matte laminate finish. They’re great for personalizing items. You can add greetings to the cards with up to four lines of unique text (25 characters).

The sales!

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So make sure to take advantage of these amazing sales this week because it is a great week for shopping! A lot of my photography clients buy their holiday greeting cards this week and I’m pretty excited to show them this amazing way to send holiday greetings to all of their loved ones. They make great stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, and are also great year-round!

#sponsored Send beautiful holiday greetings with Sticker & Co's new sticker photo greeting cards this holiday 2022 #HolidayStickerGreetings

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So, have you ever sent sticker photo greeting cards?

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