Science Fiction Double Feature.

I really had to tease you in with a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” title, didn’t I?

The truth is that this is a double feature, not unlike Friday’s triple threat post. I’m just saving up and combining a lot of good thoughts today. And just to make it science fiction-y, we visited ConBust on Saturday – Smith College’s little sci-fi convention – and I saw a girl dressed up like Jareth from Labyrinth. She’s pretty much my hero and she was totally willing to pose for me.

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I think she pulled it off wonderfully.

Anyway. I had a terrible weekend. Just terrible. It was terrible emotionally, professionally, parentally, anxiety-wise, and probably more. And it had vomit. Weekends with vomit are almost always terrible, even if it was just the dog this time.

So to brighten up the aftermath of a truly dreadful weekend, I’m finally participating in Old School Blogging, just in the nick of time for March. This month, Co-Pilot Mom Kim helped co-host with The Miss Elaine-ous Life. The March theme of Old School Blogging is Random, and even though the linkup is now closed, well hey, it’s still March. Then stay tuned after my Random Questions, because I have an important message with a giveaway that I’ve been wanting to introduce from No Holding Back.

And now, Old School Blogging, Random Is Back:

What is the last thing you watched on TV? I watched “Once Upon a Time” on my couch on Sunday afternoon. Scarlet watched a bit of the lighter parts with me and she was completely intrigued/flabbergasted to see all of her favorite storybook characters come to life. She was mostly puzzled as to why Captain Hook was so nice on the show! I’m mostly puzzled as to how he can be so… know..easy on the eyes, to put it as respectfully as possible. I like to speak respectfully of women and men.

When did you last step outside? What were you doing? Ugh, I went out in the cold rain to take Athena out. We’ve been worried she has some kind of stomachache/blockage but we were successful outside and she was much more playful and happy than she’d been all weekend.

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What is on the walls of the room you are in? Well I’m in my office which has nothing on the walls. However I can just look down over the railing into the living room, and see lots of good stuff.

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If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? I don’t know that I’d go crazy right away! Unless you count a latte with extra whipped cream to be crazy. I’d love to buy our house in full so no more mortgage. Then brand new cars, big savings accounts for the kids, luxury Canon lenses, plane tickets to Alaska, the organic kind of frozen waffles..

Tell me something about you that most people don’t know. Sometimes I find it nearly impossible to open my heart to something new – friendships, relationships, parenting, new puppies, because I’m afraid that if I do, it will feel like falling through a crack in the earth. And I nearly always do it, and it nearly always does feel that way, but it’s like there’s a giant fluffy pillow that catches people who fall through the cracks in the earth. Maybe you knew that.

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Who made the last incoming call on your phone? Well, crap! I just ran to check and I had two missed calls from Cassidy. And the second call was to see if I wanted a burrito! And I missed my burrito chance! Wah! (this weekend SUCKS)

If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do? I’d make our master bedroom into a real master bedroom suite. As it stands, there’s a small bathroom with only a shower. And there’s only a tiny closet in the bedroom. I have dreams of walk-in closets and spa bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs. I mean, how could I not? I love our home, but of course I dream…

What was the last thing you bought? Gas! And then tickets/snacks at a trampoline park where I met the totally awesome Allie of VitaTrain4Life and her adorable twin sons. I’m still smiling about how I met her, but I think it’s less shocking than it usually is when I meet someone I really want to meet, because Allie is totally how you’d imagine her in real life. Warm and friendly and all-around awesome! And she’s done vlogs on her blog, so that helped. More on that later this week!

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Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Wait, does this mean I’d have to do one or the other? My answer is that no, I wouldn’t do either one. If this question is asking me to choose one if I HAD to choose, then I’d choose sky diving.

If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be? I think I’ll go with Lana Parrilla and/or Robert Carlyle from “Once Upon a Time.” They play the Evil Queen/Regina and Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. Their characters are both very conflicted between darkness and light and they both have proven they have big hearts, but both have killed. I’m fascinated by their acting!

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Definitely B&H Photo. I would go insane with luxury lenses. I had so much fun when I had to rent a wide angle lens a few weeks ago for a corporate real estate job. (this photo isn’t from the job)

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Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s always half full, in the deepest recesses of my mind.

What’s the farthest-away place you’ve been? It was either outside Vancouver, B.C. or San Diego. I’d have to see on a map which one is farther away.

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What’s under your bed? I just looked! Just a little plastic toy train that Des must have left there.

What is your favorite time of the day? Late morning, particularly on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s when I have some time to myself to catch up on photos/blogs/breakfast.

What Inspires You? A lot of beautiful and tasty things inspire me. Rainbows, animals, cookies and ice cream. Romance, travel, books, films, art. However, I will say that parental love most inspires me to be a better, and stronger, person.

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And now to introduce a very special Mother’s Day Campaign, by guest poster, Alexa at No Holding Back:

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For most mothers, Mother’s day is a day to be spoiled by their children (and maybe husbands.) It’s a day we look forward to. A day that we, the mother, gets the one day that we are acknowledged for everything that we do as moms. And mothers should be honored. All mothers.

For many mothers, Mother’s day is a source of pain. A constant reminder of what is no longer here, or what will never be.

It’s a very difficult day for grieving mothers. I know, because I am one of them.

“A mother is not defined by the number of children you can see, but by the love that she holds in her heart.” ~Franchesca Cox

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A few years ago, CarlyMarie of Project Heal began International Bereaved Mother’s Day. This day for mother’s to talk about the true meaning of Mother’s Day, and celebrate our children, both with us and not. Do you know why Mother’s Day was begun?

Anna Jarvis officially founded the traditional Mother’s Day to honour her mother Ann who experienced the death of 7 of her children and somehow through the years it has turned into a commercialized mess that corporate companies make millions of dollars from, but the worst thing is that bereaved mothers are completely forgotten. ~CarlyMarie

International Bereaved Mother’s Day is now the Sunday preceding Mother’s Day. So this year it is May 5th.

Inspired by the actions of CarlyMarie and so many others who make it their mission to bring light to grieving parents, I wanted to do something as well. Last October, in time for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on October 15th, a group of bereaved parents and I published our book Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother. It is our stories and our best advice and tips on surviving the loss of a pregnancy, infant, or older child.

Fueled by the positive feedback and the positive impact it was having on other parents who have suffered the death of a child, we went one step further and created a nonprofit, Sunshine After the Storm, Inc, to raise funds to donate the books to hospitals, bereavement groups, and organizations that support bereaved parents.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to do something special. So we decided to start a special “Mother’s Day Campaign.” The goal is simple: raise money to donate as many books as we can to hospitals and bereavement groups for Mother’s Day, and use a portion of the funds to make a special Mother’s Day contribution to the organizations that support bereaved parents, infant death, pregnancy loss, and research for children’s health issues.

I also reached out to different people, including some well-known authors on baby and child loss, such as Sherokee Ilke and Teske Drake; to CarlyMarie (who creates the most beautiful artwork for bereaved parents on her Shore of Remembrance) and many others. I asked for donated items and services so that we could offer a wonderful incentive for those who decide to find it in their heart to make a donation. The response was amazing, and on May 4th, International Bereaved Mother’s Day, we will have a giveaway of 15 incredible items. And more may be added!

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We just ask for one thing. A very small donation. $5 (or more if you’d like!) It costs us about $8 to donate each book. One donation will get you entered for a chance to win all of these amazing prizes! (Donate here)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Oh man. So sorry about the vomit!! Never ever fun and I hope that everyone feels better soon!! And Old School Blogging! I missed out this month. I’m so glad that you got to meet Allie. Can’t wait to hear more about your visit together.

    1. Thank you! It was just the dog so I guess it’s better because it’s not..contagious. That’s the only positive side. Mostly it’s worse because you can’t explain to them that they’ll be all right.
      I’ll be writing about Allie on Wednesday, I believe, as long as life lets me finally get those photos up.

  2. Yay to our meet-up but booooo to such a bad weekend. I’m so sorry you had a rough one AND missed your burrito chance!? Things HAVE to be better this week.

    1. Thursday was just so sunny and beautiful and fun. It was probably the last time I saw sun and the last time I had a good day. So thank you for that! I know many more are coming.
      And Cassidy did say we had a burrito date this week..!

  3. Aww, so sorry about the terrible weekend and wished we lived closer, because I so would have come over to offer even a hug. It wasn’t a great weekend here either with it raining all weekend. Soccer got rained out from all the rain. I ended up writing and taking photos for blog reviews and such most of Sunday. At least I am caught up, but seriously there wasn’t much to do with the weather being so miserable and believe it or not my girls wanted to stay in and just play with their toys. And Kevin was working on a client’s site redesign, so kind of a boring Sunday and would love a do over to be honest. Here is to a better week and weekend next time out for both of us 🙂

    1. If I read the ten day forecast, I want to cry. However, it does change. They really don’t know that far ahead. And even gloomy today looks like it could have a light at the end of the tunnel. I believe it.
      Wish you lived closer, as always. We’d have a hot coffee together. Or something good!

  4. My husband would totally call me about a burrito. It’s one of his favorite things! I, on the other hand, don’t appreciate a burrito as much as I should. 😉 I hope your week is much better than your weekend!

    1. I think I’m getting a burrito do-over this week and I’m quite happy about it. I don’t know that I love burritos all that much because they’re usually filled with horrific things (to me) like onions and cilantro.
      However, this place puts together a very fresh and non-pitfall-filled burrito.

  5. Sorry about the poopy weekend. Hopefully you have a better WEEK. If I lived closer, I’d bring chocolate and candy and..well, lots of good stuff. And a burrito, if you still wanted one. See, I love to eat.

    I so love your house! I’ve said that before and it’s still very true.

    1. You’d totally be my girl for that! I do still want a burrito. This week = burrito do-over. And hey, maybe that weird sun will come out. Stranger things have happened.
      I can’t wait to read your cookie review! Been saving it for after breakfast so I don’t go too crazy..

  6. Bad weekends are the worst. I think they’re worse than bad weeks because on the weekend you’re supposed to have fun and life is supposed to work the way it should. And now it’s snowing, so then there’s that. Here’s to the snow stopping and this week being better!

    1. ha! I know! Well just some icy rain here and it’s all cleared up. I think it will be better this week, weather wise. The rest? Remains to be seen.
      Having amazing people read my blog helps a lot.

  7. We recently got a trampoline park in our area and I’ve been wanting to take my kids. However, over the winter my son has turned into a hermit. He does not want to leave the house hardly ever. Sorry to hear you had a bad weekend. Hopefully, you have a great Monday!

    1. Aw, I hope spring brings him out of his shell! I can relate.
      They just started opening these parks up everywhere. They seem to be a franchise. This one is still pretty new so it’s fairly clean. So much fun!

  8. You are definitely right about any weekend involving vomit is NOT a good weekend. Booo to that! I read Allie’s post where she said she got to meet you all! I love Des’ picture on her blog! I wish we had trampoline park in our area…I would go and probably have more fun than the kids! We have a trampoline in our yard, but I’m sure it’s NOTHING compared to a trampoline park!

    1. You’ll probably get one because it’s a franchise and I’ve heard of them popping over everywhere! We got two in CT in the last several months.
      Allie rocks! So nice to see you visiting today!

  9. Aww dude, I hope your week is better than your weekend.
    I don’t watch “Once Upon a Time”, but I watch Grimm, which also has the fairy tale element and I love it. The main character (and the evil one) are also, um, easy on the eyes 😀

  10. Oh man, sorry about your terrible weekend. Glad the pup is feeling better though. She is so gorgeous! I had no idea who that girl in the first pic was supposed to be dressed up like. Comic/sci-fi wise I am only into the superheroes so I had to google it! Love how you would spend the big bucks on camera lenses. So you!!! Hoping the week goes by better for you!

  11. I hope your week is better than your weekend! You know I love Once Upon a Time too, but I’m having some trouble with the new wicked witch character. To me, she will always be Elphaba of Wicked, and she will be Good.

    1. And the actress played Charlotte in LOST and she was equally sweet/sour/mysterious there too. I’d love to slap her face really hard. I felt that way in LOST too. Clearly, I have some issues here.

  12. I love your open heart and honesty 🙂
    I’ll send you doggie poo pills.
    I always want to watch Once Upon a Time but never do. I think it’s because by Sunday, I’m so exhausted that I just want to make out with the sheets.
    I absolutely adore this cause. I really do. There is so much more to mothers day than gifts and spoiling. It’s about celebrating and supporting. So glad that you’re on board.

    1. Please send pills immediately! I lost half of a couch cushion and a nail to this dog already this week. And she is very sweet and gentle. How can sweet and gentle and SMALL dogs cause so much trouble?
      And don’t say “I told you so” because my husband came home with her and she’s gorgeous and I couldn’t send her back to Alabama, could I?
      Anyway. So glad you visited and brightened up my crappy day.

  13. I love and could see photos of Athena all day 🙂 She’s adorable – what was wrong with her tummy? Did you guys get flooded with rain too? It blew so much donkey nuts – it was lots of napping all weekend amongst random errands ran. Hoping for a brighter, warmer upcoming weekend! Happy Monday Tamara! -Iva

    1. She either got a bug or ate a tiny toy and it got stuck in her intestine. Good times, right? I’m just glad she’s not having nerves because she found out she lives with an anxious woman. Only an anxious woman would think that, right? I totally put that on myself until the lab results came back and we realized it wasn’t mental.

      1. Aww!! It’s like another kid right? Worrying about her whereabouts 😛 Dogs range from kids of about 12 months of age: they get into stuff and are highly active, you are still responsible for their bowel movements, but they communicate via their eyes and body language more than verbal. 🙂 No you’re definitely right about that- at the animal hospital when handling aggressive dogs I had to disregard my fear because they sense it and feed off it. Again, same with kids 😉 Glad she’s doing better!!

        1. It’s like another kid for sure! Easier in many ways, though. Always happy to see me. Doesn’t yell at me. Is mostly potty trained. Not a picky eater!
          The hard things is that she eats EVERYTHING.

  14. Sorry that your weekend sucked – I hate that for you!!!
    But, I love that you and Allie met – 2 of my very favorites!!! I think I need to move NE (except I can barely tolerate midwest winters so…..)!!!
    I hope that your Monday more than makes up for the weekend!!!

    1. I’d have to be selfish and tell you to move here to see us! I do think our winters are better than midwest winters, but not by a long shot. We don’t get the craziness that upstate NY gets either. However, maybe we all need to move south or west..

  15. First of all, I am sorry you missed out on the burrito. That’s a real bummer. Also hope Athena is doing better. It sucks when our little ones are sick, even the furry ones! And I’m totally with you on the bungee jumping or sky diving thing. I’ll skip both, thank you.

    1. Right, the wording of the question made me believe that maybe I could just say “no” to both!
      I hope by the end of this week, that both the Athena problem and the burrito problem can be remedied. We’re waiting for bloodwork. Afraid she either picked up an infection or swallowed a kid toy and it got stuck!

  16. Ugh. I am bummed about your missed burrito! But totally psyched you got to meet up with Allie. That looked like so much fun. I didn’t have the best weekend either. It happens. Today it is snowing so not that great either BUT my birthday is Friday so at least there is that! Happy Monday friend!

    1. I read your very honest post. Wishing for great things for us all. And your birthday! So awesome! I’ll be sending lots of virtual birthday love.
      Today is turning out to be terrible too. I know my warm and sunny and happy day is coming..

  17. Bad weekends are the worst. Sorry you had one. Mine was last weekend. They just come out of nowhere and always seem to blindside me. Hopefully we’ll be rid of them for a while! I’m laughing about the organic frozen waffles. I’m the same way. It’s the little things. I’d be happy to buy some new clothes and dishes for the kitchen.

    1. Thanks for catching that about the waffles! Organic food is expensive, but it’s important to us.
      New clothes are usually the first thing I think of – not sure why I didn’t mention them here.

  18. I think I have it all figured out: Athena got your burrito. Being a good southern girl from Alabama, she probably couldn’t handle the cilantro. You’re welcome.

    I think it’s important to remember all moms and aspiring moms and grieving moms on Mother’s Day. They’re all moms and moms are kinda beautiful if you ask me.

    1. What a team player – taking that cilantro in place of me. I can’t handle the cilantro – the “dirty weed” as they call it.
      My poor girl.
      Moms are kinda beautiful, aren’t they?

  19. I just got chicken burrito from army navy for midnight snack. I just thought I’d let you know. To rub it in. LOL
    Sorry you had a bad weekend, if it will make you feel any better, I did nothing at all. Except cook. And nag, and yell at the kids. 🙁

    1. ha! Glad someone got a burrito. And the one in question was a chicken one. With beans, cheese and fresh lettuce, Oh, I die a little.
      I’ll get it soon. To be symbolic, I’ll get one when the sun finally comes out AND when everyone in my house, including the dog, is 100% healthy.

  20. So sorry about your bad weekend…the best thing about that is that you get a brand new one in a few days to make up for it 🙂 Love that you met with the most awesome Allie, I totally agree that vlogs help a lot 🙂 One time when I went to a blog conference, one women I met said OMG you are just like how you are in your videos…I’m like “How else would I be?!” 🙂 You need another burrito chance, stat.

    1. I should probably do vlogs. Most people tell me they think I’m taller in real life than I am. And it’s my greatest optical illusion. I am thin and a bit lanky so people always think I’m six feet or something!
      Just 5’6″.

    1. Oh dear! My family does want a cat and I said absolutely not. Our kids barely puke..most dogs do it once a year or so… I can not do a cat!

    1. Thank you! Monday wasn’t great, but I have high hopes for the rest of the week. Even if you just go by the looks to be improving.

  21. Ugh, so sorry to hear you had a bad weekend. Here’s to hoping that Monday has been a lot better for you! (I never thought the words “Monday” and “better” would ever come out of my mouth!)

  22. Sorry your week was so crappy! We had vomit (and a husband out of state all week) so I can relate to that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Des’s pjs in the last photo!! Are they sock monkeys? I am obsessed with sock monkeys but love all monkeys!

    1. Sorry about the vomit!
      They’re not sock monkeys – but they’re monkey cowboys, I think. My mom has horses and got Des these adorable cowboy outfits with built in boots and vests. They’re amazing. She got them from Zulily.

  23. Sorry about your bad weekend, I had one too. Sometimes those things happen. Ugh. Good news, today is looking better!! 🙂

  24. So sorry you had a terrible weekend. I hate when weekends are ruined! I’m with you and would have very disappointed in a lost burrito opportunity. Actually, I would have called my husband and harassed him to bring me one anyway. Hope you have a better week!!

    1. I think he would have, to be honest! It was just that he’d had a long day and it was late. Next time, I’m getting that burrito!
      Hope you’re having a good Monday!

  25. Sorry that the puppy was not well. I hope that he has overcome whatever is wrong with him. Jeffrey hasn’t been sick but he has been an a-hole. I wish I spoke kitty so I could figure out what he was trying to tell me.

    What a great cause! So glad you shared.

    1. I know what you mean. I wish that about Des too. I wish I spoke better toddler. He communicates well but he’s only one so the words get lost.
      The dog should be fine – we’ll have answers today. She seems to have swallowed a toy that she can’t pass. So either she’ll pass it, they’ll pull it out..or the worst
      In all three cases, she’s ok, but not our wallets!

  26. Sorry you missed your burrito! I love to get those “Do you want a…” messages – and I hate to miss them.
    Hope that today was a better day.
    Also, I find parental love to be a very inspiring thing, too! 🙂

    1. Yesterday was pretty bad, but I think today is looking up. For one, it’s actually sunny AND above freezing out. Weird.
      Thank you!

  27. I was just talking with Sam this weekend about Labyrinth, and how I still need to see it!
    Sorry you had such a poopy weekend 🙁 Hopefully that means the week can only get better from there.
    I went sky diving once and would never go bungee-jumping. But then again, I’ll probably never go ski diving ever again (once was more than enough!)
    Read about the Mother’s Day Campaign on Another Jennifer blog the other day, and am planning to donate (I purposely left the tab open to do that this week!)

    1. So glad you’re donating!
      And yes, see Labyrinth! I’d love to know what you think. Of course I saw it when I was a little kid so it is a lot different to watch it now. I still see the magic, though.

  28. I hope that there is no more vomit, ugh!
    Also, bah missed burrito. Dude.
    Thanks for sharing Alexa’s great cause, I’ll be writing about it too!

    1. I’m totally vomit-phobic! Actually, Scarlet was only once weeks ago, and Cassidy “caught” it. And he also cleaned it up when it was the dog.
      I’m totally spoiled.
      Can’t wait to see your Alexa post!

  29. I missed you!! I’ve been having such a crappy week and weekend and have been slowly losing it. 🙁 You have such a big heart that I can’t see you not ever opening up to share some of the love that you have. You’re a really great person and I love you for it. Loving the pictures and especially the one with the new puppy! Here’s hoping this week is awesome for you.

  30. I know what you mean about finding new friends feeling like it’s opening a huge painful (possibly) crack and that we might fall and burn and break, but that there’s a pillow there. I love that pillow and am still surprised by it. So sorry about the vomit ick weekend, my sweets. So sorry. And what’s up with no burrito? Please tell Cassidy that if there’s ever a question about burrito or no burrito, to bring one. It can always be eaten tomorrow but the regret of today is sucky and not taken back! I hope today is better!

    1. ha! Good point about the burrito. They probably reheat nicely. I wouldn’t know because I always eat them.
      I think I might get a burrito later this week.

  31. one of my best friends took pictures throughout my wedding weekend and as a thank you i asked his partner what a good present would be. he said, “get him a gift certificate at b&h photo.” now i know what all photographers want. i feel like such an insider!

    1. It’s so true! And amazon. Amazon often has the same lenses and sometimes cheaper. And better customer service, although B&H has its moments.

  32. I’m so glad you played along, and in the nick of time! 😉 I was just thinking all those windows in your house are a photographers dream! And that I am jealous! ha! And I just love that your millionaire self would spring for the organic waffles, you crack me up, girl! xo

    1. I wish you could come over for organic waffles and to try out some photos with this lighting!
      It is so beautiful right now, with the sun OUT and consistent. When it’s dark, it’s dark, though. I suppose that’s the case with any houses but we’re in the woods so we’re always the last to lose our snow. Other people already have lawns! We don’t.

  33. Oh man, you missed a burrito call! That IS a bad weekend! I hope this weekend is better. And that photo of the mountains is eerily beautiful, took to me another place.

  34. I’m really sad you had a bad weekend too! It’s supposed to be…wait for it…sunny in Seattle tomorrow with a high of 60 degrees. (I’ve been waiting all month for this sun.) If you leave now, you just might make it! And we have lots and lots and LOTS of hot coffee. I pretty sure Seattle invented coffee? I cannot promise good burritos though. Not known for the burritos, this city.

    1. Same here! Sunny today, ALL DAY, and 55. Tomorrow? 61! Whoa. I prefer the 70’s but it’s early yet. And just being 60 is enough for us to have our heat and fireplace off all day. And that saves a lot of money.
      And I really wish I had left last night, because it would be so nice to have coffee and burritos and good conversation with you.

  35. I’m betting that if you asked Cassidy to go back out and get you that borrito- he is THAT kind of guy to do it. And I am SO sorry you had that kind of weekend honey… girl, you KNOW I get it. Ugh…

    But how can you even share such things when your photos scream BEAUTIFUL!!!??? Your house is freaking GORGEOUSLY huge!!! And gorgeously GORGEOUS.

    That pic is so cool, and what a dear for her to let you capture her awesome costume!!!

    I do hope and pray the pup is okay and that you are feeling more ‘settled’… Praying for that, sweet friend.

    1. He would totally go get me a burrito. In fact, last night he went out and got me a hot dog and fries. Because I needed it.
      The house is awesome – come visit PLEASE. I’ll make you cookies in the open sunlight.
      The dog WILL be ok. She seems to have an infection from eating a small toy and having it get lodged in her intestine. Lovely, right? So the best case scenario is that she passes it. The next best is that they can get it out with some tool thingy they have. Worst case is that she needs to have surgery. In all three cases, she’s ok. In none of those cases are our wallets ok.
      Ah, dogs.

  36. OH MAN, a weekend with any kind of vomit is just THE WORST! UGH. Can we just say how insanely jealous we are that you got to meet Allie in real life??!! WAH. When can we all meet in real life…that is what we want to know! Hope you are able to sneak in some quiet time late morning today! :)-The Dose Girls

    1. BlogU in Baltimore? Or when we finally all get together in NC! That’s honestly in the works and maybe your ears were ringing last Thursday because we were totally talking about how awesome you two are.
      I have these dreams of a way we can ALL meet, even though there are 700 of us.

  37. I’m sorry your weekend was bad! All of that (especially the vomit) sounds like a bummer! BUT? Look at that beautiful house you got to experience all of that in? I just want to come sit and hang out with you in that big open space. Now I know why all your pictures always have such good lighting! 😉

    1. I would love you to come over! You could help us with our butterfly garden!
      There is a lot of light in this house, WHEN the sun is out. That hasn’t been happening a lot lately, but it’s happening today and it is fantastic.

  38. I can relate to so many of these things that I don’t even know where to begin. Can I choose Amazon as the store to max out my credit card? haha

  39. Oh No! What happened this weekend?!?!?!?! Whenever I feel like crud, I always take a minute to count my blessings. It really helps me put everything into perspective. I am sure you did just that. But you know what? Sometimes we are just allowed to be in a sour mood. I know that if I am having a bad week, all will be reset on Sunday at 11:59pm! 😉

    1. Oh, just crappiness on top of crappiness! Horrible weather. A sci-fi convention I could have photographed, but I didn’t because I can’t afford to work for free anymore, but being there made me realize I should have. Even though my replacement had the social skills of a fire hydrant. People should hire me. I’m friendly.
      Oh, and the dog got very ill. She ate something like a small toy (we don’t know what yet) and couldn’t pass it through. A blockage!
      She’s much better today.
      I like your attitude!!

      1. OH NO!!! I hope puppy is okay! My sister just found out her dog has Bacterial Pneumonia!!! And he lost 20 pounds 🙁 And now he won’t eat!!! It’s actually quite scary!

        I am sorry to hear about the event too though, but you know what? I always tell myself, I cannot dwell on the past and neither can you! It is what it is, and it’s time to just learn from that and move on 😉

  40. If I became filthy stinking rich overnight, my list of purchases would probably be very practical too. Imagine a life without bills! OH MY! The thought gets my heart racing with excitement. I’d probably book a very fun trip with everyone I knew, too. I cant believe you missed a burrito opportunity- I would have been wah wah wah. I tell my husband to just get it, even if I dont respond. Just do it! Sometimes he does..sometimes I’m left in the dust eating cereal (your former favorite!) No sky diving or bungee for me either. Too many youtube videos and travel channel “vacations from hell” episodes. What’s wrong with me? lol

    1.! Such a good reader/listener. I secretly will always love cereal.
      When Scarlet was one, she was bitten by a dog on the face. It was terrible, of course, but it’s over now. Anyway when it happened if I even thought about her getting bit somewhere else instead (hand, leg, etc.) my heart would race with excitement. It almost hurt to realize I was only dreaming.
      I get that way about money too. Just the thought of a life without constant financial heart races!

      My sister went sky diving! I even watched her video, but only because I knew she had already landed safely. I nearly had to take a dramamine to watch it.

      1. Dog story is seriously scary and awful but I’m not going to make you relive it by asking questions. Just :[ I think we get really caught up in our feelings and our imaginations are super wild and real feeling so it’s only natural our bodies spin into whatever our minds concoct. I’m the same way with videos, I literally cannot watch something if I know something bad is going to happen, and I really hate my husband sometimes because he’ll say “look at this” and it will be the most horrible, terrible, crazy incident that he should never show me because it stains my soul and he sits there like, “what?” Where some people can close the window and never think about it again, I carry it with me as a reference forever. Why doesn’t he get that?!!!!

        1. Pretty much ANYTHING Cassidy has on TV has the power to destroy me. And I put on..”Hart of Dixie.” He should thank me.
          And you can ask me anything about the dog story!

  41. puke and missed burrito opportunity? that is a suckie weekend! hope the week has been better.
    I have no idea what I’d do, or buy if I became rich over not. I am so used to having no money and going without the most basic things a woman enjoys (hello awful nails and hair-do), that I cannot imagine the freedom that could be had. I think I’d just be stunned for a few days. And then — The Keg! mull it all over with giant Ceasar’s; that seems right.
    Although I am sure a new house and vacation would appear at some point. 🙂
    What a wonderful cause! My mom, even though she has the most perfect child, like – ever (ha!); also experienced a few miscarriages. So Mother’s Day is a mix of grief, and joy for her. It’s very hard and I don’t think anyone that doesn’t know those 2 sides can understand. Being a grandma now has made it a bit easier though.

    1. always crack me up. Dog puke is ok because it’s not contagious, and because my husband cleaned it all up. What a guy. (I got the other end, though. Yeck)
      I hear you about the money. It got really bad, last year. Really bad. Over the past few months, it’s gotten better. Less bills and I started taking higher paying jobs. Anyway, having money in my checking account is shocking to me. Not crying whenever there’s a birthday present to buy or a potluck to cook for? Shocking. I may even buy myself a manicure one of these days.

  42. I’d also choose skydiving. In fact it’s my dream! If only I can afford it over my priorities. Maybe someday though! 🙂 Sorry for the bad weekend, mine was not bad but it wasn’t that exciting either. And if only I can max out my credit card, gaaahhh nooo!! HAHA. I love this mother’s day cause, I’ve never had complicated pregnancy so that’s something I’m thankful of but I know some friends who have experienced complicated ones & I totally feel for them.

    1. My sister went sky diving for her birthday as a surprise from her boyfriend. I had to make sure he had known firsthand that it would be ok with her. If someone surprised me with that, I might not like it.
      My husband surprised us with a puppy two weeks ago, but we had at least discussed it happening in the future. Some wives would not have been pleased.
      I feel the same way about complications. I’ve had two healthy ones and I’m afraid to ever have a third. I don’t want to rock this boat.

  43. Your house is already beautiful! I love it’s interior, the high-rised ceilings! But I understand that it is a never ending project. I do dream of a sun-room with an access to the Jacuzzi if ever I have a major thing to improve in my house.

    1. And the never-ending projects more happen when money happens, which isn’t often.
      We focus a lot on the garden, though. This is my favorite time of year.

  44. So sorry for your crummy weekend, Tamara. That sucks! I hope your pup is feeling better. Don’t ever miss a phone call for food – burrito or otherwise 🙂 I absolutely loved Vancouver. My fiance and I at the time wanted to become expats and move there. Big dreams, Little plans on following through. I do everything in my power to stay cup half-full as well 🙂

    1. I loved Vancouver (and surrounding wilderness) very much. I hope to get back.
      Pup is feeling back to normal now! We still need to do antibiotics for a bit.

  45. Oh my, my whole week last week was a bad one for me. I have been in a real depression, anxiety, or something going on with me. A real funk. This week has been a bit better though. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I hope your pup is ok and I had to laugh about the organic waffles-one would have to be a millionare. lol

    1. I hear you about the funk. Really hope you snap out of it too. This weather we’re having here is very conducive to feeling better. And I really needed that.
      And organic food is so expensive! And I can’t get enough.

  46. Hahaha. I like your answer to the glass half empty/full question. Yeah. That’s me too. In the deepest recesses of my mind. I’m not that far into Once Upon a Time. I stopped and am rewatching them with Juliet while she catches up. But my older daughter told me that Regina & Mr. Gold are indeed conflicted characters. I just haven’t really seen it yet (five episodes in.) I guess I KIND of see it with Regina because she really does seem to love Henry despite all her many and dangerous flaws.

  47. Ahhh! I can’t believe I missed this on Friday! It’s been, well, let’s just say, hectic around here! She asked some really great questions… unusual ones! I am a fan of “Once Upon a Time.” I am still catching up – I think I have about 13 recorded episodes to watch!
    Thanks for sharing my campaign! You are a fantastic bloggy friend!!!

    1. You barely missed it! This was from Monday. And I hope it got you some hits/donations. I’ll keep promoting.
      I won’t say anymore about “Once Upon a Time” but I can’t wait to hear what you think.
      You’re a fantastic bloggy friend too!

  48. So happy for your meet up and sorry you had a bad weekend…but you’re right at least it was not contagious. I so love Once Upon A Time and Robert Carlyle, his Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold is amazing! And you are so right about him being pleasant to the eyes! LOL! Loved the RHPS reference, and I started singing the song in my head! I am also with you…I would not sky dive or bungee jump…never, no way, no how! LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    1. My mom thinks Robert Carlyle is hot too! I guess he is. I also really like Charming. He reminds me of a lot of guys I find hot so I think he’s in my “type” – if I have one. I really have two “types.”
      Have a wonderful week, my friend!

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