Scarlet’s Sugar Cookie Surprise & Giveaway.

Christmas cookies! Are there ever enough?

Not according to Scarlet! We were in Target last week and she couldn’t decide which Betty Crocker cookie mix to get to bake for our neighbor. We got them all, but decided to start baking with the Sugar Cookie mix, because sprinkles.


Now to be completely honest, days are long and hard and by the time school lets out at 3:00pm, sometimes making cookies is the last thing I want to do. It’s different with this cookie mix, though. And with Scarlet’s cute face. And with the fact that we wanted to make holiday cookies for our neighbor. We live in the woods and we don’t actually have a lot of neighbors, but we do have one all the way down the driveway by our mailbox. And she’s older and lives alone and her husband passed away within the last year or two. She always has a kind word and a wave for me, and I’m often getting out of my minivan at the bottom of the driveway, shouting something back to the kids, and blasting Tom Petty. Still, my neighbor smiles at me.

She deserves cookies.

Betty Crocker

So Scarlet and I got to work! It wasn’t as messy as normal and the dough consistency was awesome. It also smelled and tasted amazing. I don’t taste it because of raw eggs, but Scarlet can never help herself. We were both covered with flour after!

Betty Crocker Products are always here to provide sweet treats without all the preparation, extensive shopping lists, and time commitment. Hence, how easy it was for me to say “yes” to Scarlet. These cookie mixes allow me to take a break from the holiday craze and just enjoy being with my kids. I’m so glad Target carries their cookie mixes.

From simple sugar cookies to a gingerbread men, Betty Crocker makes it easy to celebrate your favorite people. Give back to those that mean the world to you this holiday season by surprising them with fresh-baked goodness straight from the heart.

If you’re lucky, one of these two frosting faces will deliver you cookies!

Make the world a better place this Christmas when you spread cheer with the gift of cookies! When you surprise your favorite people with fresh-baked goodness right on their doorstep, you’re letting them know that their good deeds don’t go unnoticed. Celebrate the season by spreading cheer with cookies, and help get the word out to inspire others to keep the celebration going. This Christmas, giving back is easier than ever with simple cookie recipes from Betty Crocker.

Remember that you can visit Betty Crocker’s page HERE and save $0.50 when you buy ONE (1) Betty Crocker™ Cookie Mix. And now a giveaway for you to get your own $20 gift card to #spreadcheer!

To enter, visit the Betty Crocker #SpreadCheer page. You must create a #SpreadCheer basket and post an original photo of it on your social channels with the hashtag #SpreadCheer (also nominate your friends by tagging). Come back here to confirm your entry by commenting on this blog discussing who you chose to #SpreadCheer to AND then link back to your social post.


Share my spread cheer story on your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and explain why this is a tradition you’re going to start. Make sure you tag #SpreadCheer, @BettyCrocker and ME! I’ll be picking a winner in one week – December 14th!

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  1. Good job Scarlet! I think the Betty Crocker packaged ones are the way to go. Still fun and delicious, just less fuss and mess. I bet the neighbor really enjoyed them!

    1. Yes, I agree! I was a bit wary until I bought them and realized they rock!! And we just made a second batch today for us to keep. So delicious.

  2. Betty Crocker Sugar cookies are actually my favorite! My daughter made some with her aunt over thanksgiving and added a Hershey kiss in the middle! Cookies + Hershey’s 😍

  3. Aw, Scarlet did a great job and we totally love using Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mixes here, especially during the holiday time. So definitely going to be doing this soon with my girls, too 😉

  4. I love this so much! Way to spread joy, you two! Also, I am with Scarlet, I always eat the dough. 34 years and no illness! As long as you use fresh eggs, you are fine. If you are really worried though, you can just rinse off the outer shell.

    1. I was really impressed with the consistency of the dough, and how the cookies came out in taste! I will definitely be trying all of their flavors!

  5. We usually bake Christmas cookies each year and give some to our family (my mom, neices, and nephews). It’s nice that you guys wanted to share some with your neighbor.

  6. Sprinkles always make cookies better, don’t they? We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that one of our neighbors has had a rough year (though he won’t talk about it), and a treat like this would be perfect for him this season. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Scarlet did a fantastic job with those cookies and we love Betty Crocker here too. It’s not just Christmas but almost every other weekend when her big sister comes home from college, we’re baking up a storm. It’s the one thing that Madison looks forward too.

  8. Ooh those look awesome! Cookie decorating is the best. We just did some at a museum we went to this past weekend. Not only do they get to do art on cookies, they get to eat them too 🙂

  9. ME! I want to spread cheer to me by making cookies with my kids. Also, the students I work with. Exams are coming up and cookies help you study!

  10. Yum! Cookies!! My girls love to bake cookies. I agree – it’s not always something I’m in ht mood to do, but it always ends up being fun.

  11. I think I’d bring them to the nurse’s station at a local hospital; or maybe the elderly care facility.
    I’m sure the patients wouldn’t be able to partake – but doctors and nurses deserve thanks and love too.

  12. I’m working to be that mom who was open to letting my children cook in the kitchen. My girls are insane and maybe if there were only one of them, I would be. I love to spread cheer every where I go and I’ll be baking cookies for some women tomorrow. 🙂

  13. Yay cookies! My girl goes for sugar cookies because sprinkles every single time (even though really she prefers the taste of chocolate chip). We have big cookie baking plans this weekend and I can’t wait!

  14. Oh you gotta try the gingerbread cookie one next. The Betty Crocker ones are delish! We bake them up and decorate them and then take them to our local police and fire stations this time of the year. The kids love it, and it’s a nice way to say Thank You.

    1. The sugar cookies were such a hit, that I can’t wait to try gingerbread and chocolate chip because those are flavors I normally go for. So tomorrow at Target! I shall buy!

  15. It is so sweet of you to think of your neighbor. I always wished we had more of a relationship with ours, but – between working and being away all day and them having their families – it does not happen. But it’s o.k. i used to love baking Christmas cookies. Seriously. I spent a couple of days doing nothing but preparing the dough, then cutting and baking – so much work, so much fun, but quit rewarding, too.

  16. I love seeing photos of little kids baking cookies! Their hands are so cute. I love baking holiday cookies with my kids – definitely one of our most treasured holiday traditions.

  17. Oh you know I love this!!! I want to spread holiday cheer too! We’re going to make cookies for my husband’s co-workers and the my kiddos’ teachers.

  18. Aww those cute little hands! So adorable that Scarlet helps with baking cookies. I think it’s so nice that you’re doing that for your neighbor. Can’t wait for the vacation to start so I can start making things around here.

  19. Hi Tamara, I think that making cookies for a neighbour at Christmastime is a lovely thing to do and making up Betty Crocker cookies is even better after a long day the more stress free than making them from scratch. It’s also teaching your daughter that it’s fun and nice to give.

    I now have an image of you living in a wooden hut in the woods and I bet it’s lovely!


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