Scarlet Takes Manhattan, III

Well, look at that. I’ve been writing yet another miniseries.

Luckily, this one only comes once a year, so it’s easy to keep up. As you can see from Part I and Part II, Scarlet and Cassidy have started an adorable, annual, father-daughter tradition – to hit the Big Apple – and to hit in in STYLE! For the first two years, they got up at some crazy-a** hour, drove to New Haven, then took the train into NYC. They would be deposited back to me – loudly into the house – and both times so late at night that Des wouldn’t see his surprises until the next morning.

And surprises, there are plenty.

(“Jump on beds, Disney Store, Toys R Us, Star Wars Cards, Empire State Building, Central Park, Serendipity, M&M Store, Windows, Museum of Natural History, Rudolph, Tree, Facetime, Magic Show, LEGO Store”)

This year they tried something new! Cassidy booked a hotel room so they took their time driving into the city, had a whole bonus night to stay up light and cause a ruckus, and then they spent the better part of the next day finding daylight adventures. I admit I’ve come to look forward to their trip. The first year, I was feeling panicky and had no desire to go. The second year, I realized it was becoming an exclusive and special thing anyway. The third year? I looked forward to spending an easy 36 hours with just Des – with him in school for some of it – and then watching their adventures unfold by text or FB.



And unfold, they did! Right from the start. They took Manhattan by storm.


Cassidy’s phone died so there are a lot of adventures missing – like from the museum or from various stores – but I think you’ll find that his phone photos suffice. They had such a great time together, and I already can’t wait to hear about next year.


I see pieces of heaven for Scarlet and Des in these pictures.


They charmed magic and juggler performers with Scarlet’s incessant giggling!


She was called on stage!

Times Square was lucky that night.

Then they took Manhattan again the next morning!

Please allow me to interrupt because of Holy Cuteness Factor (HCF).


And that about wraps it up! She had a wonderful Christmas and got everything she asked for, and much more. She has six loose teeth but hasn’t lost even one tooth yet! Let me know if you want to book her to giggle incessantly at your next event.

I hear it helps ticket sales.

P.S. I hope you were charmed by the tangles in her hair. It took me 20 minutes to get them out the next day.

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  1. Omg, so cute and you had me giggling with the last line with her hair as I have that times two daily here. No matter what Kevin can help with, he can’t do little girl’s hair either though! But seriously, what a fun and awesome annual trip these two had once again 😉

    1. Scarlet can get knots that I swear.. I’m never going to get out. And I threaten to cut her hair, but then I totally get them out! Usually with tears or some sort of treat/distraction.

  2. That’s great!! When I was around 5, my dad took me on a trip around New York State. We went to several attractions, the baseball Hall of Fame, and West Point. I still have memories of that trip with Dad 🙂

      1. Yesterday I met my 92 y/o dad at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Fl. We all went to their Circus Museum (they also have a great art museum). Dad was like a, well, like a kid at the circus! See, we can still make old memories new again…

  3. Wow!!! That’s a lot of loose teeth to have at one time. She is going to have lots of visits from the tooth fairy soon ☺

    1. Oh man – I hope they do it when she’s 60 and he’s in his 90’s!!
      Also, that made my day. Thank you! It’s sort of like when someone says your kids are cute. Of course you think so, but it’s subjective. So when other people say it, it carries more weight!

  4. This is such a wonderful tradition that they will treasure for years to come. New York at Christmas is so magical. And yep, they’re pretty darn cute!

  5. Coolest dad ever.
    Mine took me to breakfast at a shady restaurant and i thought that was neat until i got gas and was afraid to fart.
    They have such a wonderful bond and you can see it in her smile. That love. It’s just pure and magic. Love.

  6. Oh, my goodness… these photos are so incredibly precious, Tamara <3 I love how much fun they are clearly both having together and the magician show? I was giggling along with Scarlet and Cassidy in the background. Too cute!! And the picture of them sharing the milkshake. ADORABLE.

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season, that you had some special one-on-one time with Des, and that you have a very Happy New Year! Can't wait to follow along to see where this beautiful blog and journey takes you in 2017 🙂 XOXO

    1. The frozen chocolate one is the best, right? I love the lady in the background looking over – probably overcome with cuteness.
      One-on-one time with the kids, including the pet kids, is amazing!!

  7. As a matter of fact, I was admiring her hairdo all along. 🙂 I especially loved the magic show, it was classic Scarlet!

    All along Leonard Cohen was playing in my mind – first we take Manhattan – then we take Berlin. Is Berlin next for these two?

    Having been lucky enough to see your gang in person it touches me even more this year. The four of you admire each other so much. <3

    I am so happy for the magic!

    1. The hairdo is impressive, right? It was in her top five of worst “entanglements.” It took me quite awhile to comb it through, but I deserved a medal after.

      I’m honestly still in shock that we all met. Like.. was that just a dream?

  8. Aww I loved this, and LOVED the video! And I’m pretty sure last year I said NEXT time you should do a then and now or something like that 😉 Hint hint I’m going to go see if I said that. And dang a year flew by didn’t it?

    1. Well I guess I didn’t say that. But I thought it. She has grown so much from two years ago! The one posed in front of the red Christmas ornaments is the one that should be the then and now NEXT time.

  9. Oh my goodness, how adorable are they? I can see Sam and Eve doing something like this in a few years. And watching that video of Scarlet, I felt like I was getting a glimpse of what Eve will be like in the future. I just feel like something about them seems so similar!

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