Saving Money With Groupon Coupons!

This is a sponsored post by Groupon. All opinions are mine.

Groupon. Do you remember the first time you heard about it? The first time you used it?

I wish I remembered more. I believe my first Groupon was for an Italian restaurant in our town, with a great discount. It felt absolutely luxurious because I had just had a baby and we hadn’t been out in ages. We didn’t hire a sitter, but we stuck our newborn in her car seat and let her snooze while we feasted on pasta and meatballs. All of my favorites. That was the day I learned that Groupon is a game changer. We could feast in style, with a newborn next to us no less, AND at a discount.

Recently, I discovered Groupon Coupons. With the warm weather here for spring break, and with summer not too far off on the horizon, my mind is spinning with ways to save money but still have a lot of fun. Groupon Coupons is a site I always check before shopping, going out to dinner, or booking travel. With places like Nordstrom (my favorite!) and Macy’s (where I just got the best dress of my life), it’s no wonder I can’t stop checking the site. There are so many great options to save with.

Have you ever tried to find online coupons, to no avail? Groupon Coupons allows you to find coupons that are verified from your favorite retailers. It’s free to use, easy, and convenient. You can go today and find “Today’s Top Coupons & Offers.”

There are tabs to find coupons and deals for local businesses, things to do, beauty & spa, food & drink, electronics, travel, health & fitness, automotive, and more. You can start saving instantly just from visiting the Groupon Coupons site. Go now!

You will find tens of thousands of coupons from thousands of stores!

I think one of the biggest perks is the travel deals. I’m planning a few getaways for the next few months and there are great deals, even for last minute travel. I’ve seen coupons for, Hilton, Zipcar, and so many more. You can instantly start saving on flights, food, luggage, and just about anything you might need for your upcoming travel.

Here are some deals I found:

$25 free driving credit from Zipcar
1 night free from
30% off Vera Bradley travel items
Up to 20% off when you book in advance from

Check out the Groupon Coupons site HERE, as well as on Facebook and Twitter!

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