Furnaces Advances in Energy Efficiency and How a New One Can Save You Money on Utility Bills


A Woman in Plaid Blazer Using Her Laptop and Mobile Phone According to Statista, Americans will have to part away with an average of $429.33 monthly on utility bills. Even so, did you know you could significantly reduce your utility bills by installing a new and advanced energy-efficient furnace in your home? 

According to Statista, Americans will have to part away with an average of $429.33 monthly on utility bills. Even so, did you know you could significantly reduce your utility bills by installing a new and advanced energy-efficient furnace in your home?     

Sounds farfetched? It isn’t. Keep reading this article to understand why you need a new furnace installation and how it saves money in your pocket. Let’s start!

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

One of the primary reasons why you must consider a new furnace installation is to enhance energy efficiency. Typically, when your furnace ages, it tends to lose energy efficiency. In fact, according to Energy Star, when your furnace is beyond the 15-year mark, you must opt for a new furnace installation. An Energy Star-qualified furnace is more than 15% more energy efficient than a conventional one.

Moreover, modern furnaces can seamlessly convert fuel into heat – without strain. For this reason, a new furnace installation that’s up-to-the-minute has less energy waste, which is good for your pocket. The modern design of the furnace is crafted with energy efficiency in mind, measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. So yes, it’s time to upgrade your old furnace to save more on utility bills.

Programmable Thermostat that Saves You Money

Picture this: A furnace technology that can program heating schedules to suit your daily routine! You’ll agree it’s hitting two birds with just a stone, right? You enhance energy efficiency while at the same time keeping money in your pockets. That’s the magic of a modern furnace with a programmable thermostat. For instance, you can now set your heat to lower when you’re warm and cozy in bed or a few minutes before waking up to warm up your house.

Additionally, technology allows you to match your routine during the weekends. As a result, you can save energy while you’re away from home and kick back again in the evening when you’re back from your weekend adventure. So, technology allows you to warm up the house gradually, ensuring your comfort when you need it and enhancing energy savings when you don’t. So, consider a new furnace installation to save big on utility bills.

Zoned Heating Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Zoned heating is a new furnace installation hack that will help you save money on utility bills by optimizing energy usage. For example, through targeting heating, it’s now possible to divide your home into different zones or areas and then heat them independently. Sounds economical, right? By heating the areas you’re using, you’ll avoid wasting energy on areas that aren’t in use. In the long run, this targeted approach will help you save significantly on energy bills.

Additionally, zoned heating will help you significantly lower the heat load on your furnace by heating smaller areas than your entire home. Distributing the heating load across multiple zones will help your furnace to operate more efficiently. For this reason, you’ll save on lower energy consumption, reducing your monthly heating costs.

Energy Usage Tracking Capabilities Help You Make Money-Saving Decisions.

Did you know a modernized and new furnace installation could track energy usage? Valuable insights, such as your energy usage patterns, will help you monitor and track how you often use your energy. As a result, you’ll better understand when and how your heating system typically operates. The information will help you know the heating patterns better, such as excessive energy consumption or peak usage times. Such knowledge will help you identify opportunities to adjust your heating settings to optimize energy efficiency.

Energy usage tracking will also help you identify when energy is wasted, such as long heating hours in unoccupied areas. Even better, you’ll understand when the system malfunctions or temperature settings are inefficient, resulting in unnecessary energy consumption. By identifying where furnace energy often gets wasted, you’ll take corrective measures to help curb the problem and significantly lower your heating costs.

In Summary

If your heating energy bills are on the roof, it’s time to consider a new furnace installation to enhance energy efficiency. With advanced features such as zoned heating capabilities and programmable thermostat features, you can customize your furnace to heat specific areas at specific times. What’s more, you can also track how you use your energy with energy usage tracking functions.

Are you convinced about replacing your furnace with cutting-edge contemporary units? Call us today for an expert installation to ensure you reap all the benefits of a new furnace. As the name suggests, we’ll ensure you get Comfort by Design.     

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