The Sad Airplane Ask Away Friday.

I might be a Sad Panda today. (Five bucks if you know the Sad Panda reference!)

Then again, I might be thrilled and ready. It’s a little weird to be pre-scheduling posts for the future. Maybe I’m sad to leave Florida, but maybe I’m happy to return to schedules and routines, and most importantly, Athena’s loving arms. Maybe even Dinah and Bella too, because those weird cats seem to really love me, even though I smile at them and say horrible things to them, but in a sweet voice. Maybe that’s what they like. The two-facedness of it all. I can’t pretend to know what they think.

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I’m doing another swap with my co-host, Stacey of This Momma’s Ramblings today and you all know how I feel about Stacey. She’s one-of-a-kind, and full of sweet words, and an excellent co-host on this journey we call “Ask Away Friday.”

New Year's Ask Away Friday

(She made this graphic and I stole it!)

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between two bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world! Ask me if you want to swap!

We are sad to be losing Amber as one of our amazing co-hosts, as she is working to pursue other business ventures and focusing her attentions on her fitness ventures. We wish her nothing but the best, and hope for her thriving success!

When one door closes, another one opens…and we would like to give a huge Ask Away Friday welcome to a brand new co-host…drum roll please…Welcome Echo from The Mad Mommy! She is both a friend and a fellow blogger. I dig her.


Now welcoming our wonderful #AskAwayFriday hosts…

Tamara from Tamara Like Camera,
Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter,
Christy from Uplifting Families,
Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings
Echo from The Mad Mommy

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Be sure to read Stacey’s answers to my travel questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. Have you ever won a giant sized cuddly toy from a fair? What was it?

I always remember this story of a guy trying to court my sister in high school and he won her the most ridiculously large teddy bear ever at a fair. Once to be funny we put it out the window onto the second story roof of our three story house. It was really big. I don’t know that I’ve ever won anything giant, but I’m quite good at the crane machines. I know they’re mostly rigged but I must have good luck then! I have won Scarlet countless stuffies from a crane. She keeps them all:

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2. What do you think the greatest invention has been?

Ahh.. yes. Let’s see. I’m just going through a list in my head… antibiotics, air conditioning, anesthesia (all A’s so far..), airplanes, phones, cars, Internet, electricity! That’s a big one. I’m going to go with the wheel as my #1 answer. And cheese.

3. Do you collect anything?

I’m totally a collector, without being a hoarder. Now that I’m older and I have gotten rid of my Troll doll collection, among others, I’m a bit obsessed with Scarlet’s toys! If she has three of something and I know there’s a fourth, I have to get it for her. It’s a sickness! As for adult things, I collect socks and blogging friends and sundresses, to name a few. And camera lenses!

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4. What are your 3 favorite internet sites?

I suppose I’ll see which ones I’m always on! Google.. Facebook.. and blogging sites – WordPress and Bloglovin.

5. Whats the most interesting thing you can see out of your nearest window?

It’s almost night, and I can’t help thinking that the sunsets are getting later, bit by bit. The light is coming.

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6. If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?

Did you do it? (and it could be a number of photography, travel, writing, parenting things)

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7. Do you know the dance steps to an annoying cheesy pop song?

I used to know the Macarena and the chicken dance and the YMCA! In my heyday.

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8. What’s one of your favorite habits you have?

Hmm.. I’m obsessed with my blogging/social media habits. It just sort of happens. I have no plans and then it all just comes out of me. I really love to connect and I may have a funny way of doing it, but hey, it’s fun.

9. Have you ever been on or would you ever go on a cruise? Where did you go or where would you like to go?

No and no. I guess if I had to do it, I’d do one of those Alaskan whale watching cruises. Cassidy and I both agree that we don’t like feeling trapped in any way for a long period of time. I’d want to roam on land eventually. And those things seem to be cesspools of terrible stomach bugs. And I can only eat and drink so much, so most of it would be wasted on me.

10. Have you ever tie dyed your own clothes?

I think I might have done it for a school or Brownies project years ago! I wasn’t very good at it. I love tie-dye, though!

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    1. I did get eight or nine hours of sleep last night! The theme park schedule was rough. We were getting up at 6 AM just to be all organized to get there when they opened. It gets to be a mob scene even before they open the gates! Then airport day was 6 AM. I’m not a morning person, as you know.

            1. I know! When I was a senior in high school and could drive myself to school, my mom still had to get up and make me breakfast and push me out the door. I’ve always been like this.

  1. Why, hello! love that blue dress and the kitty and the sunset! I have to say that I collect through my kids too. First was Dora, then Monster High, now Hello Kitty. Lol

  2. I’m with you…not a cruise person. I have been on two and they were ok, but not really my thing. One was an incentive trip I earned and the other was a family vacation. I would do the Alaska cruise though. I really just want to go back to Alaska no matter how I do it. Those big stuffed animals crack me up, but when I was in Sweden with my daughter, you won huge gigantic candy bars at those games rather than stuffed animals. You never saw such a big candy bar. It was incredible. Welcome back!

    1. Giant candy bars! That sounds so amazing! Were they brand-name ones you had heard of?
      And if I won an incentive cruise, I would take it! I just wouldn’t put forth money I don’t have for a cruise. But that sounds amazing!

      1. Yes, they were things like giant Toblerones! I’m talking packages almost as tall as me. And the grocery stores had rows and rows of candy, not like the one little section we have here. The girls were in awe. We spent a good hour in the candy section one night at the grocery store. LOL

  3. On our vacation to Indiana in 2013, hubby won lil miss one of those Lalaloopsy dolls and her big brother won her a big stuffed teddy many years ago, that she still sleeps with and takes with her wherever we go…his name is Mr Stuffykins! LOL! Oh cheese, the best invention ever! When I was a kid I collected pencils…now I am obsessed with books! My dear hubby is likely to strangle me if I get anymore! LOL! Of course that won’t stop me! πŸ˜‰ That is a beautiful picture! I used to know how to Macarena, and of course the YMCA…but you forgot one…I know that you can Time Warp! LOL! I went on a cruise once, and it wasn’t so bad…we did get to spend most of our days in port touring the islands. So glad to have you back! Hope that you had an amazing time and look forward to more pics! Have a great weekend, my friend!

    1. Do you want to know a secret? In that photo, I’m actually doing the time warp. That’s why I look so immersed in it. I would never feel that way about other dances.
      Thanks for such a great swap! I was so glad I was prepared and wrote it before I left, because I was in no shape to answer such great questions yesterday.

  4. Hi Tamara! I hope your Florida Getaway was one of the best vacations you have ever taken with your family. I enjoyed reading your blog and Stacey’s blog. Pretty Amazing that she wants to visit Massachusetts, and Salem and Scituate, and how about her husband’s distant relatives are known to be among the founding fathers. It would be a fascinating experience to go back in time and spend a week long vacation in that part of Massachusetts in the 1600’s, and you could take your modern day camera equipment with you. What a blog that would be Tamara!

    1. You’re better than me because I still haven’t read Stacey’s post!
      I would love to visit those parts of Massachusetts, and they are really not that far from me. That will be quite the blog!

  5. Yayyy Echo!! I hope you had an awesome vacation! And I loved your answers to these questions. I’m totally with you on your greatest invention opinions, and we totally have the same favorite internet sites πŸ™‚ Also, that view, I’m so jealous, how peaceful looking!!

  6. (I’m typing this with Eve on my lap–I ended up reading this out loud to her because she really wanted to sit with me. I reminded her about meeting you guys this summer…she totally remembered πŸ˜‰

    I used to have a troll doll collection! I think my mom recently threw it out since they were all covered and dust, but I made her keep one. Right now I guess I collect handmade items from around the world. And cruise ships: definitely not worth it. I’ve been on two with my family and I would much rather travel to a destination and get to walk around. Plus you get to see such a limited view of what you do see. But I imagine an Alaskan cruise is very different from a Caribbean one. And while I didn’t get a stomach bug on a cruise (thankfully), I did get a fever, which totally sucked. Anyway, welcome back to snowy Massachusetts! I have noticed the sun setting later, which makes me happy πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Eve! Let’s see each other again soon!

      A fever on a cruise sounds horrible! I imagine they have a lot of medical facilities on board, but I would still panic about anything more serious.

  7. You’ve actually won things with that crane thingy?! I didn’t think that anyone ever won something from that. I’m not a fan of cruises either for the same reason. I don’t like feeling trapped on a boat. Only thing is that my mom loooooooves cruises. In fact, she’s on an around the world cruise right now until May I believe. It’s nuts. Can’t imagine it. I hope that you had a wonderful time in FL and that travel home was uneventful. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    1. I have won them throughout life, but I know they are rigged. And an arcade owner told me about it recently and for some reason, I haven’t won anything since. I don’t know if they’ve gotten more rigged or if I’m losing my mojo.
      I’m not really claustrophobic, but the idea of a cruise makes me feel it.

  8. Hope you had a FAB vacay and are refreshed and renewed! I love wedding dances btw…electric slide and chicken dance rock!

  9. See this is why we’re buddies: “I’m going to go with the wheel as my #1 answer. And cheese.” Cheese, Cheese, and yes more CHEESE! Lol oh yeah you’re not getting me on no cruise… I get claustrophobic real quick being trapped on a huge thing that has tendencies to “break down” – I’m happy with daily short cruises around the Potomac. πŸ™‚ Welcome home chicka and happy Friday!! It’s 5% Friday here LoL no more than 5% effort required! πŸ˜› -Iva

    1. I would love to go on a short cruise around the Potomac! There are certainly a lot of ways we are buddies. Surprisingly, while I don’t love elevators, I’ve never suffered from claustrophobia in my life. However, the anxiety of the end of 2014 sort of made it happen as a side effect. I was afraid to go on a plane, although I was fine both flights last week.
      I am definitely feeling 5% Friday.

      1. There are lots of ways in which we are buddies and I love it πŸ™‚ Haha that’s strange wonder what you saw previously that ignited that anxiety before getting on the plane. Sometimes we see little things that trigger a response even if we’re not fully cognizant of what we just saw. Glad you all arrived safely!! πŸ™‚ 5% Fridays are awesome indeed – I’m thinking to drop it down to 1!

        1. I’ve always been terrible with planes because of losing a friend to a plane crash when I was a kid. It was a famous crash. On its way to France.
          And I lost a friend to a small plane crash but that’s different than the big commercial disasters.

    1. Yes, the weather was perfect! I didn’t want it to be hot because I feel like that’s uncomfortable when you’re lugging around strollers around all day.

  10. Yes – the sun is rising a little earlier every day. I notice because I’m up when it’s still dark, and if I pay attention I can catch the sky as it lightens.

    I love cheesy dances – have you ever done the Wobble? It’s a newish one that the DJ played at both kids’ b’nai mitzvah parties – so much fun!

  11. Awww, I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Also I used to have a troll collection buried somewhere, too. Love that you have mastered the claw machines (“DE CLAW!!!”); I never had much luck and must have spent a small fortune trying to fish things out of there πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a wonderful reunion with all the pets in your life. Can’t wait to hear more. XOXO!!

    1. Thanks! I think the dog was super happy to see us, and the cats made it known in more subtle ways. Like ignoring me for 24 hours and then not leaving my side. Sounds about right.
      Dec Claw!! I feel lucky to have won things from it all the time. I never realized it was rare!

  12. I’m bummed I don’t get the Sad Panda reference. And even extra bummerfied that there were no REAL pandas in this post. I’m calling the Better Business Bloggin’ Bureau. I’ve been scammed.

  13. I stank at the Macarena, but the chicken dance is one I excel at! Who doesn’t like flapping around and squawking like a chicken I tell you! Hope you had a lovely vacay πŸ™‚

  14. Such fun answers. I still have my troll dolls! (That may or may not make me a hoarder.) I’m glad you had a nice trip, and I’m glad to be back at your blog again after a long absence from blogging.

    1. I’m glad you’re back too! And even though I’m about a week behind on commenting because of my trip, I still got to visit you today too!

  15. I was just noticing this week that the days are getting longer, too. It used to be dark by 5:00, but now it’s almost 6:00!

    1. Well it’s a bit earlier up here, but I noticed that it was over an hour later in Florida! Past 6 o’clock. it was so awesome!, Although now it’s after five and not dark yet. It’s getting there though.

  16. I feel the same way about cruises. I’m not interested in being trapped one when something goes wrong. Plus, there are way too many outbreaks associated with cruises. I don’t eat a buffets when I’m at home because I’m afraid of all of the germs with people touching handles and breathing all over the food.So I wouldn’t get excited about the buffets on cruises.

  17. Trolls? No way?! I used to collect Beanie Babies… what a dead fad… lol.

    I love these photos and ohhhh, Macarana!

    These were interesting questions. I find as I read them I’m always asking myself, now how would I answer that one?!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. I collected beanie babies too! Now the same company makes beanie boos and Scarlet loves them.
      Maybe one day you’ll answer one of them in the comments section!!
      Happy weekend!

  18. Wait. WAIT!!! You didn’t say CAMERA??? I would think THAT was the best invention!!! For you at least. Cause, duh. πŸ˜‰ THEN, that medicine that save all kinds of lives…

    I hope your plane ride is full of the good emotions all wrapped up in closing a beautiful trip with your loves and coming back to your ‘other loves’.

    Can’t WAIT to hear all about it!!

    1. Ok, camera is way up there!! But I guess life saving has to come first so we’re all here to take photos.
      And drive to gigs on wheels.
      And eat cheese!

      The plane trip definitely had good emotions.

  19. Travel/Vacation is so weird. You get so excited about going. Then get stressed about having to travel to the destination… Delays, cancellations, screaming people, angry people, bomb threats, people joining the mile high club when you really really need to pee… SO much stress – lol. Then you get to said destination, forget about all your problems for a few days but then that one day after a few days you actually start to miss your routine you “ran away” from… Yet you’re torn about whether or not you want to go back – HA HA! “Sad Panda” is a pretty good term to describe it!

    1. Hahaha! You slightly lost me with bomb threats, until I realized that those have totally happened when we were traveling.
      Not sure I’ve ever had to pee when someone was having sex in the air plane bathroom!
      I only hope.

  20. I imagine you’re sad to be back from your vacation, but I missed you, so there’s that :)! I won a huge pink rabbit at the fair once in high school – wonder whatever happened to that thing? I’m so glad you collect blogging friends. Have a wonderful weekend, and welcome home. Can’t wait to see all the pictures. Wasn’t Harry Potter world wonderful?

    1. You missing me counts a lot, thank you!
      Harry Potter was just so good. I’m still shaking my head about the Hogwarts express. And the Dragon on Gringott’s!

  21. I hope you’re a happy panda now. One of the fun things about returning from a trip is looking at all the pictures, and with you taking the pictures, I’m sure they are all AMAZING! Speaking of amazing over-achieving-picture-taking… um that view through your window. Thankfully that question wasn’t asked of me. πŸ˜€
    Double NO on the cruise for me.
    Welcome Home!

    1. That is so true. I still haven’t uploaded my photos. I didn’t take a lot, actually, because we were having so much fun. I took about 600, but for a photographer for eight days, that is very little!

  22. I used to collect snow-globes and have boxes and boxes – that I still didn’t unpack since I moved. I’ve got to do something with them…

    I wish you could have won a one direction pillow my daughter wanted out of one of those machines – I never could win anything out of those.

    Hope you had a great vaca – can’t wait to hear more about it πŸ™‚

  23. I know what you mean about cats. I love their self-sufficiency, but definitely not as friendly as dogs! And I love your answers to the inventions. Totally didn’t even think about antibiotics but yes!

  24. You know, I was just thinking this week that it seems as if it is staying light out longer – yay – for summer, well, maybe spring, approaching. That sunset with the reflecting clouds is gorgeous.
    I am definitely not a collector, unless, of course, you do count cameras and lenses – comes with the profession πŸ˜€

    1. I was actually getting a little bummed yesterday because I was remembering our anniversary last year which is in late April, and it was so cold and still snowy. And that’s still three months away! But the extra light keeps me hopeful.

        1. Come to think of it, I didn’t have pizza over the weekend and I wanted it!
          I did have some pretty dreamy food at a SuperBowl party last night. Like… I ate some leftovers for breakfast and my whole snow day has been made.

  25. I’m impressed that you have won things on the crane game – my boys both used to be obsessed with trying that – so many wasted quarters and frustrated moments. Once Jordan actually won something and from then on Hunter was convinced that he had a chance – never happened!!!
    That invention thing was hard – I’m pretty happy that we have cell phones though because I remember life without them!!!

    1. I always thought it was easy to win things on those cranes! I must have been lucky through the years.

      Yes, I cannot imagine life without cell phones.

  26. I know you had a wonderful, wonderful time in Florida, but you were missed in this little bloggyland of ours! πŸ˜‰ P.s. I am totally guilty of collecting things “for my kids”.

  27. Traveling away from a vacation is always a bummer, especially when it’s going from warm weather to cold… I’ve gone on one cruise, and I really enjoyed it but that was when I was in high school, and I’m not sure I’d like to go on one now. There are too many horror stories of things going terribly wrong. Although, I probably could make an exception if it was my own private yacht πŸ™‚

    1. Remember that cruise ship that ran out of power and just floated aimlessly in the sea a year or two ago? No toilets! Rotten food! Horrible!!

      Private yacht sounds wonderful indeed.

  28. These are my favorite AAF questions that I’ve read here so far! I’m heading over to Stacey’s site now to read your questions for her. I love that you use phrases like courting and heyday! Also if I sported sundresses as well as you I would definitely collect them too! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! And btw I took a cruise to Hawaii and it was amazing, except for the fact that I definitely got a stomach bug and was sick for half of it.

    1. That is so cool that this is your favorite one so far. I loved her questions! They were light and breezy, but with depth too. It was perfect to schedule this post.
      I’m so sorry about the stomach bug on the cruise!

  29. I have never even gotten anything using the crane machine! It’s crazy!! I just gave up on it. Hahaha. I guess less stuffed toys for boys.. but more trucks and toy cars.
    And I’ve always thought of going on a cruise although I don’t really know how it feels, obviously. LOL I kinda hate traveling by water.

    1. Yeah, although I do love a good ferry ride! Or even a speedboat. That’s fun. I get scared of traveling by boat for longer than an afternoon. I did a whale watching ride once and it was amazing.

  30. Welcome back! Tell Des thanks for tossing some M&Ms out the window when you flew over North Carolina. They landed in the Catawba River, though.

    1. My wishlist for your blog now includes not only a post about Des’ shirts, but one about your socks. With many photos, of course.

    2. My guess is the answer will be, “yes. Yes, I did. And I’d do it again.”

    3. Cruises wouldn’t be my thing either, despite the abundance of food. Only so much wandering can be done on a ship. I suspect it’s not enough.

    1. Well that’s ok. You can eat them out of the Catawba, right? I wouldn’t recommend the same with the Hudson River, though.
      Where I live, people throw kale chips into the Connecticut River.

      Basically I should give house tours with my sock drawer being a part of it. I’ll give you a discount for admission!

      There are so many things about cruise ships that bother me – the gluttony, the lack of complete wandering, the potential for seasick passengers.. but I have to admit – it’s the germs and no way out that really scares me. I’d be shaking in a corner of my 2 x 4 foot cabin.

      1. I know, right? My ancestors came here in boats from Europe and a bunch died on the way. So why would I now want to go adrift at sea? Even if there is shuffleboard and buffets.

        I’m sure the largemouth bass have beaten me to the M&Ms by now.

        1. Freakin largemouth bass. I have a cat like that.

          I think the reason we don’t want to go on boats is collective unconscious! Yes. I’m going with that.

            1. I’d probably prefer it over people with stomach bugs!
              So on one of my adventures of driving to Florida in January, we stumbled upon an aquarium in Islamorada that is overrun with feral cats. I’m talking dangling their tails over the shark tank. I can’t make this stuff up and I have photographic proof. And I’d love to go back there someday. In fact, I know I will.

                    1. I bet that’s what it’s like. Also cats have a way to get you whipped.
                      Like mine.
                      I have a normal sized desk chair. Today, both cats were on my desk chair when I had to work. Instead of throwing them off like a normal person, I sat perched at the edge of the chair so that both princesses could lie there.

  31. I love that you are collecting blog friends! And they hardly take any space in your home so that is a plus. I was the same way when the kids were smaller. Always collecting, but keeping things under control so they don’t take over. Hope you had a wonderful trip! I missed this post on Friday because I went to a blog conference to collect more friends LOL!

    1. Nice work collecting more!! It’s the best.

      And some of mine have absolutely taken space in my home, which made me happy!

      Thanks for visiting Friday’s post!

  32. I hate those crane machines. To me they are a waste of money, maybe it’s just because I’ve never won anything from them. There must be some sort of trick to them that I haven’t figured out yet. But it sounds like you have!

  33. Isn’t it wonderful to see just that tiny extra bit of sunlight each day? I do believe you may be a record holder for your collection of blog friends. Hopefully you found the perfect mix of happy to be home and sad to leave Florida. (does that even make sense?)

    1. It makes sense. I was anxious to get home because of bad snow and because I missed the dog so much. I am now four days home and I have a bit of the blues because I miss the adventures, and the sun and warmth.

  34. I am soooo with you on the cruise. I don’t like the idea of being pent up on a boat (or ANYWHERE) for days at a time…even hours of a time! Dylan will agree that wheels are the best inventions of all time lol….

    And you are a crane master!!!!!!!!!!!! You clearly have another calling and it’s at a construction site. If you can do that with those rigged machines, imagine the things you could build!!!!!!!!!!!

    (AND YAY YOU”RE HOME!!!!!!!!)

    1. I’m home!!!

      I have family members who go on cruises as a hobby. They do several a year. When I think about all that money and what I could do with it. I’d build up this house. I’d drive the whole country. I’d travel to really beautiful cultures. But that’s me.

  35. I’ve never won a stuffed toy at a fair, but I once won a suicidal goldfish. This was the 80s, we didn’t know that bowls were cruel, so we’d regularly find her flapping about the kitchen floor having inexplicably leapt from the bowl during the night. Also, the Macarena rules.

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