Road Trip Snacks: Top 5 DO’s

Going on a road trip this summer/fall? Instead of committing any snack DON'TS, follow these top 5 Snack DO's for a great family trip #ad #BetterSnacks #clvr

Hey, you! Going on a road trip this summer? We’re packing for ours TODAY!

That’s right – tomorrow, the sands and sails of Cape Cod will welcome us with open arms. And we shall make the kinds of summer memories that my kids will one day tell their grandkids – “When I was your age, I had to sit in a car for FIVE hours to get to the beach house!” And yes, it’s true. Even though we’re traveling within the same state, it can take up to five hours when you factor in Mass Pike traffic, Cape Cod traffic, and bathroom stops. Luckily, we don’t have to stop for snacks! We have that covered in true fashion. As one can only have covered on such long trips and with such hungry family members!


This is where summertime memories are built – around campfires, in beach houses, in the sand, (unfortunately) in the car, and around yummy crunches of road trip snacks. We pack them for the car ride AND the beach house, which is especially helpful for snack breaks at the beach and roaming the beach towns. Now first, I introduce our favorites – delicious new Snyder’s-Lance snack packs. These are perfect for our home on-to-go lifestyle, and our travel on-the-go lifestyle too!

It’s rewarding to have the whole family snacking better with great-tasting, high-quality ingredients.


There’s a variety pack for everyone to love!

Premium Variety

Snyder’s of Hanover® Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces
Kettle Brand® Backyard Barbeque® Potato Chips
Cape Cod® 40% Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips
Late July® Nacho Chipotle Tortilla Chips

Non-GMO Variety

Cape Cod® 40% Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips
Late July® Nacho Chipotle Tortilla Chips
Snyder’s of Hanover® Mini Pretzels and
Kettle Brand® Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Small Batch Kettle Chip Variety

Kettle Brand® Jalapeno Potato Chips
Cape Cod® Original Potato Chips
Kettle Brand® Backyard Barbeque Potato Chips
Cape Cod® Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Gluten Free Variety

Snyder’s of Hanover® Gluten-Free Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Sticks
Snack Factory® Minis Gluten Free Original Pretzel Crisps®
Late July® Jalapeno Lime Tortilla Chips
Cape Cod® Original Potato Chips

They are the perfect on-the-go snack for any occasions, including summer road trips, beach weekends, picnics, outdoor concerts, team sports, study breaks, and so much more! It’s so hard to pick a favorite but mine is the Late July® Nacho Chipotle Tortilla Chips from the Non-GMO Variety. Scarlet and Des favor the Cape Cod® Original Potato Chips from the Gluten Free Variety. And of course, when traveling to Cape Cod, that makes sense! The single-serve size allows for portion control and travel convenience. These are flavorful snacks for the whole family – with something for everyone.

And now, of course, my top 5 DO’s for road trip snacks:

1 – Bring simple items that don’t require refrigeration.

2 – Bring spill-proof cups for young children, as well as wet wipes.

3 – Enlist your kids’ help to pack and label their snacks/lunches. It makes them feel important and inspired!

4 – Bring fruits and vegetables in different shapes, colors, and textures.

5 – DO skip the sugary, messy snacks!

Snyder’s-Lance are available in-store at major retailers and at their online store, HERE.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Need to take a road trip soon as I am seriously down after returning from Disney and the most magical place on earth. So, will be looking for these snacks and keeping your road trip tips in mind, too. And wishing you a wonderful upcoming trip. Have fun, my friend!! 🙂

  2. Great tips and I love the Snyder’s and Cape Cod products! I will definitely be buying this snack pack. Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  3. Ah road trips, we have done quite a few this summer. My car might never be the same! Yum on all of these snacks, there are a few I have never seen before 🙂

  4. All good suggestions!! Finding healthy foods on the road can be challenging. I find supermarkets to be a good source, plus, getting off the main highways into smaller towns is fun!

  5. Mmm, I do love my road trip snacks. We do a lot of chips and pretzels! We’ll be having them when we travel next month.

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