How To Renovate Your Home for the Summer

Summer is a great time to invest in renovating your home and doing things that weren’t possible in colder months. How to renovate your home for the summer.

How To Renovate Your Home for the Summer:

Summer is a great time to invest in renovating your home and doing all the things that weren’t possible in the colder months of the year. The warmer season is perfect for home projects, like updating your interior or beautifying your exterior.

But why summer in particular? Before you grab your tools, you may want to know what makes it such a good idea.

– Summer Break

For many of us, summer means a long holiday. Schools are closed for a while, and there is a lot more free time to enjoy your days with family. If you’re deciding on doing a little renovation in your home, summer is an ideal time to turn that into a family affair. You can also ‘staycation’ with your family while contractors are renovating your home.

– Warm Weather

Sunny weather makes any home project more achievable. While winter is considered a time to huddle up and ‘hibernate’, summer is great for productivity! During the summertime, daylight is ample, giving you more time and energy to get things done.

Once you’ve decided that a summer renovation is perfect for you, you need to consider the scope of your project.

Things You Can Do to Renovate Your Home

– Redecorate the Cabinets

If you’re tired of how your kitchen looks but don’t have much time or budget to re-configure your kitchen cabinets, redecorate them by installing new cabinet doors.

The kitchen will look new and fresh, but more importantly, this option saves more money and energy than replacing the cabinets entirely.

– Upgrade the Exterior

The home’s exterior is the focal point of your entire house. It’s the first thing people see.

If your exterior is flaky and starting to peel, it may be time for a new paint job or a re-finishing.

Old finishing conditions are not just unsightly; they can also develop rot, mildew and mould over time, which poses a health risk to you and your loved ones.

– Replace the Windows

Can you imagine replacing your windows in the winter? No way! For comfort’s sake, your windows are best replaced in summer. Avoid the cold by saving this activity for the warmer months, when a gaping hole in the wall isn’t considered a nightmare.

– Replace Your Doors

Warped and cracked entry doors can frustrate you, and loose seals that let in the wind are never suitable for your home. Our best pick would be the quality of design as seen in Crittall doors, to suit the withstanding needs of any home.

– Bring the Garden Inside

Plants are great both aesthetically and for improving the air quality inside the home. A few large pot plants are great for reducing CO2 levels in your home.

The summertime is perfect for replacing doors before the weather turns cold again.

If your home has internal doors and you’d like to go for a more modern look, internal doors with glass are perfect for you. They can make rooms brighter and seem more spacious while maintaining a subtle level of privacy.

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