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Reasons Why You Have a Fussy Baby

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Reasons Why Your Baby May be Fussy

There is no surprise to the fact that babies often act fussy and fuss and cry. In fact, parents who have fussy children would say that almost all of their time is spent handling their fussy children. However, there is always a reason behind the fuss that your baby is creating. While some babies tend to endure different troubles without creating a racket, others aren’t really programmed that way and believe in screaming at the top of their lungs to get as much attention as possible. 

While parents may lack ideas when it comes to handling fussy children, we have come up with the right outlook into what should be done in such situations. Handling a fussy baby requires particular attention, and the parent should preferably get down deep into the matter and reach the reason behind why the fuss has been created. Only when the parent knows of the reason behind the fuss will they be able to comprehend it properly. 

Here we look at some of the reasons why your child may be being fussy so that you can give them the attention they want and take care of the following grievances at their end. 

Diaper Change 

Babies almost always get fussy when they are in desperate need of a diaper change. No one likes running and tumbling around with poop sticking out of their diapers, and babies are no different. So, whenever a baby feels that their diaper needs changing, they would alert everyone around them and would make sure that they are able to create the right attention for themselves. Once that attention has been generated, they would want you to change their diapers. 


Babies can get tired of all the attention people expect from them. While some babies give obvious signs of this tiredness, like rubbing eyes and yawning, others aren’t really experts at giving off these signs. Instead of giving off these signs, they believe in creating a racket and then getting the needful done in their favour. Caretakers need to realise that a fussy baby could be tired, so they should almost always look to help them go to sleep. 


Excuse me, babies do get hungry too!

There are times when babies want nothing but the best infant milk formula. Good formula constitutes the best ingredients and helps give babies the desired nutrition they need. Babies don’t like being shy when it comes to alerting you about feed time. So, instead of ignoring their fussiness, try to offer them some healthy food. The tummy is rumbling, and they need some nutrition fast. 

Some tips you can follow when feeding them is: 

Do not Microwave  

Parents may find it tempting to heat the formula inside the microwave, but using the microwave for heating the formula is something that is not recommended. Most parents might think that going to a microwave and putting the concoction inside it would be the easy way out, but that is not the case, and special attention to detail is needed in most cases. 

Parents have to be wary of the fact that microwaves can present a plethora of problems, like the fact that they create pockets of hot and cold liquid that can be harmful for your kid. 

Why take the risk of saving time when you know that the pockets of hot liquid can end up burning your infant’s mouth. Be safe, take your time, and avoid the use of the microwave at all times. 

Avoid Using Cool, Unfiltered Water 

While the quality of water coming through the tap may vary from region to region, it is still advised that you take the right amount of filtered and warm water for the job. Illnesses and deaths related to bacteria in tap water coming in the country are low, but still, it does happen, and you should safeguard your baby from the impurities present in such water. 


Everything that is happening around them is new for your baby. They are new to the environment here, and adjusting to it would take them some time. So, if you find your child in a situation where the environment is very noisy and they are trying to close their eyes and cry, then chances are that they are tired of the environment and are overwhelmed. 

The easiest way to calm down a fussy baby that has been overwhelmed by their surroundings is to take them to a silent spot, where it is just you and them. Have a chorus that you know would calm them down, and sing that whenever they feel agitated or fussy. 

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  1. My kids were both pretty easy babies, except at first, when I had to figure out what was going on. My Ben was extremely allergic to milk, and I was drinking a lot of milk when I was breastfeeding him. So, the first month was terrible. Once I stopped drinking milk, he was hardly ever fussy after that!

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