Ready for Summer: A Guide to American Staycations

Ready for Summer: A Guide to American Staycations. Whatever your family loves to do, find activities to enjoy in this popular American state.

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Ready for Summer: A Guide to American Staycations


This summer is an excellent opportunity to load up the RV and take the family to Maine on a staycation. It may not be some exotic overseas location, but American home soil is just as spectacular. Thousands of tourists come here every year from overseas, but for you it’s more accessible. 

Maine offers an array of spectacular natural beauty. It has mountains, lakes, forests, and coastal beaches. Whatever your family loves to do you will find activities to suit you in this popular American state. 

New Hampshire

This summer is the perfect time to get away for a summer staycation. The world has been in crisis mode for at least a year now and it’s been a rollercoaster time for everyone. Many people have had to abandon plans for vacations and lost out as a result. Make up for it this summer. 

Load your RV with all the essentials and take a trip to New Hampshire. The state of New Hampshire is home to some spectacular beauty. It has distinctive cultures along with fascinating history. There is something for all the family in New Hampshire. 

Pigeon Forge

There are a million reasons to head off on an American staycation this year. Of course the pandemic is the first cause, but that doesn’t mean it had to dampen the experience. Take the reins in the midst of this global crisis and enjoy the beauty of your country’s natural environment.

There’s no better way to do this than to take a trip to tennessee and visit Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge is a spectacular mountain range that is perfect for hiking and sightseeing in the summer. You and your family can stay at one of the surrounding RV parks, or one of the mountain cabins up above. 


In many ways the void pandemic has knocked us sideways and changed how we interact with the world, in the short term, and perhaps also in the long term. Emotionally and mentally we have shifted and adapted costly over the last twelve months, what we need now is a reliable way forward. 

A summer staycation in Vermont is one way to achieve this. You can make a firm decision to stay at home and enjoy the spectacular mountains, Lakes, and forests of the state that are unaffected by the situation. Don’t miss out on Vermont this summer and design a staycation to remember. 

New York

By now you and your family will be feeling the effects of the global pandemic. You might have lost some paid employment. You will almost certainly be working and living at home 24/7. Without a spring or summer vacation this year it will only make matters worse. 

Traveling to New York City might not be the best idea. By summer it will probably be open for tourists but there is still a high chance of infection. Why not enjoy the natural beauty of the state instead? It’s often one of the best family vacation states in the country. 


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  1. Connecticut is pretty terrific in the summer, so I will be happy to stay here. It’s February and March when I really want to get away, which didn’t happen this year. But, enjoying the lengthening days and dreaming about summer!!

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