Raising Kids When You Work from Home

Raising kids when you work from home. So, how do you manage? If you want some help with this way of life that is becoming more and more common, here are some tips for you.

Parents often have a hectic schedule that makes it difficult at times to give their kids all the time and attention they need while still managing a career. When you have a job you do from home, you might think that would make it easier to spend time with the kids and be a good parent, but this comes with its own challenges as well.

You may find yourself constantly struggling to do your work while the kids are at home. Summer break may be fun for the kids but a headache for you, so how do you manage? If you want some help with this way of life that is becoming more and more common, here are some tips for you.

Make Yourself a Schedule

You will find yourself constantly straining to get the work done that you need and keep up with the kids if you have a full time at-home job as well as a couple of kids to take care of. That is, if you don’t make a schedule. Planning your day will help you to juggle all of your responsibilities and determine your priorities.

One of the advantages to making a schedule is that you will be listing all of your duties for the day, so you are less likely to forget them. You can keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done. That reduces your stress and allows you to plan out your day with more precision. You can even set times for how long you want to spend on each task.

If you find yourself constantly running out of time and struggling to get done everything you need to do, then making up a schedule can be a huge help. It will assist in time management and make it easier to get more done each day.

Set Limits with Your Kids

The mistake a lot of people make when they work at home with kids around is that they tell themselves they will give their kids their attention anytime they need it. That may work out fine for a couple of days, but pretty soon, your patience will wear thin, your kids will annoy you, and the constant interruptions will make it impossible to get much done.

It is going to be to your benefit to have a talk with your kids about when you need to work and when you will be free to spend time with them. Teach them that if they need you for something, then they should knock on your office door or come to your workspace quietly and wait for you to respond. This allows you to finish what you are in the middle of before you see to them. It will minimize distractions and let you control when you stop working and address your kids’ needs.

Create a Barrier

On that same note, you want to make some kind of barrier between the rest of your house and your work area. Have a designated workspace, if possible. Even if that is not its own room, you can set up a barrier by hanging a sheet or putting up a simple wall to section off that part of your house from the rest. This will give you some privacy and allow you to work in solitude with fewer distractions. Having to stop your work occasionally to deal with various issues is just part of working from home, but if you can keep distractions to a minimum, you will get a lot more work done and lessen your frustration.

Determine What You Can and Cannot Do Yourself

You might be tempted to try to handle everything you can on your own as a working parent, but that may be impossible. There are tasks you would like to do that you simply don’t have time for, if you are going to have time for your kids and get all of your work done.

You may be able to do some of the cooking for your family, but can you do all of it? It might be best to buy some food already prepared, either from restaurants or groceries. You may want to cut your own grass and do your own landscaping, but if you don’t have time for it, then why not hire a landscaper? You may be able to do your own housework some weeks, but other weeks the workload may be too much for you. If you are living in Los Angeles, you could find LA maid experts near you to get some help with the chores. There are maid services in your area, wherever you may live, who can do some of the cleaning for you.

As you work for a longer period of time, you will learn that some jobs need to be hired out or delegated to someone else and some jobs you can handle on your own. Some weeks, you might be able to handle all the extra work yourself, but other weeks you need to be ready to call someone for help. Find reliable people who can be called on when you need some help for these and other tasks that need to be done. Then, you can call them in a pinch and count on them to be able to handle what you cannot handle on your own.

Develop Patience

Working from home with kids around will be a learning experience for them and for you. You will have to make concessions and compromise, and so will they. As you better understand your responsibilities, your limitations, and your schedule, you will be able to make changes that work well for both you and your kids. It is important that through this learning process that you have patience with your kids.

They won’t always understand your needs, and you will need to take time out to explain things to them and let them know their boundaries. Be sure to let them know when you will be available, though, and that will help them to be patient as well.

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