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…because it’s just so damn fun!

Ahh…good times. When I was extremely young, I used to call my big sister, Lindsay, “Marvelous” and then explode into laughter. I think I thought it was an insult at first and then I liked how it rolled off my tongue. I used to put my arm around her like she’s doing with me above, sway, and sing, “Me and Marvelous!” which was a great song I made up. When we were much older I made her a mix cd called “The Me and Marvelous Mix” and “The Me and Marvelous Mix II” and compiled a pretty thorough collection of songs meaningful to our shared lifetime. This picture was probably way before I learned the word “marvelous” but it still reminds me of it.

I don’t have to get wordy or rambly to explain this one. Eighth grade. Good friends. Halloween. “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I’m supposed to be Magenta.

This one intrigues me. I have an amazing memory and I can remember as far back as two-years-old. This probably isn’t too long ago and I have absolutely no idea where and when this was taken of me and my little sister, Marisa. I truly hope she can shed light on this for me. I especially like my radiant skin.

I think “Fun With Pictures” is more fun with more moose. This is Muddy. My friend and I saw him on the side of the road somewhere in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. We slammed on the brakes when we saw him and screeched in reverse and managed to royally piss off a clown car full of locals in a pick-up truck. And I got too close to the moose to take this picture and some men came running and yelling out of the office building across the street to warn me. Wait, office building?? In the Great North Woods of New Hampshire? I suppose it’s possible. Maybe it was a lumber building. I don’t know. What I do know is that the locals thought we were idiots.

I didn’t want to talk about this one because it’s a downer, but it came up on random and I plan to tell a story about every photo I’m given. I’m so glad no 6th grade heinous hair photos have resurfaced…yet.
So most people know that I don’t like cats and I think they’re icky. What less people know is that I actually had two kittens as pets…very briefly. I was very heartbroken and desperate and living alone at this point in my life. I made a very bad decision to adopt these two kittens, Pumpkin and Bella. Pumpkin (left) sadly died very young. She had something called a liver shunt that couldn’t be detected when she was born but it meant she could never grow past kitten-sized and that she also couldn’t digest food no matter how much she ate. I tried to keep hope but she passed away. Bella (right) was so evil that I couldn’t keep her. She used to hide behind corners and jump out and maul my legs when I walked by. A good friend I used to know found her a home for me. I have not missed her for one second since. I think Pumpkin and I could have been good friends. She used to climb into my pillowcase and purr and vibrate my pillow. I took this photo with the sun streaming in because I thought it made them look like criminals or something. It’s just one of those photos I really like but I don’t look at it often because it was a sad time.

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  1. Dear "me",Needed that picture today to wake up too……it really cheered me up:)The second picture is on Chad's family's deck for my 25th bday?…..i think i opened sex n the city dvd's and had red streaks in my lovely hair;)xoxo

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