Rainbow Vegetable Turkey Roll Ups

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#ad Rainbow Vegetable Turkey Roll Ups are perfect for back to school. @SaraLeePremiumDeli #SaraLeePremiumMeats #SimplyDeliciousDeliciouslySimple

How is everyone doing right now?

It’s such an interesting time of year – a time for transitions. We celebrate the end of summer, as well as mourn it. We get excited and organized for school, no matter how it looks in our town. And we love all of the autumn things that come to New England – the pumpkin and apple patches and groves, the changing of the leaves, and the crispness to the air. I love summer more than anything, but I could write a few love stories for fall as well. Last fall was a bit of a blur to me, as it was a strange year to get the kids organized, and I was about 8-9 months pregnant when school was underway. This year, I’m all about the details – of getting three kids and three dogs breakfast, and packing two lunches. Sometimes I love the hustle, bustle, and organization.

Sara Lee® Premium Meats:

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Rainbow Vegetable Turkey Roll Ups:

What You Need:

#ad Rainbow Vegetable Turkey Roll Ups are perfect for back to school. @SaraLeePremiumDeli #SaraLeePremiumMeats #SimplyDeliciousDeliciouslySimple

(Feeds 2-3)

2 slices Sara Lee® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
2 tortillas of any variety – we used green spinach
Red pepper, diced thin
Orange pepper, diced thin
Yellow pepper, diced thin
Greens – usually spinach, but we used kale
Whipped cream cheese
Purple cabbage, diced thin

What You Do:

1 – First, lay out your tortillas and spread whipped cream cheese to taste on each.

2 – Then, add a slice of Sara Lee® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast to each tortilla.

3 – It’s rainbow time! Add your red peppers, then orange peppers (or carrots), then yellow peppers, then greens, and then purple cabbage.

4 – Make sure to layer them thin and not overlapping, as you don’t want to overwhelm your roll ups.

5 – Roll them up, from the red side out, and then cut them into “pinwheels” – about 4-5 per tortilla.

6 – Serve as is, or stack them with an ice pack into a lunchbox. They’re good the next day!

Find Sara Lee® Premium Meats at your local grocer, and get meal inspiration by clicking here.

#ad Rainbow Vegetable Turkey Roll Ups are perfect for back to school. @SaraLeePremiumDeli #SaraLeePremiumMeats #SimplyDeliciousDeliciouslySimple

So, have you ever made Turkey Roll Ups?

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