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Pumpkin Patch Fall Cupcakes

These Pumpkin Patch Fall Cupcakes are the perfect recipe to ring in fall with! The temps are dropping and the fall parties are starting. These will be a hit

Today, at a local carnival, was the first day that I really felt fall. That chill in the air. The sniffles!

That means it’s time to warm up the kitchen, and our hearts, with fall baking. And now the pumpkins are out! That means business here in New England. Pumpkin season? Yes. Apple season? Even more yes. Our local orchard started apple picking on Sundays in September. I saw them today and they’re glorious right now – shining from the trees against the blue sky. No matter how hot it is, I think it’s always a good time for apples. And pumpkins. You know what that means, right? It means Pumpkin Patch Fall Cupcakes! Ahhh. These are SO good, and so easy to make. They’re rather delightful to look at too.

fall cupcakes

Pumpkin Patch Fall Cupcakes:

What You Need:

1 box of Cake Mix (plus ingredients listed on box)
1 bag of Candy Pumpkins
Fudge Icing
1 sleeve of OREOs
Green Decorating Icing
Cupcake Liners

What You Do:

1 – Prepare cupcake batter according to box instructions

2 – Line muffin pan with liners and fill each a little over halfway

3 – Bake cupcakes according to box instructions, and let cool completely

4 – Once cupcakes have cooled, cut the center out of each cupcake (3/4 of the way down) – I used a spoon to scoop out the center

5 – Gently press the hole down with your finger

6 – Fill each cupcake center with fudge icing

7 – Place your sleeve of OREOs in a food processor and process into crumbs

8 – Top your fudge icing with OREO crumbs and place a candy pumpkin on top

9 – Finally, ice the remaining edge of your cupcake with green icing and then serve and enjoy!

So, what’s your favorite version of fall cupcakes? I have so many favorites and I’ll keep sharing!

These Pumpkin Patch Fall Cupcakes are the perfect recipe to ring in fall with! The temps are dropping and the fall parties are starting. These will be a hit

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  1. I like to get into the kitchen in the fall as well. I usually bake an apple pie and other apple-based things. It suddenly feels like fall here today as well. I’ve been outside pulling out my flower boxes and hanging baskets, switching out decor and getting ready for all things October!

  2. Those are so cute! I don’t think I have a fall favorite cupcake, mainly because I love them all. But, maybe apple spice. I haven’t been apple picking for so long, and I was just thinking about it yesterday and how fun that would be to do again.

  3. These cupcakes look absolutely delicious and perfect for fall! I love how you incorporated real pumpkin puree to make them extra moist and packed with pumpkin flavor. The cream cheese frosting sounds like the ideal pairing too. I can’t wait to try your tips like refrigerating the batter and cupcakes before frosting – that should really help the frosting set beautifully. Thank you for sharing such a fun, seasonal recipe along with great step-by-step photos. I know my family will be asking for these cupcakes all autumn long after I make them this weekend! Definitely bookmarking this page.

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