Proven Immunity Checklist For Frequent Travelers

Immunity is the wellness buzzword in post-pandemic times as your best defense against infections. Let us share a proven immunity checklist.

Immunity is the wellness buzzword in post-pandemic times as it is your best defense against infections. A robust immune system safeguards you against infections even when you cannot avoid exposure. The exposure risk abounds for frequent travelers as they face viruses and bacteria everywhere- at crowded airports, on flights, while commuting, and even in hotel rooms. If you travel often for work or leisure, you must go the extra mile to bolster your immunity. The good thing is that building your defenses is a breeze, provided you follow a few rules. Let us share a proven immunity checklist frequent travelers can rely on.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is key to strong immunity, so you must watch what you eat before and during the trip. Stick with fresh and raw foods, load up on probiotics, and steer clear of sugar and processed foods to stay ahead with your immune health. It is easy to break the diet rules on a vacation. But you always have the option to pick the right diet and ditch the culprits. 

Stay hydrated

Besides eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated does wonders for your immunity. Water flushes out toxins from your body and balances your gut health. It also helps you maintain an optimal weight, another factor that contributes to your immune health. Moreover, hydration keeps you energetic throughout the trip. Remember to keep a water bottle at hand as it is easy to drink more on the go when you don’t have to look around for water.

Prepare your body early

Frequent travelers must ensure they are ready to hit the road or fly to their destination. It takes more than packing for the trip and getting your paperwork ready. You must prepare your body early with timely Vaccines and shots. Besides getting your flu shots, check the risks at your destination and discuss your requirements with your healthcare providers. Getting your shots and boosters beforehand takes you a long way with travel safety in the new normal.

Follow the hygiene and safety rules

Following the hygiene and safety rules is the best way to stay safe even as you navigate crowded airports several times every year. Carry your hand hygiene essentials and avoid touching surfaces as they may be contaminated. Avoid crowded areas as much as possible. Even as the mask mandates are off, wearing one gives you an extra layer of defense against infections while traveling.

Get enough sleep and rest

Although vacations should give you a break, they seldom match your expectations. Packed itineraries leave little room for rest and self-care, and you may find yourself on the edge. Moreover, jet lag can cause sleep deprivation, which lowers the defense mechanism. Commit to taking it easy and getting enough sleep and rest during your trips. Follow a schedule during work trips, but set yourself free during leisure vacations.

Boosting your immunity while traveling should be a priority as it ensures a healthy and safe trip. Follow this travel checklist to stay ahead of infections and have a good time away from home.

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