Yesterday, Cassidy, Stormy, Scarlet and I attended the Noho Pride Parade & Rally. I’m so proud to say that this is the second place I’ve lived with its own Pride Parade. However, while this was crazy and colorful just like in San Francisco, it had more of a family-oriented, small town feel. We saw so many people we knew and it was easy to find parking! I’m proud to live here. Words can’t describe what I saw today, but perhaps pictures will:

We drew a small crowd just trying to take this picture. Stormy tried to eat the flag, Scarlet tried to eat Stormy’s leash, we’d take away the leash and Scarlet would cry, Scarlet started crawling in the other direction, Stormy licked Scarlet’s face, Stormy didn’t like Scarlet touching her paw and got up out of the picture frame…and so on. It was really cute, though. My adorable family:

Our town has rainbow balloons:

And this little rainbow girl was taking it all in:

And we march for peace:

And family and love, of all kinds:

And pretty “girls” that take our town’s breath away:

These two take my breath away:

Bagels – get ’em while they’re HOT:

You’ll then need some cold water to fight the hotness:

Even our stretch limos have pride:

And our children see the love and they know it’s special here in Noho:

Why live anywhere else?:

Best friends:

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