Preventive Maintenance Tips For Garage Doors

Listed below are the top 4 preventive maintenance tips for garage doors. First, get help from a professional repairman when necessary.

Listed below are the top 4 preventive maintenance tips for garage doors. First, make sure to inspect the rollers twice a year. Additionally, check safety features such as springs, cables, and pulleys. And finally, get help from a professional repairman when necessary.

Inspect Garage Door Rollers

To ensure the smooth operation of your garage door, inspect the rollers at least twice a year. Check for any wear, cracks, or kinks. If they seem bent or loose, they should be replaced. Check also for broken seals on ball bearings. If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional Seattle garage door repair service to check your door. If you can, replace the bearings in your garage door at least once a year. Steel rollers will last longer than those made of nylon. The former is prone to rust and chipping, while the latter tends to warp over time. Check for squeaky bearings and lubricate them if necessary. Inspect the hinges as well. Finally, ensure no loose screws or damage to the rollers.

Check Safety Features

When performing preventive maintenance for garage doors, you should pay close attention to safety features. These systems prevent the door from closing on someone or an object. The safety features are mechanical sensors or photoelectric beams, depending on your type. To test these features, place an object in front of the door. If it moves toward the thing, the system will reverse direction and stop. Alternatively, you can test the photoelectric beam by passing your foot across the bottom of the door.

When doing preventive maintenance for garage doors, it is essential to check safety features as well as the operation of the door. A professional will check for any loose hardware, which can be hazardous. Tightening these parts will ensure the safety and proper functionality of the garage door. Overhead garage doors are symmetrical when they are lifted. This design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed on each door part.

Inspect Cables

During preventive maintenance for the garage door, inspect the cables for fraying and damage. Cables are the moving parts of the garage door that make it open and close. Occasionally, they may be loose or damaged, causing friction that can cause a cable to wear out faster. Other common issues with cables include fraying and rust. Frayed cables may cause a garage door to catch or malfunction.

While inspecting the cables during preventive maintenance for the garage door, paying attention to the cable drum is essential. Make sure the cable neck touches the race of the end bearing. Be sure to tighten the set screws. You can also consider applying oil to the end bearing. Be sure to get oil between the shaft and the bearing race. Never touch the cable drum without inserting the winding bar into the cone.

Inspect Pulleys

The garage door pulley system is vital to the proper functioning of your garage door. If any parts are damaged or out of balance, your entry will not function properly and may require more work to fix. Let a professional do the job instead of tinkering with the Garage Door Tune Up. Let a professional do the job instead of tinkering with it yourself is best. Likewise, if you suspect the springs may be damaged, you should immediately call a professional.

Use a silicone-based lubricant to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Inspect each pulley individually, looking for broken strands or metal filings. Inspect the springs every few months for signs of damage. 

Check Balance

Several tips for maintaining a garage door include checking the balance and lubricating moving parts. Lubricating moving parts helps reduce the stress on the door opener and rollers. Apply lubricant to moving parts at least twice a year. Garage doors require springs; if they aren’t balanced, the opener will have to work harder and last less time. Check the balance of the garage door manually by opening the door partially. Check the door for wear or cracks and call professionals like to fix the problem.

Disrupt the opener from the electrical panel to check the garage door’s balance. Manually raise the door four feet off the ground to see if it stays where it is. If you find excessive vibration, the cable may need to be replaced. If the line breaks, it’s time to call a professional garage door service. 

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