Using the ibi For Photo Sharing, Organizing and Storing

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Today, we’re talking photo sharing, organizing and storing – which people ask me about often!

ibi is a smart photo manager that brings photo sharing, organizing and storing solutions all into one smart device and app to love! #sponsored #Meetibi #IC

I’ve been a professional photographer for 15 years now, and I remember when it started because it was March like now! I got hit with the worst New Jersey allergy attack ever, but it was worth it to be out in a field for hours – capturing photos for a birthday present. It’s years later and I no longer use film, but it never gets old to see work I did over a decade ago still hanging in homes. That said, these are different times and we have different photo sharing and storage options.

It’s actually more than I ever thought possible.

Collecting, finding, and private photo sharing with ibi.

Recently, I photographed a 100th birthday party! Seriously, such an honor. The 100-year-old-woman has multiple children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, so many adults threw the party. And many adults there took their own fun smartphone photos at the event too.

Life is full of cherished memories such as that party. These days, we have social media and smartphones and we share more than ever before. When you have a large group of family members and friends together, it’s wonderful for them to be able to bring photos, videos and favorite people together! That’s why I love my ibi – the smart photo manager. My family needs it.

It’s because I have a large circle of loved ones too.

So how does the ibi work? Well, it saves, organizes and protects your cherished memories – from big birthday bashes to anniversaries, graduations, and just all of the little moments that make up life. ibi allows you to build, share, and revisit life’s special moments with those that matter the most to you. You can privately share what you want with who you want with your ibi.

ibi is a smart photo manager that brings your photos, videos and people together, and saves, organizes and protects your memories! #sponsored #Meetibi #IC

It’s easy to set up

You simply plug in the ibi device, download the ibi app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play, and then follow the prompts in the app to find the device, connect to Wi-Fi and then start using! ibi is a device with a corresponding phone app. Simple as that!

photo sharing

photo sharing


Collect your photos and videos in one place

Save and share the numerous small and large moments that matter with ibi. You can sync all of your favorite photos and videos from your devices, and cloud and social media accounts, and store them all in one place. Then you can upload content from a USB or right from your ibi desktop app for both Mac and PC.

ibi photo manager

Find your photos and videos easily

It’s easy to organize and find what you’re looking for because the ibi app on Android and iPhone is intuitive. On it, you can search by location or use the timeline to find your photos and videos by date.

bi is a smart photo manager that brings your photos, videos and people together, and saves, organizes and protects your memories! #sponsored #Meetibi #IC

And privately share your photos and videos

Lastly, you can privately share individual photos or entire albums, and invite others to contribute their own photos and videos as well. This is perfect for people collecting photos from big events. You can use your ibi to invite your closest loved ones to a private space called the Inner Circle. There you can all post videos and photos for each other to see. It’s like a social media wall, but you can control who is invited and who can see your data. Bonus that your loved ones don’t have to have an ibi of their own to share.


What do I use ibi for?

As professional photographer, I have a large amount of photos going to different people. I also take and share photos for my personal life. What I like is that this helps me stay in touch with my large family. We have tons of big events and it’s awesome to experience these memories together. The memories last much longer than the events. I’m talking weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, baby showers, wedding showers, kid sports and milestones, and so much more.

photo sharing

Lastly, and to sum up the awesomeness

ibi is an easy and reliable solution we keep in our home. It helps us preserve and share photos and videos, and gives us control of our content, which rocks! And it makes us connect more often than we get to see each other, which is one of the strongest benefits of social sharing. In just the last month, I’ve stored personal family fun day photos on my ibi. I love having a smart photo manager, and I love that it brings my favorite photos, videos, and loved ones together.

Check out ibi for yourself and see how awesome it is to share your biggest life events with your inner circle of family and friends in such a smart and personal way.

What do you use for photo sharing and storing?

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    1. Always! And I really recommend it. Especially as your kids get older and start taking their own photos! Or family vacations and parties.

  1. This sounds like a great little tool. I’m always up for a new organizing product:) If you endorse it, I know it is good because you don’t mess around with photos!

  2. This is super cool! My photos are a wreck as far as storage. It kind of bugs me. Thanks for sharing all about this awesome option.

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