A Guide to Pet Insurance for New Pet Owners

As a first-time pet owner, the prospect of needing to find the right pet insurance can be daunting. We're here to make the experience easier!

A Guide to Pet Insurance for New Pet Owners 

Give yourself peace of mind as a pet owner and get the best pet insurance possible.

Being a pet parent is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your life. But it can equally bring a whole lot more stress into your life too, as with caring for a pet comes more responsibility and financial burdens.

You want the best for your pet, and to give them the best life possible you will need to provide them with quality food, grooming products, pet accessories and—the most important—your time.  But what about when it comes to your pet’s health?

Veterinarians are available to care for your pet, but it comes at a cost! Often, it is much more expensive than the average pet owner could have ever imagined. That is why every new pet owner needs to get pet insurance as soon as they can.

But where to even start? Especially as a first-time pet owner, the prospect of needing to find the right pet insurance can feel extremely daunting. But we are here to make the experience anything but! To help you give your pet the best care and quality of life while equally relieving you of unexpected financial burdens, we’ve put together a guide to pet insurance and everything you need to know as new pet owners.

  1. Buy insurance early 

As with other types of insurance, it is always better to buy sooner rather than later. This is because as soon as there are pre-existing conditions, your premiums are going to increase! Pet experts recommend signing up for pet insurance within the first six months of welcoming your pet into the family. That way you can get the initial check-ups sorted and never have to worry about not having enough savings to cover medical costs for your pet. So don’t delay in starting your pet insurance policy.

  1. You will pay monthly 

Pet insurance is designed just like any other type of insurance, in that you pay your premium on a monthly basis, which can be set up automatically from your bank account. This will then ensure your insurance for your pet is active and that you can start getting reimbursed or be eligible for deductibles whenever you need it.

  1. Pay first them get reimbursed 

Pet insurance will cover the majority of your vet bill. In fact, the best cover-up to 90% of any vet bill! You will still need to pay the vet bill first, so if you don’t have the cash then put it on your credit card and claim right away. Claiming is easy, as you simply submit a request online and get your reimbursement fast. You can then use that money to pay off your credit card or re-stock your bank account. It will be as if you never had to pay for the bill at all!

  1. Choose from any vet

You don’t have to stick to just one vet with the best pet insurance. In fact, you can take your pet to any vet in any state and still be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance provider. This is great, as it means your pet will be covered no matter where you are.

  1. Enjoy coverage for a range of expenses 

It depends on the policy plan you have, but the best pet insurance will cover your pet when they are sick, injured and healthy. This means that no matter what, your pet will be well looked after. They will be able to get surgeries, medication, tests and exams whenever needed. There are also add-ons to the policies which can cover therapies, acupuncture, wellness exams, vaccinations and so on.

  1. It is a better way to save 

Think of it like this, with pet insurance you are setting aside money every month for your pet. But the difference is that, unlike a savings account, you will always have enough to cover the vet bills regardless of how long you have been setting the money aside. With just using a standard savings account, it could take months or years to have enough to pay for a vet bill. But with pet insurance, you’ll be able to get reimbursed for the majority of any vet bill that comes your way.

 Pet insurance is a great way to ensure your pet will always be looked after. It should be one of the first priorities when getting prepared to bring your pet into the household and will ultimately help save you lots of unnecessary expenses in the long run.  


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